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lili246 - July 27

Hey Alexa and Mickey,
Are those,like special test they do? I mean our OB have to decide if we need to have that done or how is that determine?


mickey - July 27

lili - I go to two ob drs. one ob/gyn and the second high risk. I have had 2 m/c after tests found out that i am protein s deficient. sent to high risk for consult. at news of this pg high risk put me on lovenex w/out even seeing me, just lesson on how to give shots and script. then i went to ob/gyn had u/s to confirm pg at 10w1d. referred back to high risk called for appointment they scheduled 1st trimester screening u/s w/ neck density for 13w1d. that will be on tues. then i go back to ob/gyn during wk 14, don't have that appt yet. i'm trying not get my hopes up but this seems to be the best pg yet, all the symptoms, etc. my fingers are crossed. :-\ hope that answers your question. hey lili, do you think if i take a tape to my high risk on tues he would be able to tape it or do you think it's a different special machine they use to tape. 8) wow you are giving me some ideas today.


lili246 - July 27

That would be nice if your doctor can let you do that. You might want to take that tape and ask him if he can tape the u/s. That sounds like a great idea. hey do that and let me know how it goes.

yes that did answer my questions thanks for the info.

Best wishes and good luck I will be praying for you girl.

Take care and have a great weekend.

Love Lili


Shara - July 28

Hello Ladies,

Sorry I have been MIA - I have just been a little whacky in the head since my last two appointments. For a quick update, my RE sent my to high risk doctor and for the first appointment I could not see him I had to see a midwife for an intake. Which only confirmed my previous history and nothing else and then I had an appointment on Monday with the actual high risk doctor and his intern or whatever she was and he told me nothing and neither did she, shedded no light on nothing and then answered none of my questions- they just danced around the answers and made me even more worried about developing gestational diabetes and high blood pressure- which according to them I am at extremely high risk for but then will tell me on the other hand that I lost too much weight (11lbs.) and my urine(sorry) analysis shows that I am in ketosis (burning only fat in my body and not using carbohydrates) i am dehydrated and that my sugar was low(but I am at risk for diabetes- give me a break) Then the kicker was:::: In the beginning of my pregnancy I was bouncing the idea about going to a high risk doctor at a different hospital because of this special program that they had, but I decided against it because I was skeptical about changing hospitals- to add salt to the wound the high risk doctor that I am seeing is a doctor that commutes from the same hospital I decided against going to that consults with my hospitals patients LOLOLOLOL.. So that is the jist and I am feeling better now - I did get to hear the heartbeat which was funny because the baby was racing all over the place. Everytime the nurse got the heartbeat and looked up to get the count he ran LOL. I died laughing. That was my highlight. So I go back in a week and a half to evaluate my metformin that I am on and whether I will continue it and hopefully schedlue my ultrasound. I also did the first part of my quad test and I will finish it around my 15th week.


The disorder is called Trisomy 21 and it "down syndrome' it is a chromosomal abnormality that usually detected on ultrasound because of the traits like the inability to close their mouth or the enlargement of their tongue- the length of their face and structure of the eyes. I just studied this in Biology and it can also be found during amniocentesis. Are you at high risk for this?? Sorry but I haven't caught up with the other posts.

Shan - sorry I have been gone so long - I am ok just going a little cuckoo!!

I hope all the mothers to be are doing well and are happy and healthy!!!


Babe - July 28

Hi everyone, congrats on your pgncies. Pls for those of you who got pg using ovulex,pls I would like to know when you stopped taking it. I am currently 12DPO and am still taking it. Nothing about when to stop was written on the contanier. Pls any ideas? I have posted this question on the other section for some time now and no answer. ???.Hope I get some here, thanks


Alexa - July 29

Hi Ladies,

I had a level II U/S along with bloodwork they gave me 2 seperate percentage reates one for downs and one for Trisomy my chances with a baby with either abnormality came back at 99.9% that my baby does not have these abnormalities so I decided not to further with an amnio I was very happy about not having to make the decision.. :)

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend



mickey - July 29

Thanks for the updates of the trisomy tests!! ;D I have to admit it makes me nervous that they feel that this is a test they need to test for. I'm 33 years old :o ,what I read is that I shouldn't be "high risk" for this until I'm 35. Does anyone know how they decide who gets checked for this?


Jess - July 29

Babe- I took Ovulex for three months. I fell pregnant at the end of my third month. I stopped taking it a week after each ovulation. When af showed her face, I started taking the Ovulex again twice a day. Hope this helps you.



Jess - July 29

Girls!! I feel so stiff and sore when I get up in the mornings!!! I'm not sleeping well at all. I'm tossing and turning all night long trying to find a comfortable position... I know I'm not allowed to sleep on my back, but some how I always wake up on it and it scares me to death!!! I know the baby doesn't get good blood flow when I'm on my back and that worries me:( I have every pillow I can find around me.... I even try sleeping on my stomach and that's not too comfortable either. (My boobs are sore and much bigger) Any suggestions!!? My sister told me to take Tylenol PM, but I just don't like to take meds if I can avoid it. What should I do??? I was thinking of going to a Chiropractor to get adjusted, but that kind of scares me too. Please help!!

Hope you girls are all doing well:) Shara- that's a lot to take in... I'm sorry you have all those things happening to you during your pregnancy... I hope your pregnancy goes better than expected:)

Lili- Did you find out what you're having??? I'm so excited for you!!!:)

Love ya girls,


Babe - July 29

Jess, thanks so much for the response. Sorry to hear about your m/c.Did you get pg now with the ovulex? Or did you stop it totally after the m/c? .Sorry for the many questions


Jess - July 30

Babe- uuuhhhh..... I don't know where you got the idea that I had a m/c????? I've never had a m/c. I only tried Ovulex one time for three months and at the end of the three months, I fell pregnant and am STILL pregnant. Only with the grace of God, am I pregnant and still pregnant. I thank God as often as possible for this wonderful gift he has given me and I will be forever thankful:) Hopefully this clears up any confusion...:)


Alexa - July 30

Hi Jess,

I just read your post on not being able to sleep and get comfy I am the same way I am up watching tv all night my upper back is very sore when I lye down I think its the weight on my stomach I am 20weeks but this started around 16 weeks for me..

I have taken Tylenol PM once it has Acetamenaphin and Benadryl which is the sleep aid that it contains ...I have gone to a Chiropracter not sure if it was the cure I even go to PT for my back its all temporary relief...So I can understand what your going through, I am thinking of buying a maternity pillow and see if that works..

Congrats on your BFP!



Babe - July 30

OMG ! Jess am so sorry! I think I might have gotten your reply mixed up with some post I read while I was desperately searching for answers :o. Am so sorry. God forbid my reply to ever happen. May God continue to give you and your baby a happy , healthy 9 months. I stopped the Ovulex on 12DPO ,today am currently 14DPO and I ope to test if AF does not show up by 17DPO.Once again thanks for your response to me. Godbless.


Jess - July 30

Alexa- Thx for the advice. Sorry to hear you're in the same boat as me...:( I did purchase a maternity pillow and I think it does help a little bit:) So I would suggest you do the same to help out. I hurt my back a few years back and I think that is not helping out the situation. So you're in your 20th week? That's great!!! Do you know what you're having? We tried for 3yrs and 3mos. and was told my only way to conceive, was to do IVF. I did try one IUI and it was way to emotional for me.... They really got my hopes up and I got shot down. So we decided to try foster care and maybe adopt a baby that way and then maybe God would give us our natural baby when we wern't trying so hard. Low and behold, we got pregnant during the process of the training and me getting so excited about the baby's we would get that way. I still plan on doing foster care before or sometime after I have the baby. If a child needs a loving home, I'll give it to them:) We still might adopt down the road if a baby comes along and fits with our family well:) Congrats on your BFP!!! I'm sure your daughter is very excited!!:) Glad to have you on the post:) When is your due date??

Babe-that's ok:) Good luck on your 2ww. I hope you get your bfp soon:)



Alexa - July 30

Hi Jess,

Its good to know that maybe the maternity pillow could help I sure will look for one this week..I know how you felt about the IUI's I went through it 8X ea. time they would talk like this would be it and each time AF came on early and what a dissapointment...I was told at my age the best shot I had was IVF so thats what we did and sure enough it worked....

We found out that we are having a boy! I hope that your back feels better soon because I know how uncomfortable back pain can be, I stay up all night watching TV sometimes Tylonol helps...LOL

Alexa :)


lili246 - July 31

Hey girls,
Just letting you all know that we are having a boy!!!!



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