Recent BFP!!! Success stories!!!
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lili246 - May 22

Hi the reason of this new forum is to be in touch with our pregnancies. I notice that we have been getting some BFP recently and some more to come very soon. Let's be in touch and shared our pregnancy journies.

Love Lili


Mist - May 25


Your awesome! Your an inspiration to me! I have not been on the boards for a long time because I gave up, but I have watched your story unfold for a while. And I wanted to let you know you inspired me to be come strong again and fight this fertility battle!

I am gonna do it! Really soon! Plase pray for me to keep myself encouraged! But I really feel like it's gonna happen soon!

m/c 6/05
been battling to get pregnant ever since.
But Ladies it's gonna happen to me and all of you! Trust God and don't loose the faith!



lili246 - May 30

We are all here for the same reason. Some of us have been blessed once again and your turn will be next. Keep positive and have faith.
So what are you doing right now on your TTC journey?
Good Luck and best wishes!!!

baby dust to you!!

Love Lili


Jess - May 30

Lili-Hey girl!! How are you feeling??? I can't wait for you to go to your fist appt. That will be the happiest day of you life. The feeling you get when you see your baby for the first time and lucky for you, you'll probably even be able to hear the heartbeat. So, this is your second prg?? How long were you prg before?? You're so lucky to be almost out of the "danger zone". One more week and you can start telling your friends and the rest of your family. We are still keeping it pretty close. Our parents know and my sister and tonight Will's sister will know. We are not going to tell friends until 12wks. We just feel, it's better that way. That way if something does happen, we don't have to tell the whole world that something went wrong.....Just the family. Anyways, glad you started this new site:) I'll be visiting often.

Mist-good luck to you on your ttc. Just remember.....God is the answer. Talk to him and praise him every chance you get. If you get a chance, watch the moving "Facing the Giants" That will restore your hope. Lot's of baby dust to you!!!



lili246 - May 30

You need a ticker girl :)
well I am feeling good and yeah I can't wait till I go to the doctor I am excited and I know that is will be soon. I know 12 weeks is when you are kinda safe but still I will be taking care of myself all the way through birth. I can't wait to meed my lil baby.
Yes this is my second pregnancy I got pregnant with my first son in january, 2004 and he was born in september.
Then in 2006 august I got pregnant again and had a m/c at 2 months I am sure you know.
Then look my 3rd pregnancy because I have a lil angel on heaven which I am very proud of :)

My family and some close friends do know that I am pregnant and this is because last time that I was pregnant I told everyone and after my m/c everyone wanted to know what had happen and it just hurted me more so this time we decided that we were going to wait until I start showing and they find out by thereselfs. :)
I can't wait to hear my baby yeah you should hear the heartbeat by 5 weeks have you heard your baby yet?

well girl I am glas that you visit me and hope that we can get more stories in here for other ladies they might help. :)
Please visit us more often :)

Love ya and best wishes we will be in touch :)



Jess - May 31

lili- I don't know how to create a ticker.... Could you help me?? As far as the heartbeat, you can SEE the heart beating at 5wks but can only hear it when you further along. I had my u/s at 6.2 and was only able to see the little thumper:) Talk to you later.



Mist - May 31

Well my journey at this present time, is that I am taking Femara on days 3-7 which is right now, I have to correct my ticker.

But I have been trying for over 5 years to get pregnant. Then I lacked many af's. So therefore my problems began. I finally found out my thyroid was way out of whack and I had it corrected. The minute it began to correct I got pregnant. But that pregnancy ended uo a mc in 06-2005. I was told my OB that my eggs were not of best quality from history of missing af's. So I am working on getting my thyroid back in order which I believe it is. And try to mantain normal af's. Which I have had 4 in a row. So I think things are looing up again.

I am just keeping the faith and I know it will happen. I just have to realize it is in God's timing.

But TY Lili and Jess for all the encouragment you gals are great!!


lili246 - May 31

well it seems like your problem is your thyroid but once it gets fixed then you will be in good shape and be able to concieve once again. This time with a healthy pregnancy. Trust in god and keep your faith and you'll be bless very soon. Good luck and keep us posted :)

How are you feeling today? Did you get to hear your baby's heartbeat last time you were at the doctors?

I got my insurance approved or I mean the referel for my OB and I am waiting for an appointment.
I can't wait...
I am having a small pain that last for second only on my left ovary is that normal?

Have a great day :)

Love Lili


Jess - May 31

Lili-no. I didn't get to HEAR the heartbeat, just got to see it on the u/s. They said it was to early to be able to hear it... I'm hoping to hear it on my 10wk appt. As far as the left sided pain you're feeling, I'm having the same thing on my right side. I'm pretty sure it's normal as long as it's not a continual thing. Intermitten pain is ok. Hope that helps. I'm stilling feeling like crap day and night.....Can't wait until that part is over. I will be a much happier person and probably start enjoying this pregnancy:) I can't wait to eat something and not get sick afterwords.... Hope you're doing well.



lili246 - May 31

You poor thing. So you can't eat anything because you will get the nauseas or vomit? wow mine has always been the opposite I can eat well but did have the nauseas for a few weeks but then went away. I has having some nauseas when I would go to the bathroom that was getting to be a But it is going away I am feeling much better now. I did get very lazy and I kinda not like it because I have so much cleaning to do in my room. But I think that I am getting back my energy because I started to do some cleaning yesturday not alot but I guess little by little.

About the ticker I went to and just click on where it says tickers and just fill in your info and at the end it will give you some codes where you copy and then come back to the forum to you profile and then paste it on where it says sugnature I think. Let me find out and I will let you know how exactly goes :)
I kinda figure it out myself also when i did

About the pain I guess it is normal but I kidna worry for everything I want to make sure that everything goes well :)

I have my first doctors appointment next thursday at 3:30p.m. Hope that I can hear my baby :)

Love ya



Jess - May 31

Lili-I tried to copy and paste in my signature area and it just shows the web site information??? What am I doing wrong??


lili246 - May 31

After you finish doing your ticker at the end it will show 3 types of don't know what they call but there are 3 options just copy and paste one and try it on your profile if you get the same thing as now try using the other one because It happen to me aswell and there is only one of them that works correctly. Try it again and let me know if it keeps doing the same thing.



lili246 - May 31

Jess at the end when you are about to
copy & paste your ticker code there are those 3 options that I am talking about try them all there is only one that will work. Let me know if you still can't get it :)


MommyDreams - June 1

lili246 -- I see you had a AF in Jan and didn't get another one until March 20. How many days was that cycle?


lili246 - June 1

That cycle was for 63 days. 2 months without having a period that was very weired and after that af on march is wasn't that heavy I had to drink a tea that induces af then a week after af I ovulated right away so I am still wondering what happen. I will talk to my doctor and find out my due date on the u/s hope I get one done soon.


Shara - June 1

Good Afternoon Ladies,

I guess I get to be part of the club now LOL!! I received my confirmation blood test and it was a BFP!! Yay for me- I am praying that our journey's are as uneventful and blessed as possible!!

Prayers for everyone to having a healthy and happy nine months ;D


lili246 - June 1

welcome and congrats once again. You did it girl. I am so happy for you. Now anything that you are concern with just let us know and we will be glad to help in whatever we can.
So how are you feeling? Any symptoms?

I am having some nauseas still and some tiredness but hope that it goes away soon so that I can enjoy my pregnancy :)
Can't wait for my doctor's appointment this coming thursday :) YAY!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Love Lili



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