Question on cycle lengths
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destinyandphoenix - February 24

OK i am completely off of the ovulex and the side effects that I had are gone. No more hospitalization yippee

Since then my cycle is on a steady monthly basis, the doctor did realize that when I was on ovulex my progesteron dropped signif, so now i am on PROMETRIUM, and my progesterone levels is back up again.

Ok what my question is, is this. I had my cycle on the 4th. Had intercouse on the 10th. Started my prometrium again on the 12th day of my cycle which was on the 15th. and i started what looks like a light cycle yesterday, just some staining here and there.
My cycle is a little darker than normal. Is this right? I'm on day 20 and start again? I'm exactly 2 weeks early from my start day.

Any idea what is going on


Mahogany Heart - February 25

My cycles were crazy as well. I took Prometrium and I actually love the drug. It will also delay your cycle and make them crazy because it did me like that so I had to stop taking it so my period would come down.

I pray you are taking notes and writing all the effects down so you can cross reference later. When I took it this time before I got I pregnant I knew just how long to take it and when I stopped my cycle didn't come on and I knew something was different and it was I was pregnant.


destinyandphoenix - February 26

How long does implantation bleeding last?


Mahogany Heart - February 26



is implantation bleeding?
Implantation bleeding is a tiny bit of spotting at the time that the embryo implants into the uterus. It usually occurs approximately 7 days after conception, which is typically about 7 days before you expect to get your next period.

Implantation bleeding is not a reliable sign of pregnancy. Most women who are pregnant never have implantation bleeding. Furthermore, many women who have what appears to be implantation bleeding are not pregnant.



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