Provera and NO cycle!
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Tiffany F - December 3

Good evening ladies, has anyone taken Provera and DID NOT get there cycle or should I say AF? I have taken it twice before, 1 pill a day for 10 days and I usually get AF 3-5 days later.

This time I took it 1x a day for 10 days and tomorrow will be the 7th day since I took the last pill, I was told that I would start AF 3-7days after the last pill.

I'm so confused I don't no what to do, I always have a pretty normal cycle every 27-34, I did have a m/c in August.

I pretty much spotted for 3 months after the m/c and I still have'nt had a regular cycle. What is wrong with me? can anyone give me any advice, everything I need to do with my RE is put on hold until I get my cycle, I need to have my progesterone checked and also a biopsy...but I have to get AF first!

Any info will greatly be appreciated....thanks all...Tiffany
have a blessed and wonderful weekend ;)


Jade - December 3

Hi Tiffany,
I had an early mc in the beginning of October. I haven't had Af yet.......I know how you feel. It is so aggrevating. I started Prometrium last Tuesday to induce Af. I am on day 6. I have to take 2 pills a day for 10 days. This is my first time using it so I too am curious as to how it will work. I have read online that some people still didnt get AF after taking the pills. Maybe AF will come for you today. If not I would call the Dr back and check.
Keep me posted.....


Tiffany F - December 3

Hi Jade,

Thanks so much for your responding, I am so sorry for your loss, was this your first m/c? This was number 11 for me :'(, are your cycles usually normal? mine are but this last m/c was the worst out of them all.

I'm assuming Provera and Prometrium are pretty much the same, I have only taken Provera.

And sadly to say I have NO signs of AF coming at all! I pray you have better luck then I did.

I will be calling my Dr first thing in the morning.
keep me posted and I hope AF comes sooner than later.

Take care Jade....keep me posted :)


summer - December 4

Hi Tiffany

i normally take provera to induce my cycles. the first time i took it it took me exactly 7days to get AF. I took it again this month and it took me 12 days to get AF. so just hang in there it will come coz they told me it can take up to 14days before u see your bleed and eventually it will come.


Tiffany F - December 4

Hi Summer,

You are exactly right, my last OB always told me that after taking Provera I should get AF in 3-7 days. When I called my RE's office this morning, the nurse told me it could take up to 14 days before AF comes so she said for me to give it another week. She also said she will talk with my RE to see if I need to come in for an exam.

Thank you Summer for the good information I really appreciate it. Take Care and I will keep you posted when I finally and hopefully get it, I hope everything works out for you ;)


Jade - December 4

Hi Tiffany. I am sorry about your mc. 11 is soooooo many. Have they found a reason for all your mc?
This was my 1st mc. I have been ttc for 8 months now. I took geritol tonic the me month I had BFP. I guess my cycles have been irregular based on what the doctor said. But I guess I thought it was pretty regular bc I would get AF. It would range bw 30 days to 40. It kept getting longer and longer each month. So that (by my dr judgement) is irregular. So as soon as I start Af I will start on clomid. I am a little scared about it but it will be worth it if it helps. I hope I get AF on this prometrium. My dr told me af would come in a few days after stopping the med. She also said some people get it while still taking the meds. So i am hopeful.

I hope that you get Af soon. Keep me posted.

How often do you take provera? How long have you been ttc?


summer - December 6

Tiffany-dont worry abt it , your bleed will come. i'm so sorry abt your miscarriages, its too much. i hope they inestigate and find out why it is happening.

Jade-- i have provera twice now. my period is so iregular thas why they give me the provera to jump start it. i am taking clom as well so i needed the dreaded AF to start my clom from day2. i have been ttc for 2yrs now. amazing how time flies.


Jade - December 6

Hey Summer! This is my first time taking prometrium. I am curious to see how it works for me. I start my clomid on day 5-9. My first time on clomid too. I can hardly wait for AF so i can start. I am a little worried about side effects of clomid. Have you taken it before???


Tiffany F - December 6

Hi Jade,

To answer your questions, NO they have not found out as of yet what is causing me to m/c like this, I was told at 1 point that I had APS so I took blood thinners (Lovenox, 81mg of aspirin, folate,heparin etc...) and still had 2 or 3 more m/cs so at that point I was told I did'nt suffer from a clotting disorder ???.

This is my third time taking Provera, the 1st time I get AF in 3days the 2nd time I got AF in 5days (these are the days from taking the last pill 1xaday for 10 days).

I have really been TTC now for about 4 years, I just started being seen by an RE about 2 months ago, all the test and bloodwork that I have had done have all come back NEGATIVE! So now as I stated before I waiting for AF so I can have my progesterone checked and also to have the biopsy done.

I have been feeling like AF is coming for the past couple days, BUT NOTHING! This is driving me crazy, Summer told me it could take up to 14 days so actually this would be the 10th day, Sunday will be the 14th day, I made an apt with my RE for the 12th Tuesday just in case it does'nt come by then! This sucks I have never really had a problem with my cycle unless I'm stressed and then it's delayed, one time it was delayed more then 50 days!

I hope you have gotten AF, if not I no it will be coming soon, keep me posted and I will do the same...Tiffany..

Hi Summer, I hope and pray they will finally get down to the bottom of what is causing me to m/c like this, my RE has referred to my situation as my being a "HABITUAL ABORTER" now that's sad! How is everything going with you? I pray for us all everyday take care and keep me posted...Tiffany


Jade - December 7

Tiffany~ That really sucks that there isn't a cause for your mc. Maybe your new RE will find and FIX the problem. It is so frustrating not knowing. I read the book Taking Charge of your Fertility and it gives details about some meds. I read about provera and it states 2-14 days for af to show. So there is still hope. You still have 4 days. It sounds promising that you are having symptoms. Do you temp? I hope my AF doesnt take long to show. I take my last pills tomorrow. Then I guess it is a waiting game!!!! I am ready to start clomid.

Keep me posted! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!!


Tiffany F - December 7

Hey Jade~ I am getting so upset still no AF! I had AF symptoms but they are completely gone, I don't understand what is going on with me, I am a person that always gets a regular cycle, this is driving me crazy!
Thank God I have an appointment for the 12th this coming Tuesday I don't no what the RE can do at this point, but something has to be done.

No I don't check my temp, I've never really had a reason to, I guess I need to now! Have you gotten AF? I hope so.

Gosh all we go through so much to be mommies, I no the reward is great but going through the motions can be so upsetting.

take care~Tiffany~keep me posted


Tiffany F - December 10

Ladies thank God AF came today alot of cramping but I won't complain, I just left someone along post and I'm really tried so I will write back later today.

Jade has AF come yet? I pray it has,I will talk with you a little later, had to make DH's breakfast at 6am this morning so he can leave at 6:30 for work, I need to drink something warm and lay down. I'll be back on this afternoon...Tiffany....hope everyone had a blessed and safe weekend


Jade - December 10

I got AF yesterday. I was sooo excited. It was 2 days after finishing my last pill so that is good. When do you start clomid??? Have you taken it before? Keep me posted......


amberchik - December 12

I used to induce my AF using [url=http://www.drugdelive
provera[/url].Tthe cycle depends on the emotional state of the person from what my doctor said. it may take between 3 to 20 days. I just recently shifted to [url=
because provera proved to be quite unstable in its results and i didn't want to leave depend on its unstability


summer - December 12

Tiffany i told you it wud come...oh thats good if its here and Jade as well. Never thot we wud be celebrating the arrival of the wicked Mrs Mumu...

Are u guys gaoing to take clomid? if so how much dosage ewre u put on.

amberchick - how are u? so how long did it take for u to get AF after finishing provera? mine varied the first time was like 8 days then the 2nd time 12 days so i guess ur right it juss varies. how is the clom treating u?



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