Progesterone cream come on in
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wannababysobad - October 24

Hi everyone I'm Amanda,
Me and my hubby have been trying to have a successful pregnancy for the last 3 years and have had 2 miscarriages. For the past 6 months we haven't been conceiving and I have been doing everything on point from the ovulation calender to the clear blue ovulation tests and still no luck. I actually started ovulex, but I'm not sure if that is where the problem lies. It seems as though I do have a bit of aproblem with conception, but more of a problem with staying pregnant. I did research on progesterone cream and I actually loved what I found, but ofcourse I will have to go to the doc again and see if this could be my problem and even if not I was told extra progesterone couldn'r hurt. So next month if I don't see a change with the ovulex I am hoping to have more luck with this product Natural progesterone. ;D join in[b][/b]


Fortyfour - October 24

I would do immune and blood clotting checks to make sure that is not the reason for the m/c. Like you I get pg easy and have had 1 m/c's.


Amanda - October 24

Hi 44,
So far I have had almost every test ran on me and they can't seem to find a problem ??? I don't know what it could be, but a real assigned fertility specialist would be a bit much right now especially the 2 places I called $500 per visit I was like wow omgosh. I also asked what the problem was and they gave me a could be and might be answer on both miscarriages and then they checked my blood and did an ultrasound and said that I was perfectly fine and maybe I am maybe I'm just worrying myself to much. Also when you got checked for blod clots did they find that to be the problem and did it help you with a successful pregnancy already? I'm am just afraid they may have overlooked something to try to rush me out. We have some of the most rude and unproffessional doctors here.



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