Progesteone and Miscarriages!
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Jade - March 28

What did you find out about O? Do you think you did or not yet? I GOT AF------YAAY


Tiffany F - March 28

Jade~I am so happy you got Af :), so do you no now what meds your going to be taking? I no we usually start clomid days 3-7 or 5-9, so you would need to start taking something soon, I'm sure what ever it is you might have to start it around the same cycle days?

I'm assuming I O'ed on sunday, all the other test have only 1 line, but sunday's test had 2, on was a little lighter but I believe I did, I start the vaginal progesterone capsules this morning just in case I get a bfp, and I will go in monday for my progesterone and I will ask at that time if they will be doing a p/g test...take care...Tiffany~~~


Jade - March 28

So that is good that you o. How many dpo will you be on MOnday. Will it be too early for hpt?

I am starting Femara tonight- increased dosage. I thought I may have to do injectables, but we decided to wait until after a few more test. Dh is having his semen check to see if it is strong enough to penetrate an egg. I am going to have a lap to check for endo. UGG>


Tiffany F - March 29

Hey Jade,

Sometimes do you feel like if it's not one thing it's another ??? Have you been checked for endo before? And also has Dh had a sperm count done? goosh that sucks you have to have that lap done, I've heard it's painful, wonder if it's true? But at least you are getting done to the bottom of things and this way you can rule things out! That's a good thing! I pray the femara works for you this time, my Re did'nt start me out on 50mg of Clomid he put me right on 100mg and that was my first time taking it! So I guess now I'm in the dreaded 2 ww, I hope they do a p/g test when I go in next week, do you think it will give me a false reading because it's so soon? I wonder how soon it can be detected when having a blood test? I guess I'll get ready for bed, your in my prayers as always...Tiffany~~~


Jade - March 29

I know what you mean about always being something. I have never been checked for endo. This is actually the first time he even mentioned it to me. Dh has had a sperm count before and he was in the average range. So that is good. I doubt they will do a pt when you go in bc it will be too soon. When I went in for progest. test on cd 9 they didnt do one for me. So how many dpo will you be when you go in?


Tiffany F - March 29

Hey Jade~Well I think it's ggod your being checked for endo since you have'nt before, that way you can start ruling things out, until they come up with something. And hopefully they won't come up with anything serious. My Dh had his count done also and it was'nt very high, buut it was in the normal range, so that's always a good thing. I'm sure when I go in for the p/g test they won't give me a p/g test, because like you said it will be to soon. I'm not really sure how the dpo thing works, I no I had a surge on 3/25 is that the day I O'ed? I have never had to use OPK's, take temps, or any of that because I really don't have a problem getting p/g, it's just holding on to them once I am p/g, so of course now that I have to have my progesterone checked I have to use the OPK's, but it's still so new to me!



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