Progesteone and Miscarriages!
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Tiffany F - March 19

Hi Ladies,

My story is so long I won't even go into it right, but I have had several m/cs. What I'm wondering is have any of you ladies had a m/c or m/cs and gone on to have a successful pregnancy? I have done SO MUCH RESEARCH on low progesterone and m/cs. Which I recently found out that I do have low progesterone. I have not tryed to conceive since my last m/c which was Aug 06. I will be ttc this month, as well as using progesterone. Would love to hear from any ladies who can relate to this issues.....Baby dust to all....Tiffany~~~~


lili246 - March 19

I did have a m/c last 11/06 and I am in my first montht ttc again but this month I had a very weired cycle which my last af was in 1-16-07 and no af ever since. So I don't know whats going on with me. I hope that I can get pregnant fast as well.
What is progestrone?



Jade - March 19

Hi Tiffany. I havent heard from you in a while. Fill me in on your cycle. What day are you on? Did you RE finally give you progesterone- is is cream or suppositories? Nothing new for me. I am on cd 37 and havent O or gotten AF. I have to wait for cd 40 to get prometrium to start af. .. femara didnt work this cycle for me.


Tiffany F - March 21

Hi lili246,

so sorry to hear about your m/c, I no how you feel. Are you going to take prometrium to get AF started? I have taken it 3 times in the past to get a jump on AF.

About progesterone, some women as myself suffer from low progesterone, progesterone is produced in our ovaries it enhances the endometrial lining of the uterus to accept and sustain the implantation and growth of a developing embryo. This will be my first time using progesterone it hopes of not having another m/c. Are you seeing an RE? I was being seen by a very good high risk obgyn, put she told me that I would need to having further testing done and also my progesterone checked. Now there are several other reasons why we have m/cs, clotting disorders, chromosome issuses, some pregnancies that were just not meant to be etc..etc..etc.
I will start taking progesterone next week after ovulation, and I will let you no how everything is going. I but all my trust and faith in God! Take Care...Tiffany ;)

Hey Jade,

Long time no hear from : ;) our other board just kinda got real quiet, have you heard from Alison? I pray all is well with her. Will you be going back on clomid? I just finished up days 3-7, Yeah my RE finally put me on progesterone, I wanted vaginal capsules and injections but he said that would be too much! So I start lh tracking on friday and when I get a surge I start the vaginal capsules 3 days later, 2x a day, they are 300mg so I'm just praying all goes well. I will also be using some all natural progesterone cream I ordered online.

I hope Af comes for you any day now, if not you will start the prometrium and that will bring it down, are you ttc this month as well? I ordered some pre-seed, I have used it a few times before and it helps, some we'll see what happens! Hope to hear back from you soon, gotta go American Idol just came on :)....Take Care~~~Tiffany


lili246 - March 21

hey girl how are you doing?
well letting you know that af is here with me I am am now on CD2 and very excietd finally she decided to come.
I did not take any of what you mention. I was spotting and notcie that it was more that the past few days so I though it was af and then I tookk some special remedy tea where it helps you to get af faster and it did help I am having af more now and I hope that it doesn't happen again on being late because that had me so frustrated.

If you want to know about that remedy go and check out our forum at TTC buddies!! I have posted some new info there.

Good Luck!!

So how are you doing today?

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


Tiffany F - March 21

Hey lili,

That is good news, I no you are so happy that af showed up ;). I will check out the TTC buddies form, are you going to be taking clomid? and are you being seen by an RE?

I'm doin okay, Dh's is off work today and I wish he would have gone! you no how they can get on your nerves sometimes? Well I won't bore you with with you soon....Tiffany~~~


lili246 - March 21

hey no I am not doing anything right now nor I have in the past.
I am just taking my temps. every morning and taking my prenatals and that is all.
I have a 2 year old boy and a lil angel in heaven so I think that I can get pregnant on my own.

Besides I don't have insurance and I don't want to go see a re because they can get expensive and withour insurance OMG I will be in
Well good Luck and I know what you mean about dh being a pain and they are better off to go to work instead right. Do you work?
I work with dh I actually stay in the office and he goes out on the field. :)

Good Luck and Best Wishes on whatever you do! :)

Love Lili


Jade - March 21

Hi Tiffany,
I have been emailing Alison. She is having IUI this cycle and I hope she gets her BFP soon. I think she wasnt allowed to post at work anymore. My RE gave me provera yesterday. So 3 more days of that. Have you ever taken it? I always have taken prometrium. I took that for 10 days. The provera is only 5 days. SO i hope af comes soon. When are you expecting a surge?? I hope soon so you can get your BFP. This is your first cycle ttc again right?? I know the progestrone will help...
Keep me posted.


Tiffany F - March 22

Hey lili,

I no what you mean about the insurance, I have insurance through my Dh's job but they don't cover alot, they only pay up the first 2,000 of my seeing an RE, and after that we have to pay 50%. Alot of prescriptions are not covered, like clomid, the progesterone I need, we have to pay out of pocket. I just became a represenative for this wonderful company. It gave me a discount on my meds and I can go and see my RE or any other Dr or specialist and I save 50% or more, you get discounts on Dental,Vision,Presscriptions and Chiropractic, It is a miracle, it's not insurance but it is discounted at remarkable prices, you can use it at any pharmacy to get prescriptions, walmart, walmart,cvs,target,rite aid etc..etc..etc. I canceled our insurance today which is through a company called Humana. For an entire family that just needs Dental,Vision,Prescriptions and Chiropractic it's only 19.95 a month and that is for everyone in your household, it can be 10 people or more it's the same price. And for the Medical it's 49.95 a month and that is for an entire family, that can be 10 people or more! This is for anyone that is interested, I have a website you can go to, you can type in your city and state and it will show all the providers that except this discount, all the specialist in your area even gives discounts on Infertility treatment and IVF! You can check it out at
Even if you have insurance alot of things are not covered and you can still get the discount through this company, check it out

Hey Jade,

I'm on CD 11 so I will start tracking tomorrow, hopefully I get my surge by CD14, but we will be trying this weekend, thank god Dh is off, I ordered some pre-seed I no that helps. Yes I have taken Provera before 3 or times I'm not sure, and usually I get Af like 3-5 days after the last pill.I believe I took it 10 days 1x a day, and another time I think I took it 2x a day for 5 days. Hope Af shows up soon, so are you ttc this month? Good luck to us all.

Jade I'm not sure if you read above what I wrote to lili, but if you are interested or no anyone that is interested in discounted medical,dental,vision,prescription it is well worth it, like I told lili insurance does cover alot, and this program they give discounts on everything and there world wide, feel free to check out my website
they even give discounts on infertility, IUI'S and IVF, it is a wonderful program, you can type in your city and state and it will show all the providers in your area.
Take Care all...Tiffany~~~


Jade - March 23

Hi Tiffany~ I am ttc this month if I ever get stupid AF. I am now on day 4 of provera- I am only taking it for 5 days- 1 pill a day. I hope af starts soon. I took prometruim for 10 days and got af 2 days later so that would be good if i got af in 2 days.... I go Wed. to see what my next step with RE is. My insurance is pretty good so far. I have no idea how much, if any, it covers for IVF or IUI. I have only had to pay 10 copay each time and I have been ALOT lately. I told my RE that I think he sees me naked more than my DH....LOL. Well hopefully you will o soon and be in you 2ww. Are you on clomid too or just progesterone? Keep in touch....


Tiffany F - March 24

Hey Jade~I started tracking today but got no surge today is CD12, I usually get my surge on like 14. So that will be Sunday, I did take clomid this cycle days 3-7. I start the progesterone 3 days after my surge, I will keep you posted. I no you will be getting Af soon, I'm sure by next week she will be here. It sounds like you have really good insurance, my co-pay is $25 everytime I see my RE, If you no anyone who needs medical coverage or have very high insurance coverage as myself, feel free to give them my website or you can always leave me a post here.I go back to have my progesterone drawn 8 days after my surge, Let's keep praying...Have a wonderful weekend...Talk with you soon...Tiffany....PS: will you please ask alison to e-mail @[email protected] :)


Jade - March 26

Did you get your surge yet? I sure hope so. Did you have to go in to get your follicles checked this time? I finished provera saturday and now am waiting on AF. Hopefully she will come soon......


Tiffany F - March 26

Hey Jade~

No surge as of yet! I pray I will get it between today and tomorrow. I'm sure you will get Af this week, no later then the weekend.No they have said anything about checking my follicles, should I ask about that? Sometimes you have to suggest things to them, I see now my Re just wants EVERYONE to jump into IVF, and it's not necessary for ALL women. I will keep you posted and please do the same :),...Tiffany~~~


Jade - March 26

I am praying for that surge for you soon. I know you are getting impatient. I am the same waiting on AF. I feel a little cramping today so hopefully she will be here soon. I go to the RE Wed and I know I will have to suggest something different than the Femara. I know what you mean about having to tell them what you want to do. What CD is it for you. My Re says for patients to call if they dont have a surge by cd 17. Then they would check follicles. Last time he had me go in when I got my surge for a postcoital test and follicle test. My RE has the "lets be patient, this could take a while" approach which is very annoying to me because my patience are running out..... I will keep you posted.


Tiffany F - March 26

Hey Jade~

Thanks so much for giving Alison my e-mail address. I had just e-mailed her before checking in here I missed not chatting with you and her when I was off the board for a little while.

It's really weird remember you and I were talking about the ovulation strips we ordered on line, how they did'nt work? Well I don't no if you remember back in January I told you all I had used the strips, an OPK for the dollar store and Clear blue easy I used all three of those at a time when I was tracking just to see the results, I ended up getting a surge on all three, well I did'nt have any of the clear blue so I just used the other two, it seemed like there was a faint second line on both but I just assumed no surge. So this morning there was no faint line on either of the two, so I'm wondering did I get a surge yesterday? I went through my bathroom trash and on all the other test there's just one line, but like I said yesterday they both had a faint line, so I guess I will consider yesterday as having my surge??? Let's say if I had my surge yesterday, would I not have a surge today? That's what I don't understand, sorry to sound so dingy. Oh I'm on CD 15, Dh and I BD yesterday and the day before, and were going to have to today and tomorrow (oh my goodness)just to be sure and we also used pre-seed!

What else do you think your RE will prescribe for you? I no the clomid made your lining thin. Usually they say you should get Af as soon as 3 days after the last pill, once I got it 3 days after the last pill and another time I think it took like 7 days after or maybe a little longer, but your feeling some cramps so I'm sure you'll have it this week!

Oh yeah, I no what you mean about that let's be patience thing, it drives me crazy, we get tried of all the test, bloodwork,exams, etc..etc..and not to mention the consultations and all the meds my goosh! And all the money that can be spent, thank god you have good insurance, if I were'nt apart of this discount medical I don't no what I would do! Take care & talk with you soon...Tiffany~~~


Jade - March 26

Tiffany~ I think that if the line was really faint yesterday you may not have o yet. I would keep testing just to be sure. You don't want to miss it. If you dont get it soon- I would call RE and have them check via ultrasound. I kept having faint line then darker line then faint line again. I must have gone through 20 tests this cycle to find out that the femara didnt work and I didnt o. Re said last time I was in there that he may move on to injectables. I dont know much about them so I am going in Wed to find out more and see if that is my best option at this point. I hope AF comes tomorrow. When I took prometrium last time I took it for 10 days and got AF 2 days later. But I dont know for this time I only took provera for 5 times. I hope it works......


Jade - March 28

What did you find out about O? Do you think you did or not yet? I GOT AF------YAAY



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