Post here when feeling depressed
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grandmaof2 - August 25

HI every one how are you all.
While I was at work today a Patient came to see if she was PG. Well she was and just had a 6 mth old baby boy. Talk about hurting. >:( >:(
I am happy for her but then sad at the same time.

Best Wishes and Good Health


Mist - September 26

Today is a sad day for me.

I am just having one of those feel bad for myself days because hhmm not sure why. Maybe the fact I paid 135.00 Infertility pills and I feel like I am losing hope since Ovulex never helped me.

I am due to ovulate next week around the 6 or 7th but I dunno I have had my hopes up for so long and I just keep getting let down. I am at the end of my rope not sure where to turn now.

Another fact of my sadness is my BF is in the hospital right now having her baby. And its just a reminder to me that I have major problems because we have been trying together to get pregnant and I dunno maybe I am making to much out of it. I just feel trapped in a world of constant reminders from teacher preachers, tv friends and family how cute babies are and how special they are, and it makes me mad because it is my only heart desire to have a baby.

Ok I think I am done




lili246 - September 26

keep on trying and have that faith. With faith everything is possible. I became a success story from ovulex. I took it for 2 months and finallly got a BFP! I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and I never lose the faith and kept trying. You do the same and don't feel bad that your turn will come soon!



Ange - September 27

Mist, I know how you feel I all the people around just thought about babies they were pregnant. I think someone is always pregnant that I know either family or friends. Right now my sister in law is pregnant with their third boy. My cousin who is ten years younger than me is pregnant with her first and another cousin who I think should not be a parent cause she is still a child is pregnant with her 4th. I have know about my infertility for 14 years now and it sure is a rollar coaster.
Keep Positive it will happen for you I know it will. I wish you lots of babydust!!!!!!


lili246 - September 27

Girls keep on trying and have faith in God he will bless you all soon! I know it gets frustrated but don't give up if it didn't happen this month it will happen the next but don't give up.
I wish you all the best and Good Luck!

lots of baby Dust!!




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