Peaked today!!!
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Les23 - March 7

Hello all...

I went to my doctor a couple of weeks ago and she found swelling on my right tube. A week later she did an u/s and the swelling was gone. At first she thought that I may have a cyst or something it could have been PCOS but thank goodness it is now.
She wants to try Clomid. It has been 4 years since I have taken the Clomid and then it was only for 2 cycles. That was a different DR though. My new DR wants to try it for 6 months.
I was to far into this cycle to start the clomid so she wants me to use my Clear Blue Monitor for this cycle which I already was doing. When it peaks she wants me to call them and in 7 days come in to get some blood work done. She wants to do this for the next 6 months if we are not pregnant by then.
So right now I am not on anything and I peaked today!! We BD last night so when it showed I was ovulating this morning I was so excited. Next week I will be going in for the blood test. If we are not prego I will take Provera to start and then the first round of Clomid.
I have been praying that this will happen soon and I have a really good feeling about everything. So I think God has heard my prayers and he will be answering them soon. Babies are such a wonderful gift from the big guy. I know he will bless us when it is our time. I am thinking it is my time now!!!
So lets pray that I will not have to start the Clomid next month.!!!


Anngie60 - March 8

Hi Les, just wanted to say that is fantastic news and i really hope all works out for you. Have seen some of your posts from couple of years ago and you sound like an amazing person. Good luck to you and i wish you the very best! Angela x x


Mahogany Heart - March 8

You go girl!!! I miss you so much. Hope everything is going well with you and this is it. Did you use any preseed or anything to aid this OV? Email me are give me a call. Check your email.

I love you


Les23 - March 9

Well thanks for the kind words Anngie60!! I really am an amazing person!! HEHE
MH no I did not use any preseed this month but if we are not pregnant for some reason I am going to order it for the next run through.
I told DH I was peaking and now he is like a nympho. Sex in the morning sex in the evening and sex whenever he gets near me!!!! I can not take much more of this!! I am just kidding but damn give a girl a break!


Mahogany Heart - March 10

I know right. We were doing it all the time but this time we only did it twice in our fertile window. We only use the preseed once and you know I was drinking the green tea night and day. When I did a cross reference I found out we were bding too much.

I pray this is your cycle. What cycle day are you on?


Les23 - March 12

I am on day 25 I go for a blood test on Wed. I did not Ovulate until day 20.


lili246 - March 12

hey girls, I wanted to have some more info on preseed? Does it really work? How do you use it? I want to try something else and see if it works?

Do you have any advice for me on preseed?




Mahogany Heart - March 14


I think Pre-seed helps as well as the Green Tea and other things. I used Pre-seed this time only once even though we only BDed twice this fertile window. I would go for it, if I was you. I know with the infertility drugs it dries out your cm so you should try it.


Shara - March 15

Hello Les,

Haven't talked to you in awhile, I am sending all my prayers your way and I hope this is your month. This will be a lucky year for us all!!!
As far as MH saying that the pre-seed helps - she is right. I bd only twice also in my fertile window because dh was sick and I used clomid, ovidrel and pre-seed (first month) and BFP came my way-immediately. Good Luck!!!!



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