PCOS/Clomid-What do DO!?
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ANuBeginning - March 17

Hello all.
I've posted here and read almost everything on the forum to see how everyone's getting along and what works best and what not. I have been TTC for a looong time. I tried Ovulex, with no luck! I bled for a month and a half and went to the doc only to find that I have PCOS! I was furious, but this only means I've got to work harder, right!? I have every single symptom of PCOS, and it's agitating but I've just got to deal with everything one step at a time. I've been on Metformin for about five months now and I've changed my diet and started a regular exercise routine. I would love that extra boost because I want this NOW! ;D But I wanted to know, who has had great success with Clomid? I also read about the multiples with Clomid and I won't complain if I'm blessed with 2+!


Mahogany Heart - March 17

Over the 14 years of ttc and using Clomid off and on I got pregnant with Clomid in 2004 at five weeks and four days the same day I found out I was pregnant was the same day they had to remove it from my tubes.

Started back the Clomid for the next two years off and on and got pregnant 2006 and now I'm 28 weeks with a boy. I also tried Ovulex and it didn't work for me so I use what I knew would work and added some other things.

I plan on doing it again as soon as the Doctor clear me after my 6 weeks check up.

Supernatural Baby Dust!!!

Keep The Faith!!!


ANuBeginning - March 17

Wow. I hope it doesn't take that long for me but congratulations!! I hope Clomid works for me. I'm so nervous. :-\


Mahogany Heart - March 17

It may not. Everyone is different. Just monitor your cycles and take your meds on time and same time everyday. Keep a journey of everything so you can cross reference.

Clomid dries out your cm so make sure you cover that. Buy you some LH sticks and you should be fine. Monitor everything from BDing to OVing as well as any pains, keep note of when your cycle comes on and goes off and even the times (just in case). Keep a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.





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