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ticklinivory - October 27

I am on CD4 and the latest they will do it is cd12. I am really trying to leave it in God's hands though, but my nature is to worry. I want so much to get this procedure done. Speaking of, I need to call the nurse and see what my results were for cd3 fsh. I just called and no one is there. I will wait a couple hours and call back. I hate talking to their answering machines because they never get back to you. I called on Tuesday morning right before I got my period and was wondering when I would get my period after medroxy and they never called me back. I got my period 15 minutes after I called but that really wasn't the point. It's now friday and I didn't hear anything. I hate the military. I will let you know what my results for the test are.


Butterfly - October 27

Thanks for the inspiration, TammieT. Hey girls, what does "I'm a llama!" mean? (Just curious).


RNORST - October 27

Denise, I'm hoping and praying that something will work out and you will get it done this month. That would make me mad if the didn't call back. It's like they don't even care about people. Are you in the military or your DH or both? Let me know what you find out.

Lili, My temps this morning was 98.4. I hope af comes on wed. Did you eat your pancakes? I'm glad your son had a good experince with the shot. Last year Will had to get 2 shot also, this year it was just one.

Tammie T, Thank you so much for that. All of it was so true. I made a copy of it so I could share with others. Thanks



Butterfly - October 27

RNORST, how are you. Do you see how I used your ticker for inspiration:). Anyway, I am getting very impatient, what does green tea supposed to do (if u know). I've been drinking but i forgot what it's for.


Butterfly - October 27

RNORST, oh by the way, what does I'm a llama mean?


lili246 - October 27

Yes, I did eat my pancakes yesturday night. And had a few this morning. So I am finish with my cravings on that..lol
Well hope that af comes soon so that you can start making a baby. Hope that you have better luck this coming month. Keep the faith girl.

Well have a great weekend!



positiveGirl - October 27

Hi all,
How are you all doing?
TammieT - Very good text. It's so important to keep these point in mind yet we forget them.

Butterfly - I may not be an expert but This month instead of Tea I took Green tea supplements and noticed lot of CM for many days. Due to it's various other properties it helps in conception.

Ange - Don't give up... we are all together holding hands in solving this issue.

Our time is around the corner... :)



positiveGirl - October 27


Are you going today for your check up? Let us know how did it go?



lili246 - October 27

Nice to hear from you, how are you doing. Howz everything coming along. Well no my appointment is next tuesday 10-31-06 in the morning so I need to wait a few days but they shoul dbe coming very soon..lol
yeah I am so excited and hoep I have better luck this time. I can't wait. Hopefully everything is ok. I will let you know on tuesday how it went.

Have a great weekend!

Lots of baby dust to all of you!



RNORST - October 27

Butterfly, I think green tea is to help clean your body and uterus and other parts from harmful stuff and help with cm. I read some where that green tea could help your fertility up to 50%?? I have no idea what I'm a llama means?? I don't know how to change it.



Butterfly - October 28

Thanks, positive girl. But do you think the green tea supplements are better than the tea?

RNORST, you can change "I'm a llama" to something else you'd like it to say by going to you profile and then under 'additional information' go to the box that says 'personal text' and type what you want. It should change it when you click 'submit changes' at the bottom.

Love you guys, baby dust to all!


wantababylots - October 28

Jenelle-- It wa a hard 2 weeks but the thing was-- she started me out on half a pill twce a dat for like 3 days then moved me up to two a day-- 1000 mg-- I stayed there for a whole month--at that time it took me a about 2 weeks also to get ued to it but I did then I moved up the four pills a day. That is when I get really sick-- I just couldnt eat anything or i would throw up. It wasnt all the whole day i dont think though-- just in the mornings mostly and at nights.
Dont feel like a failure. Your not. Maybe ask you OB if you can gradually get back on it. Did she put you on 1500 mg all at once. I think that is crazy-- No wonder you are sick. If you want to try again I would suggest to go gradually-- I started 500 mg a day. and even that made me a little queezy.

I was very scared to become diabetic and it was sure to happen if I didnt fix my insulin levels. My levels are normal now and I am so hppy about that. My cycles are still messed up though so that is my next step- to get those normal.
Good luck. Your in my prayers friend.
Also My OB told me that I metformin is the only medication of its kind that women are still able to get pregnant on. It doesnt effect that at all. She even said that i will have to still be on it for most of my pregnancy in order to keep me at stable levels.. If im not at normal levels it is bad for the baby. so Yes you can still get preg on metformin.

Renee-- to chang e the im a llama thing go to view profile then to edit and you can out whatever you want there...

Hope everything is good for all of you!! Have a great weekend.



positiveGirl - October 29

Lili - I am doing fine trying to be strong. My AF is due by 29/30 so kinda distrubed not giving up hopes just a little sad as today some symptoms of AF was showing up. like very dark brown discharge when I wipe with the tissue. :( :(

Butterfly - I am sure even gren tea is good but it's just that after taking supplements I was able to see lot of CM which was not as good as when I took just green tea.

I think I may switch to False unicorn root. Next month I'll go for HSG test and get it over with though I am not very comfortable with all that process but atleast one more test will get elimated. I wish my Dr. puts me on some sedative so that I don't realize it and the test can get done fast. I am going to request this to my Dr.

thanks everyone for all your support and guidance.



Ange - October 29

Hello Ladies,

Well I just had my 1st chemical pregnancy. Thursday I started spotting and had a cramp on my right side. Thursday night I didn't sleep well. I felt something wrong. Friday at lunch hour I started to feel pain but not like my normal cramps this one was only in the center in my uterus for sure. The pain was so bad I almost vomitted. I took to advil plus two tylenol to try to make it go away.
Spoke to my doctor he said that it must have been a chemical pregnancy. I will be going to see him this week. I never have been pregnant in the 14 years ttc I will keep trying. I guess my hormones are quite there yet.
Take care to all of you


Thanks for the support Lili and positive girl.


Butterfly - October 29

What is a chemical pregnancy? Are you okay, do you feel better?


lili246 - October 30

What is a chemical pregnancy? I am lost with butterfly. So how are you doing, are you feeling better. So if you got pregnant you have more chances and hope that you might become pregnant soon? I am thinking of you gril, hope that everything is ok. have faith and take good care of yourself. Keep us posted on how it goes.

How are you feeling today, had af arrived yet? Well I am sad for my DH because we haven't BD for more than two months now and hope that he doesn't get mad because of that. My doctor said not to BD now because of the discharge that I was having, it's gone I haven't had the discharge no more and that makes me feel good. All I want now it for my baby to be ok. I go to the doctor tomorrow and try to listen the heartbeat. I can't wait to now the gender I want to start buying lil clothes, I enjoy doing that and can't wait to know what it is. Well hope that you are feeling good, take care you are in my prayers.
Howz you lil baby boy doing by the way, did he get sick? Hope he is doing fine. God bless your family!

hey girl, haven't heard from you, are you ok.
has anyone heard of our friend leslie?

Howz everyone else doing?




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