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wishfulthinking - November 20

I just wanted to comment on Ovulex...I've just strated taking it about three weeks ago. My cycles are 28 days..and rarely am I ever late. I'm due to ovulate on Saturday the 25th..I've gotten it down to a science or so I thought. This is the first time that I wil be ovulating using Ovulex. I use the clearblue fertility monitor. It will usually show my high a peak days this week, BUT I should high levels on the 17th,18 and 19th and today I was PEAKING!! a whole 4 days ealier than I'm suppose to...this is so weird, but at least I know that it has to due with me taking Ovulex, it does state that it lenghtens your luthal phase (hope I spelled that right), and so far it looks to be doing that. No real side effects. some abdomial cramping, but I think that due to the lining of my uterus thickening (due to the Ovulex). Other than that, there are really no side effects. I was wondering has anyone else expreince that using Ovulex and did you get a BFP that month?



lili246 - November 20

I am doing better each day. I am just being patient and waiting for af to come. I am not sure when it's suppose to come so I have to be prepared. I hope that it comes soon so I can start trying again. It is taking forever it seems like it.

Take Care



Rachy - November 20

Just a silly question - if you were to have an ultrasound scan of your uterus and ovaries, how soon after conception would a baby be seen?? Say for example you didnt know you were pregnant and it was before AF was due. Just very curious.


Romy - November 20

Hi girls, thanks for the warm wishes. I really need to get a dictionary to follow all of the acronyms you are using. what is BFP, AF, who is DH, I figured out TTR. Help :)
Went to the doctors, I have a fibroid on the left side of my uterus, not on the Fallopian Tube, which is good news. I have to go back next Monday for some bloodwork and sonograms etc. I never thought it would be this hard. You spend all those years trying not to get pregnant and now all you do is try to get pregnant. I ordered Ovulex on Saturday, I will keep you guys posted. I read all of your posts on this, does it work?

Lilli - sorry to hear about your recent mc. I know how you must feel b/c of my sister. Keep the faith and look at your son. you will be a mom again soon!

does anybody have a site where I can buy pregnancy test, ovulation kits cheaper. they are getting pricey.

Baby Angels all around us, Blessing us.


lili246 - November 20

I buy some of the test at www.accuracypregnancytest.com They are cheap there are other ones where the shipping is free. I am not sure which one but I'll find out with out friend here Renee who just odered some last week.
How is your sister feeling. Hope that everything goes well.



Rachy - November 20

How are you doing Lili? Thinking of you sweetheart xxx


Jade - November 20

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great Monday. I have a dr appt Wednesday with RE. Hope to get something to start my Af. Has anyone ever had to get something to start the af?? I forgot what it is called, it starts with a P I think! Maybe they will give me clomid. That was her suggestion last time but I didnt know if i was ready. I am just feeling really down about the whole ttc thing. It is sooo hard seeing all these pregnant women at work and hearing them talk about how great it is and how they are planning their nurseries. AHHHH, it makes me want to scream. Sorry about the complaining but i feel better now. Thanks for listening.....

Moosha, I had brown discharge/spotting for 6 weeks on ovulex. I had to stop taking it and even after i stopped it continued for 3 weeks. Mine was everyday spotting.

Romy~ BFP positve pregnancy test (big fat positive) DH-husband AF -period (aunt flo) IT takes a while to get used to the abbrevations. I know what you mean about how hard it is when ttc. It is so frustrating. OUR DAY WILL COME!!!

Ange- Have you gotten AF yet. What cd are you on....

Have a great night ladies!!!


Ange - November 21

I read the reports on green teaand I am not so worried i eat good and i take p renatal with folic acid and also only take the green tea till ovulation. I think that is the best I would worry if you were to use it till then i would be more concerned if you continued threw out the cycle.
Great news about your O. I heard that ovulex lengthen your LH. I wish you lots of babydust

Lili glad to hear to are doing better. Have you been taken your temp? I wish you to get get it soon so you can start trying again soon. I bought the tests from the link you posted and got them today wow that was fast i ordered them on friday

Rachy I had an U/S today and saw my uterus and there was nothing in it I am 11 dpo. I heard somwhere else that i women went and say the sack at 3 1/2 weeks so that would be around 12dpo. are you going for and U/S? babydust

Romy the link lili sent you is great I got 30 opk and 10 hpt for the same amount I was paying for 7 opk that is including the shipping

Jade I so understand what you are going through everyone at my daughters daycare their mother are all pregnant. It is hard but I smile and say we are trying. There it 4 mother now pregnant in her class so everyday I see one or two of them. I am on 12dpo so i have till thursday before i see AF. But them I am calling to have test done and going to have IVF after the holidays I wish you all the babydust jade take care


lili246 - November 21

Refresh my mind, since when you haven't had af? Was it since your mc? Well I know from what my doctor said that Prometrium is some pills that help you get your period. She said that after my d&c surgery and I don't get af within 4 to six weeks she was probably going to subscribe that. But hope that af comes soon because I want to coun that 1 of 2 af so I can start trying again. I can't wait I know and have a feeling that I will get pregnant very fast even though I take long to concieve I really believe that this time will be much fast and that I will have a heathy pregnany and better luck than my last one. I just know it and my son is the one how is giving me faith.
Just like Ange said her lil girl os going to bring her miracle and get pregnant soon just like me when I start trying.

Keep the faith Girls our turn will come very soon!

Have a great night!

Love, Lili

Lots of Baby Dust!!!!!!Healthy baby dust to all of us!


lili246 - November 21

I am doing better thank you, getting the idea of my lil angel being in heaven and taking care of our family from up there. I know that god will take good care of my lil angel.
How are you doing?

I know it is taking forever it seems like it. I wish that it goes fast than this. I have not been taking my temps. but I should right just so that I can get an idea of when af might come? what do you think?
I know those test strips are very cheap better than buying them at the store. You get more for a better price and it is a big deal. I am going to reorder more because I will need them.

Talk to you tomorrow have a great night.

Love you all Lili


summer - November 21

Hi jade

my dr gave me Provera to jump start my period. I hope it is what your dr said coz thats what my dr normally gives me so that i can have a period. I'm still waiting for AF to arrive so tht i can start taking my clom and i'm getting frustrated now as it has been 9days and she hasnt turned up. i hope soon.

i know what u mean abt babies and preggos everywhere. At work its even worsei have had 4 workmates or their partners given birth and its all babytalk everywhere. i am so jealous.

I hope it happens to me soon, i wud love to be a mom .

babydust to all of us.


Stacey85 - November 21

How is everyone today? My af was due yesterday I have a 32 day cycle and still nothing I took hpt yesterday and got BFN but that will be 2 weeks this thursday I have been very bloated and being getting cramps etc also usually a few days to a week before I get af I get zits always have everytime since I first got af but my skin is still really clear, I just dont know what to think is all this just a result of the Ovulex or could I be preg despite the BFN??Also my cervix is fairly high and quite soft does this mean anything? Any advice greatly appreciated feel like I'm going mad!! xxxx


Ange - November 21

Well Ladies
It is CD1 again for me AF came early! Maybe all that pressure yesterday at the U/S.

I called for my appointment to start my tests again. I should get a call back this morning.

I think when you are ready you should start temping again. I think it won't hurt and you might get an idea of what is going on. And be prepared for AF.

Wait till tomorrow morning and take another test. You symptoms sound good. I wish you a BFP!

Take care


SBOOTH96 - November 21

Good morning ladies!! Just wanted to check in on everyone and see if there is any more news coming out! Well, I am only on cd 4 but i'm preparing to start ov! Now, my af is usually pretty regular and I have no idea when i ov, but it should be close to day 14, right? i figured if we start on cd 11, we have a good chance, right? oooo, i really wish this could be my month but i havent even been taking ovulex for a whole week yet... i heard it takes 2 to really become effective.. everyone please pray for me as i will keep you all in my prayers with lots and lots of healthy baby dust!!! love ya!


Ange - November 21

hello sbooth

How long is your cycle? I ovulate on day 14 cause I have a 28 day cycle and use a OPK to make sure. You may not... Do you bbt? (chart your temperature) or check your cervical mucus? You can even test by OPK ( ovulation predictor kit) these will aid you to find what day you are Ovulating on.


out the link above it will give you a guide
take care


SBOOTH96 - November 21

Hello ange,

My cycle is between 26-28 days long. Honestly I don't do anything to check my signs.. We just be sure to "get together" if you will, 11 days after my af all through the week... I know thats obviously not the right way, but we've never actually taken the trying that far... we just did what we did and waited to see what happened. but now i'm sick of "waiting"!!! we're really ready to "REALLY try" so i will definetly check out that link.. thanks for your help!



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