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Ange - November 17


Congrats! postive OPK WOOT WOOT! Go on that date tonight with your hubby have a baby sitter come take care of your son and enjoy!
I am happy for you and yes according to your ticker you are right on time. Enjoy your weekend and BD your heart out LOL!
I haven't done IVF only IUI 4 of them sooo I am hopeful tooo!

Jade thanks she is precious she is alot bigger now of course being 4. But still mommies baby! I wish you a good weekend and lots of babydust yourway

Take care have a good weekend


RNORST - November 17

Ange, I just got my Mom to watch my son for the whole night. I hope that a relax night can help. Good luck on getting preg, before the ivf, I will pray for you.
Have a good weekend!

Love ya


lili246 - November 18

Sister good luck enjoy bd and try not to stress alot and relax. I know it wil happen for you and it will be sooner than you think. I am thinking of you sister and wish you the best. If I cut my hair I'll send you pictures for sure. About the women safety I read part of it and will ready it all it is so interesting and hopefully I won't never go through that but you never know better be prepared thanks for the info.
Let me know how it goes. I can't wait till I start trying again it seems that it is taking forever. Love you so much and take good care of my nephew Will, big hugs for the family.

Go to the BFP success forum and you'll find alot of girls who had success on ovulex I can say I was one of those but I am not sure and will not take them anymore because of my m/c. I am just being too sinsitive at the moment and my m/c seem to be yesturday and I am blaming anything that comes across. But I know that most of the girls there are ovulex success so go and check them out.

Have a great weekend, I'll talk to you all on monday.
God bless everyone one of us!

Love you all


YaBB - November 18

Jereygirl I was reading what you wrote about doing and IUI and it didn't work! I have my first IUI on Oct.14 and got pg!My first bloodwork was BFN and had my af but, when I seen the dc on Monday he seen a sag. I went for more bloodwork and was BFP! Alot of poeple who has had IUI's said sometimes it takes up to 4 tries before it works so, don't stress and kept a positve additude and it will happen!


jerseygirl - November 18

Ho Girls,
I hope everyone is havving a great weekend.
When we did our COH/IUI cycles I took 50mg of Serophene twice a day...
I try to keep positive...I'm sure it will happen sometime. Maybe after X-Mas we will try another cycle...that would make it 4... I'm so happy your IUI worked the first time..
Well DH and I are keeping my neice and nephew tonight. My sister and her hubby have a X-mas party to go to... We are taking the kids out for super and a movie....Happy Feet! It should be good.
Gotta go,
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Lots of love,


wantababylots - November 20

for those of you who have been on clomid before-- what is the difference between 50 mg and 100mg results wise--????

I finally started AF. i went a whole 77 day cycle since lasts time. I am starting clomid in 2 days and wondered if it would make difference if i took 100 mg as opposed to only 50--



Romy - November 20

Hi girls,
my prayers are with all of you. I am new to the boards and I have read so many of your posts. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing your joys and pains. I have been ttc for 5 months now and just got pd late last night again. I am so sad. My sister had problems conceiving and when she finally did she mc 3 times. She adopted my nephew who is absolutely gorgeous. I always thought I would be lucky and concieve right away. You know, like everyone else around you in the office that is pregnant. Anyway, any helpful tips would be great. I'm going to a specialist today, let's see what he says.


moosha21 - November 20

Hi ladies I'm new to the board and I also been on ovulex for the the past month and af is suppose to come on friday but I have no pms symptoms besides feeling bloated last week it really felt like my period was coming on but it didn't and then I've been having brwn discharge on and off for a couple of weeks now and a whole lot of cm I don't know what" going on I'm kind scared rigt now. Have any of you ladies who've taken ovulex ever experienced this.



lili246 - November 20

Welcome girls and we are all here for one reasona nd together we will get through this.

What is pd? I am sorry about your sister that has had 3 m/c. I had one last month ago and it was very painful losing my baby. I have a heatlhy 2 year old boy and doctor said that my chances o another m/c are not very high because I have a healthy lil boy already. I am in the waiting process for the two months and then start concieving again. Hope that I don't take long.
Best wishes for you and welcome.

Welcome, the brown discharge that you are having is what I had when I was 6 weeks pregnant and I was very worried about it and the doctor said it wasn't anything to worry about, a few weeks later I found out that my baby wasn't alive. So I think that discharge that I was having was a sign of something that wasn't ok. Thats when I had my m/c. Are you sure that you not not pregnant? You said that af is suppose to come next this friday?
Hope that you get good news.
Best Wishes!

Lots of baby dust!



lili246 - November 20

How did it go? Hope that you get good news this month, you did alot of work last week and hope that everything was worth it. I am thinking of you sister.

Hows everyone else doing?

Love, Lili


Ange - November 20

Hello Ladies

So I just came back form the U/S and all it good. My ovary is fine no cysts. Yuppie!!! You can not imagine how happy I am. The doctor even showed me my uterus it was empty and we new that it would be this month so that is fine. Now I just have to wait till I get AF so I can call for an appointment to start my tests. So all is good I am having a good day!

Glad to hear about AF! I was on 100mg and got 4bfn so I can't say. Talk to your doctor maybe he will up your dose. take care

Renee how was your night alone with your dh were you relaxed. I wish you lots and lots of babydust to you this month.

Congrats on the bfp!

Welcome Romy and moosha!
Romy let me know how it goes at the doctors.



lili246 - November 20

Congrats Ange,
I am happy that everything turn out fine. So you shoul dbe able to concieve soon, you'll see. have the faith that your lil girl has given you the best baby dust you can get.
Good Luck!

~Love Lili


Ange - November 20

:) ;D :D


Ange - November 20

hello Lili,

I tried to post but it said page can not be displayed blah blah...
Thanks for the kind words I feel great knowing that all is good. How are you doing?


wishfulthinking - November 20

Good morning everyone..or afternoon, for some.read an article in Parents Mag about green tea. take a look at what they had to say.......

Despite the health benefits of green tea (scientists think it may protect against cancer), it's best to skip it if you're TTC. It decreases the effectiveness of folic acid, which is vital for preventing neural tube defects in the first month after conception. The effect is small if you continue to eat folate-rich greens and take a folic-acid supplement, but why take a chance? After the first trimester, up to a cup a day is fine.

Lost of baby dust to all!!



wishfulthinking - November 20

I just wanted to comment on Ovulex...I've just strated taking it about three weeks ago. My cycles are 28 days..and rarely am I ever late. I'm due to ovulate on Saturday the 25th..I've gotten it down to a science or so I thought. This is the first time that I wil be ovulating using Ovulex. I use the clearblue fertility monitor. It will usually show my high a peak days this week, BUT I should high levels on the 17th,18 and 19th and today I was PEAKING!! a whole 4 days ealier than I'm suppose to...this is so weird, but at least I know that it has to due with me taking Ovulex, it does state that it lenghtens your luthal phase (hope I spelled that right), and so far it looks to be doing that. No real side effects. some abdomial cramping, but I think that due to the lining of my uterus thickening (due to the Ovulex). Other than that, there are really no side effects. I was wondering has anyone else expreince that using Ovulex and did you get a BFP that month?




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