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Ange - October 24

Hello Ladies,
Mh Is your mom ok? Is she in the hospital? I know how it feels to have a sick parent my mother was in the icu last christmas for 3 weeks. I hope we get to see the next cute as a button picture on your next ultrasound.

Lili, How are you both doing? Your still in my thoughts!

Cali, I used clomid during my 4 iui my left ovary was very over stimulated by it. I was rushed to the ER and had to have both the left ovary and tube removed. The tube was just repaired 1 year before to the day with laporoscopy. They said my ovary was the size of a tennis ball and blue. But that was just me it don't mean that would be your case. Since then I am afraid of it since I only have one left now.

Well a little about me.... I am feeling very gassy in the lower pelvic region(TMI maybe) but I am wondering if anyone has had this happen to them. I have a hard time sleeping and a bit of nausea at times. Besides that I have the normal bbs pain, hungry alot more. Maybe PMS! Probably! Anyways still looking for the unicorn root can't find it here anywhere.

Take care all Babydust to you


sammy71 - October 24

I did three cycles of Clomid and it turned me into a monster. Ex-DH said not only did he want to sleep with me but wanted to "divorce me". Of course that happened 5 years later. Now I've got me a very supportive DH and he is wonderful. God watches over us even when we aren't looking.

I also had over stimulation and cysts from the clomid. I did three cycles of pergonal shots and IUIs afterwards and didn't have the problems I had on Clomid. I recently read an article that there is a new drug that has replaced Clomid that is much better on side effects although I can't remember the name.



tara_d - October 24

Hello everyone. My name is Tara and I am new here to this group. I am 29 yrs old and have 4 children. I married into my first 2 and we have 2 year old b/g twins concieved by 2 rounds of IUI after 4 years of trying.

My delima now is my husband has been on and off wanting another one. Well now I am on the train to one more but depression is setting in.

I have Ouvlex left over from one of the other times we were going to try this again. Well here we are and now for the first time I am pumped up on trying once more. I would love one more and that is the key. Not that i would be ungrateful if it was more then one it would be difficult but I would be eternaly greatful.

I have PCOS and the chances of getting pregnant on my own are completly slim to none. If i go back to the fertility docotr then there will be more then one.

Am i being to picky? Am I asking for too much? Someone please help. Someone please give me a glimmer of hope that Ovulex will work or anyother suggestion. I am desperate!!!



ticklinivory - October 24

I too have PCOS. I was on medroxyprogesterone to get my period and now am on CD1. I'm excited to have af this month. I have a 3 day fsh test coming up and an HSG(where they inject dye to see if your tubes are open) and then another 21 day test. I'm just now starting my infertility workup but have been diagnosed with PCOS for 4 to 5 years. I am a little overweight but not that bad. Good luck to you. I know how worried you would be with more than one. I'm kind of worried about it due to the doctor maybe using clomid on me next cycle. I still would consider it a blessing if I had any but having 4 children already it would be a different story I'd think. We have to be picky sometimes because no one else will do that for us. I have been using ovulex but don't know if it's working since I had to be on meds to get af. I know I see a difference in my CM but that's about it. I'm still going to continue to take it.

Hey all,
I hit CD1! Yay! Time to schedule that HSG!


babybop - October 24

Hi ladies:

I miss you all. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am thinking of you and praying for you all, and for those who aren't religious, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Wouldn't it be a great thing to say at Thanksgiving Dinner: "I'm pregnant, now pass the gravy!" ?

To be truthful, I almost feel bad about posting sometimes (like I am bragging) because part of me wants to rejoice in my success but part of me is still sad and hopeful for all of you! I hope you all know that I truly do believe that you all had a part in my getting pregnant and I would be an emotional mess without you.

So, I will be peeking in and out from time to time, all the while keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, and hope that you'll do the same for me and my jelly bean.

Love you all,


RNORST - October 24

Hi girls how's every one? My temps are so werid this time, after I had some ewcm my temps were like 97.9, 98.1, 98.0, 97.9, 98.1, 97.9, 97.9 and final on day 24 my temps went up to 98.3. I hope I can count those days in the count down to af. I always have 15 days of temps above 98.2-98.9.

Denise, I'm so happy af came for you, I'm still waiting on mine. It should come around nov. 1st, unless things got mess up with the surgrey.

Tross, Good luck to you. You need to do what God leads you to. Follow your heart and trust in God and it will all work out.

Hopeful_in_Co, I took clomid for only one month and I had no side effects, Good luck.

Butterfly, If your obgyn don't work, maybe you should try a Re. I went to a obgyn and she didn't help me at all. Hopefully yours will. Good luck.

Hopeluck, Thanks again for the info. Where do you live at?

Lili, how's things going? Are you starting to show yet? Have you told your boss?

Sammy, Good luck with sugrey, I'm sure this will be a big step forward.

Ange, I'm hoping and praying that this is your month. Keep me posted on how things are going.

Tara_d , welcome to the group. If I don't get preg on my own in the next 2 months we are going to do IUI again with a new RE. We have been trying for 2 1/2 years. We also have a son that is 4 1/2. When you did your IUI, was you on clomid or injectables? Please let me know I'm getting so excitied to do this again.



tara_d - October 24


It took us 2 rounds with IUI. I was on injectiables. I didn't hadnle clomid very well. I didn't ovulate and i was a nut case. I am now strictkly on ovulex and keeping our fingers crossed. Good luck.



RNORST - October 24

Tara_d, Thank you so much for writing me back. How many days did you have to do injectables? The first time I did IUI I used clomid. I have heard that injectables are better, do you know? My new RE said I could do clomid again, but this time 100 mg, last time I did 50 mg. IUI with injectables was about 1500.00, with clomid about 800.00. I don't know which one I should do?

Lili when you drank your green tea, how many cups did you drink each day?



jay_nelle - October 24

Hello Ladies,

I finally found you I am not very good with this site and couldn't find the new message board.

I have not been feeling well the last couple days my OB started me off on 1500 MG of metformin and BC so we can start clomid in December. I am nervous about the clomid I wonder if it has a good success rate...how is it going to make me feel....because this metformin is making me not feel well. But I guess this is what you have to go though.

Has anyone lost weight on Metformin because I sure dont want to eat. Has anyone else gone through this?

Hope your all doing well.



ticklinivory - October 24

I go to schedule my HSG and they say all there openings are filled come to find out that they only set aside one day a week for HSGs and only 4 time slots for them also it might not be every week that they have them. I go through military doctors and they are pissing me off. I was told that I wouldn't have a problem getting in for a HSG this cycle and to call on CD1 so that's what I did. I'm in the military so it's time to fight it tomorrow. I have someone going over to the hospital with me tomorrow to try to get in or get referred out in town. I'm sick of my doctor not being in when I need to talk to her because they always have her up in labor and delivery or she's not in clinic. I just want help with all this stuff and I feel so blown off and I was so looking forward to finding out if something is blocked and maybe up my fertility for 2-3 months. It was a nice thing to think of. They told me I have to wait until next cycle. I don't think so! Anyway, thanks all for listening. After I got off the phone with them I called DH while balling my eyes out. To top it all off I haven't had a cycle for about 4 months and I'm so emotional. I hope all are doing better than I am right now!


lili246 - October 24

I was thinking of you today. So how are you doing, hope that everything is ok. Have you been to the doctor again.
Yes, I told my boss I thought I told you guys about it, maybe not, but yeah I think it's been two weeks ago that I told him. Well thank god that he didn't say anything he said that it was alright and we might look for a replacement for the time off that I am going to take when I have my baby. So it's all cool with him.
I can't wait in 1 week I go to the doctor and hopefully we can hear the heartbeat. And yes I am starting to show alittle bit.
When I took the green tea I would just take it with my meals instead of drinking soda I would drink the green tea, so it was two most of the times and sometimes 3 teas that I had during a day, only with my meals though. The truth I don't like green tea but gave it a try anyways. I had the arizona green tea (cold). Are you taking that?
Well Renee, take good care of yourself and God Bless you soon with a lil one!
My husband has a name if it's a boy (Angel Paul) I know it sounds better the other way but I want Angel as his first name and he just thought of Paul for his middle so we are set on that but if it's a girl I love the name Monica, so we better think about a name for a girl, just in case it's a girl. Hope that I can find out soon.

Hey it sounds like good news to me with those symptoms that you are having, hope that you get that BFP soon, along with the rest of our girls here on the forum. Hey at the begining of my pregnancy I get very hungry and some nauseas, so thats what you are feeling hope that it's your month. I'll be praying for you as well. So until when are you going to test.
God Bless you and lots of baby dust to all of you!



Ange - October 25

Hi Tara
I am glad you found your way here. I really understand how you feel about multiples. I want to try IVF soon and that is what is holding me back. I really am afraid to have more than one. I have an adopted DD and my husband has 2 DD that are here every weekend and we pay support for them too. So for my budget and my health it would be a blessing with one. I never had one of my own and that is all I am asking for and if I would get blessed with more I would be greatful still.

Denise, Congrats for hitting cycle day one. sorry you didn't an appointment .....keep faith!

Monique, You are welcome anytime. I hope you and baby are doing well.

Renee, I am sure your temps are ok my temps have been the same each morning for the last 3 days 98.8. I did two test both bfn. Now I feel like I am getting a UI. My CM has stopped so I think my chances are gone. but I have more herbs and I am trying to find unccorn root. Let me know how you are doing

Lili, Thanks for your prayers But I don't think it will be this month. I am ready to try again

Take care and babydust to all


wantababylots - October 25

Thank you all for the imput on clomid-- I think we are going to try ofr three months and see how it goes.. I still ahvent sarted a period. Today is day 61. I am thinking about going on birthcontol for a month to regulate it a little nit-- is this a good idea?? should i take ovulex while on birth control??

Jenelle-- When I started metformin I totally lost my appitiete too. It is normal. Most people do lose weight on it.
How many miligrams are you on a day??

Welcome tara..

Good luck to everyone



tara_d - October 25


I was on clomid first. That didn't work because apparently i wasn't ovulating. Then the dr put me on metphormin. That made me horribably sick. The dr them increased my clomid that gave me very bad side effects where it affected my driving. Then my ob sent me off to a RE. I was on injectiables for 2 months, 30 days at a time. I believe on folistim and then the HCG shots. I would do injectibles again in a heartbeat. I even asked my ob to put me on clomid and try it again months ago but she would not. I begged her to but she said no, it is didn't work the first time it would not work now.



tara_d - October 25


Hi. Sorry you are not feeling well. The Metphormin made me sick too. All i can suggest is make sure you eat. Take that on a full stomach and eat a little afterwards too. That's what i did. It helped a little.
I think i really depends on the person with the clomid. It didn't work for me but there are others that it worked for. I will be think of you.



jackie - October 25

Mahogany heart congrats!!!! Haven't been here in awhile. I've been too depressed. I've discovered that pg nausea is very difficult to treat and I get it bad when I'm pg. I had just worked up the courage to try for 3rd time. when I found this out. Does anyone have any remedies for bad nausea when pg. DH says he cannot care for two kids if I become helpless as I was the last two times. I've heard of b6 and Unisom and some people say it doesn't work. any advice. I've asked before but get such different answers.



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