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RNORST - November 16

leslieann, I'm glad you seen a re. What options did he give you? and when can you start them?
Good luck

sbooth96, welcome to our group. Instead of taking folic acid, you should take prenatal vitamin, it has folic acid in it plus other vitamins that will help you. You can also drink green tea.

Lili, How's your day going? I'm having some mild cramps on my left side. I think its from O!! Hopefully I will O tonight or tommorrow. I will do a opk tonight before I go to bed I will let you know in the morning. Give that handsome lil man a squeeze for me. Thank for sharing your family with me, it's so cool to have a 2nd family I have never even met. Hey thanks for saying I was young, Iam older then you. I'm 27.

God bless you all



lili246 - November 16

Come on sister you are very young 27 is nothing comparing to my 85 year old boss..lol
It is nice to have a second family. I amm feeling good today, trying to get busy this weekend and have a good one with my two men. We are thinking of going out to the mall and stay away from the stress. We want to be together and have a good weekend. It's about time I think. I am going to leave everything in God hands and lead us through the light again. Our lil angel is giving us hope and he is watching over us from Heaven sending lots of baby dust to all of us, and soon we will be bless again. Last week I had to go to my traffic school so hopefully this weekend will be better. Also my parents and I will be starting to organize everything for my sister's big 15 birthday party that we are going to make in december of next year. I know we still have a long way to go but in our cultural we celebrate and make a big party. So I have to go and find the reception place and make a deposit so that we can have that squared away. Well have a great night tonight and hope that youget that dark second line and O tonight or tomorrow. I will be thinking of you. Have fun bd and relax it will help you alot.

Love you lots.



jerseygirl - November 17

Hi Ladies,
When I did my COH/IUI cycles I took Serephone (clomid) from days cycle days 2-7, then the night of day 7 I started my injectables (Puregon). The serophene makes the eggs and the puregon makes them grow. I took the shots every day until the follicles were big enough....I had around 8 good sized follicles each cycle we did. Once the follicles reach the right size then I took the "trigger" shot to make me ovulate and an IUI was scheduled for 36 hours later. My hubby had an excellent sperm count...the nurse told me that the lab tech actually called the nurses into to lab to take a look. 128 million with over 93% active and ready to go. He was kinda imbarassed (sorry if I spelled it wrong) but he felt pretty good. The nurses said they have never seen anything like it, he laughed and asked if anyone woulf like an autograph...ha ha..
That is why I'm so discouraged about the whole thing...everything was right there all it had to do was "get together". I had a dye test done over 2 years ago to make sure my tubes were open, and they were. So we don't know what the problem is..I guess we just have to keep trying.
We've been together for 14 years and married just over 5 years...it's funny how we spent the first 8 years trying NOT to get pregnant and now we can't..
I know in my heart that we will have a baby of our own someday...I can see it, but when, I don't know..

Well gotta go,
Lots of Love,


Stacey85 - November 17

How is everyone? I have not posted for a few days as I have bn sooo busy with horses, Well I'm sitting waiting for Af again due anytime I started Ovulex and dh started Ambroze just after last Af my cycle usually approx 32 days I've had stomach cramps since about 6 days after O which has bn just over a week now thet dont feel like my usual cramps though and I usually only get them a day or two before af + had few bad headaches & alot of cm even now sorry to say always feeling very wet, I have also bn sk 3 times just out of the blue then feel fine again afterwards and keep waking up feeling really hungry usualy I'm not hungry untill an hour after I get up also my breasts are bigger need to go bra shopping!lol! I'm putting all these changes down to the Ovulex as although at would be great to be preg already i feel it would be v unlikely. Also I stummbled accross this article on green tea wanted to post it for extra info. http://parenting.aol.com/parenting/onlyonaol/preg



Stacey85 - November 17

Hi again!!
Just to say if you're going onto the green tea article I posted please copy and paste the link right up to the html at end it has not enabled the full address as link



Ange - November 17

Hello Ladies!

Welcome Sbooth96! Green tea, Evening primrose oil, Flaxseed oil are all good. I would take EPO till ovulation then stop and take Flaxseed till the end of your cycle. Good luck to you.

Thanks yes I do believe kids have a higher sense than we do. So I am very positive it will happen.

Did you O? Tell me the good news! I hope you are still BD just in case you miss it.

How are you? I checked out your link very interesting. One think is I stop drinking green tea after I O so maybe that is a good thing. I just use it for my CM

One thing of good news. My bbs are not hurting like they used to. I mean they are sore when I touch them but not the engorged feeling I was getting every month. I am sure it is because of the EPO!!! I also made an appointment with an RE at the IVF hopsital clinique. Dec 21,2006 ! We have to do all our testing again before that date. So I will busy I guess the next few weeks. I will doIVF after the holidays I can't wait.

Babydust to all!!!!!


lili246 - November 17

Lets keep the faith because I know that together we will get through this. Kids know more than us,: what they say and what they feel are something that will come to reality. So have faith of what your lil girl said and her dreams will come true, hope that very soon.

How are you today? Hows your temps. doing. Let us know what happens?
I am thinking of you sister.
Love you!

God bless us all with lots of baby dust!

Love you all hope that everyones is enjoying a wonderful friday, looking foward for the weekend.



SBOOTH96 - November 17

Hello again! Well thank you for your advice, I have been researching the green tea, and some websites say its good for you no matter what, pregnant or not, and some say you SHOULD NOT drink while pregnant or ttc.... What do you guys think? Who here drank green tea while trying or pregnant? What are your thoughts? I'm so glad this board is here because I have so many questions about ttc and theres so much information on the internet that all contradicts (hope i spelled that right ;) ) what the others are saying, i just dont know what to believe. Its nice to have people that know from experience what they're talking about! I'm kind of nervous, (in case you couldnt tell) Me and my husband have been talking about having a baby for so long, now were finally married and trying and so far, no luck.. i'm hoping that this ovulex will really work for us. i'm only on day 2 so i guess i have a ways to go! Any advice is greatly appreciated!! Lots of luck to everyone ttc!!!


lili246 - November 17

Have you though that you might be pregnant being very hungry than usual are number one pregnancy symptom for me. You should do a pregnancy test and see if you are pregnant. It kinda sounds for me that you are. Well hope that you are, best wishes and good luck.



lili246 - November 17

I did take green tea in the past and it did really help me on my cm. That day when I saw alot of ewcm I bd that day and it did seem to help because that's when I got pregnant, to bad I had a m/c but here I am trying again like all of you. I do think that green tead is good no matter what, ut's all natural and I don't see anything wrong with it. I will start trying it again while ttc.
Good luck!



SBOOTH96 - November 17


im sorry to hear of your loss and i wish you the best of luck with trying again! thank you for all your helpful info. its nice to have someone to talk to about it.. did you drink the tea all through your cycle?
thanks again,


Jade - November 17

Hi ladies!! Happy Friday!
I have been having some mild pains in my lower sides. It almost feels like the kind you get when you O. But, it has been going on for like 2 weeks now and seems to be getting worse. Has anyone ever had ovarian cysts? I haven't but I wonder if that it what the pain is??

Ange~Your baby is precious. That is sooo exciting about the IVF. My friend had IVF done in Sept and after her 1st one she was preggy..... I know it will happen to you too.

Lili~ Are you still drinking green tea?? What kind do you drink. I tried the Arizona Cold Tea with ginsing and honey and it tasted good. I also tried hot liptons tea. I cant seem to find decaf in that but the liptons makes me jittery. I have cut out all caffeine and so the little bit just sends me over the edge.

As for me, I am still waiting to O so i can get on with my cycle and try for next month. It is now cd 40. Longest cycle yet.


lili246 - November 17

Thank you, it's heard but hear I am trying to be strong.
yes, I would drink green tea all the way. I don't like green tea but I would drink it every time I was having lunch and dinner. I can't just drink it like that plan, I am not a big fan of green tea but it does help you for sure. I notice that when I got my ewcm, when I was having difficulty identifying my cm, green tea help me notice the ewcm. So yeah for sure try it I bet it will help you to.

Well that is the one I drink arizona cold tea with ginseng and honey it doesn't taste that bad, your right.
I don't like green teas, and this is the only one I've tried and I think I will stick with it.

So keep on trying and hope that we all get good news soon, it's about time I think. All I have been recieveing lately is bad news and I think that god should start sending us those good news soon.

God bless you all.

have a great weekend!

Love Lili


SBOOTH96 - November 17


i'm not a big fan of green tea (hot) either but if cold tea works the same i think i will start drinking the arizona green tea again.. i just didnt know it would help me fertility wise!! So are you a firm believer of Ovulex?? How many people do you actually know of that it helped??

Waiting as patiently as possible for that good news to come around!!


RNORST - November 17

Hey girls, I'm so excitied I got a ++++++++ opk. I'm on cd 17. I thought I was O alitte late, but right on time with my ticker. I want to go on a date with dh, so we can relax and enjoy each other, but I don't want to wait till tonight to bd, what if I miss it. I thought about bd after work at 5, but I wanted to take our time and relax and after work that wont work with a 4 year old. Do you think I will be ok waiting till tonight. My opk last night was - and it was + today at 1:00. I know before we though about doing iui with out drugs only opk and once we got a + we would go in that next morning. I think I will be ok waiting till tonight?

I got the other opk test and I tried one last night and it didn't even get a light line, but I only held my pee for about 1 1/2 hour, I 'm sure the sample was weak. There was also 5 preg, which I hope to use in about 16 days.

Jerseygirl, Thank you for all the info. What is your next step? My dh had a good sprem count too, maybe not a good as your dh. I know that my problem was the plcenta that I had in my uterus. We wasted 1000.00 with my old re and it would not have worked any ways. When I did clomid I didn't do any injectables with it only the trigger shot. Do you remeber how many mg your clomid was, mine was only 50 mg. My new re will do 100 mg with IUI, if I don't get preg by Jan. Good luck and keep me posted on what you guys are going to do next.

Stacey85, what cd are you on? I would test if I was you. Sounds like good signs.

Ange, got a ++++ opk today at 1:00, and I'm still bd and I will for a couple of days after my temps go up to be safe. How are you doing with your cycle? Have you ever done a IVF before? I have two guys I work with and both of them it worked the very first time.

Lili, hey I sent you a e-mail about women saftey, It was really good, please read it hope we will never need that info. I also sent you a few more pictures. Hey I got a +++ opk. I'm so exciteid seem like maybe a day late, but who cares at least I got a +. My ticker was right.
I will talk to you on monday. I love to get your e-mails, send me more pictures. Let me know if you cut your hair and then send me a picture.

love you all and God bless you



Ange - November 17


Congrats! postive OPK WOOT WOOT! Go on that date tonight with your hubby have a baby sitter come take care of your son and enjoy!
I am happy for you and yes according to your ticker you are right on time. Enjoy your weekend and BD your heart out LOL!
I haven't done IVF only IUI 4 of them sooo I am hopeful tooo!

Jade thanks she is precious she is alot bigger now of course being 4. But still mommies baby! I wish you a good weekend and lots of babydust yourway

Take care have a good weekend



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