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lili246 - November 15

Hope you can check your e-mail soon as see our lil family which is also your family.
Have faith and don't lose it I know that you will get bless and af won't come at all.
I will not go to the doctor anymore I am done with that doctor. Next time when I get pregnant I will go to this other doctor that my friend has referred me to. I just don't want to go back with that doctor I will have bad memories. She is a nice doctor but with all of these that had happen and if it happens again like last time I don't want to blame it on the doctor. I know that my next pregnancy will be a happy ending I am so sure about it and I have faith in God. So I will change doctor nect time I get pregnant.
Have a great night and enjoy BD. I will wait for a couple of weeks more before I start BD again. I just want my body to be in good condition and recuperate from what had happen. So poor DH he must be gettting frustrated..lol I know he understands though.
Take care and Luv ya to.


Ange - November 15

Hi wishfulthinking
glad you found your way. I have heard good things about preseed from 2ww web site. I am thinking of it since I don't have good cm.

let me know about those test you ordered I am thinking of ordering them two where I live it costs 27.99 for 7 tests. I hope you get your positive tonight. My appointment is on monday for my U/S. I am scared to hear bad news. We are thinking if nothing happens by February we are going to try IVF.

Welcome Riz! I have heard alot of good about ovulex and some BFP. I have been TTC for 14 years and I still am hopefull it will happen.

Lili, Glad to hear all is good for you to TTC again in 2 months.



lili246 - November 16

Thanks, hope that those days while I am going to wait are good for me to relax and take all the stress away. I will let things happen on it's own when god decieds when, hope that soon though.
I am so faithful that everything will be good news form now on, the past few weeks all I got were bad news and it's about time for me to get good news, don't you think?
Well I can't wait till I try to concieve again hope that it's not that long like last time, like most of the girls say that after a m/c there possibilities of most fertile and hope thats true.
I am so glad that you are still keeping the faith and you go girl because your turn will come soon keep the faith that it will happen, you'll see.

Have a great night talk to you all tomorrow.

~Love, Lili


jerseygirl - November 16

Good Morning Girls,
Hope everyone is well..
I did chart my temps every month for a year or more, and I do ovulate every month. I always know when because I get little pains...so I stopped charting (I always got a little discouraged when I would see my temps starting to drop)...as for the OPK kits I only used them one month (the month after our 1st COH/IUI cycle) we were going to do another IUI, but the nurse at the AART Clinic said we had just as good of an chance getting prego on our own and we should save our $$.
I went to a Fortune teller (a year ago Sept) and she told me that I had a problem with my Uterus or Ovaries (which I did at that time) and the problem would be dealt with within 6 months (which it was) and she also said that I would be pregnant with in a year (no such luck) I went back to see her in June of this year and she promised me I would be pregnant in a period of 5 (this meant 5 days, 5 weeks or 5 months) This is 5 months, and I don't think it worked...Oh well, I'm past the "pissed off" stage (pardon my langauge) and just try not to think about it all the time. We really want a family, but my husband says we already are a family even if we don't have kids...I love him sooo much. He is so supportive. He has never once complained about all of the sperm collections and travelling back and forth to the City for our treatments. Well gotta go.. I hope everyone has a great day and hope to see more success stories real soon.


Ange - November 16

Hello Ladies,

I put a little pix of my dd on the day we got her on my ttc ticker so she can bring me babydust! Last night I went to pick her up from daycare and found out three of my daughters friends are going to be having a new baby brother or sister. My daughter was telling me on the way home that she will be a good big sister to her baby brother. I reminded her that Mommy does not have a baby in her tummy but she seemed hopeful that I will so she will now be my babydust!

Love to all and Babydust!


lili246 - November 16

There you go, you will be blessed soon. you'll see, that was a good sign and your DD will bring you that baby dust that you need. I can't wait to hear the good news from you.

My baby boy is the same way with lil babies he loves them so much that he wants to hold then and touch them and all that. He is my hope and I know that he will give me that baby dust that I am wanting so much.
I just know that it will happen soon. I have to wait two normal cycles though and that seems for ever. can't wait hope that af comes soon and doesn't worst my cycle. Maybe I get a big gift from santa clause in christmas or around that time.

You are so beautiful wow I stayed with my mouth wide open seeing your picture you are a nice looking women and very young. actually you family is beautiful nice handsome lil baby boy and DH.
Congrats on your wonderful family you have.

Love you all and lots of baby dust our way.



RNORST - November 16

Lili, Thanks for the picture you have a beautiful family, I'm so happy to put a face with you. I was getting nerous about not O yet, but if you look at my ticker at the bottom it says tommorrow. I hope for a + opk tonight or tommorrow. I look back at my chart and my temp raise is almost always on cd 16 and temps were only 97.7. I need to relax and not worry, because if I do I will O late for sure.

Ange, I'm praying for you to get good test results. What is the test for. I have not got the opk yet. That stinks to have to pay that much. I about had a heart attack to pay 18.63 for 6. Yours is worse. I hope to get them today. My opk is not + yet. I will test again tonight and tommorrow. I'm praying for a + opk and a normal cycle. My cycles are never off, my temps usual raise by cd 16 and they are still 97.7 I hope for the best for tommorrow. My ticker at the bottom says O tommorrow. If we don't get preg by Jan. we are going to do IUI with clomid or injectales.
Good luck. Ange, my son seems to think that I also have a baby in my tummy, I told him that I don't and told him to pray to Jesus for baby and he said ok, but you will have a baby in your tummy soon. I sure hope he is right. At my re there is a payment credit card from I think visa and it for fertility, If paid off in 12 month the interest rate was like 1% and then 24 months 1 1/2% interest. This will help us pay for treatment.

Jersey girl, So when are you going to do iui again? If I dont get preg by jan we are going to do iui again. When you did the iui did you take clomid or injectables. They told me that the chances of a + iui was slim the first time, that the best sucuess was the 2 or 3 time. I'm at a new re which I love and trust, she has helped me so much already. She told me that we should try for only 2 months after my surgrey, that removed the plcenta. We could try longer on our own, but I'm getting excieited. I hope and pray and have trust in God that He will help us before we waste any more money.

You are all in my prayer
love ya Renee


positiveGirl - November 16


Welcome all the newbies!! :) I was on Ovulex for 2 1/2 months it did regulate my O. but couldn't get PREG.

Just recently I went for HSG test and found that botht he tubes were blocekd with Mucus. My Dr. feels that was the reason I couldn't get PREG as my cycles were regular, hormones and tyroid is all fine. All is fine with DH too. This month I did not take Ovulex but since a week I have been taking "False Unicorn root".

I also used Preseed sometimes it makes it lot easier.

I can understand that Christmas is the best time to tell the family that you are pregnant but by doing this you are putting lot pressure on yourself (I mean internally)
I too use to say in similar way that's when my DH said that "god knows the best don't put any conditions on him". This whole year for me has almost gone like AF-O-AF(each month nervous to find out if I would get AF.

I have also come to realization that stress just does not help in getting Preg. it also effects our O and AF. This month I have totally let myself loose and come to an understanding that I have got to become calm and relaxed in order for everything to work inside.

Sorry, not able to write regularly due to work pressure. How are you all girls doing?

You all take care... our time is just around the corner.. :)


jerseygirl - November 16

Hi Renee,
I did 5 days on Serophene (clomid) and 7 days on injectables...3 different times. It's very expensive where I live the drugs alone are almost $2000.00 plus the $1000.00 at the clinic...we've spent alot of $$ and still have nothing. We thought about IVF but the cost is outrageous...our health care nor insurance will pay for any infertility treatments....if we knew for sure that we would have a baby (when the cycle was done) we would do it in a heartbeat...but as you know, there are no guarantees. Maybe sometime after the new year we may decide to try another COH Cycle, but I really hope we won't have to.



Ange - November 16

Lili & Renee,
Thanks so much for the kind words! I feel my time is going to run out soon so I have been getting nervous. It is because of the U/S. I feel something on my right ovary probably a cyst. Last time I have problems with my ovaries I lost my left one. So tomorrow is my blood test again they will also do a pregnancy test I doubt I am but it is the cd to check. We didn't try this month so I am not getting my hopes up at all. Monday I go for the U/S and that they are checking everything pelvic and abdominal.

I am praying for you to have a postive opk in the next 24 hours. I order the hpt and opk tests from the same place you did. I couldn't wait! LOL!

Hello positivegirl
I am glad you are doing good. Enjoy your holidays and try not to stress. I used to get stressed during the holidays but now I just try to enjoy them. So bd and have fun it it will happen. Babydust to you!


RNORST - November 16

Postivegirl, I'm trying so hard to relax. It will help us out a lot. What cd are you on? Good luck this month.

Jerseygirl, did you do your clomid and injectables the same month or different months. When I did mine I did 5 days of clomid and then the shot to release the egg. How many eggs did you make? I only made one. Lets pray for each other that we don't have to waste any money. In Nebraska the iui with clomid and trigger shot is 850.00 and then with injectables and trigger shot with iui is like 1500.00. It adds up fast. Good luck. What cd are you on?



RNORST - November 16

Ange, I will keep you in my prayers. Keep me posted on what you fine out. Try not to stress, because it doesn't help any. Good luck and may God bless you.



LeslieAnn - November 16

Hey everyone,

How is everybody doing? Sorry it's been a few days, my internet hasn't been working. :o( How is everything going?

I went to the RE yesterday. So far I've just been going to my family dr. so this was kind of uplifting. He basically just talked to me about different options at this point but it still made me feel a little better. ANOTHER one of my DH's cousins is pregnant now. That's like 5 of them. And my sister is, too, but that I can get easily excited about. I am not looking forward to Christmas with DH's family this year, because pretty much every other girl my age is pregnant now except me.

Well, I have to get back to work but hopefully everyone is doing well.

Baby dust!



SBOOTH96 - November 16

Hello, I am new to this board but I just started taking Ovulex today! been married to my highschool sweetie since 9-06 and we are trying to conceive... kinda nervous about the medicine though. I have started taking 400mcg of folic acid ever day and i also am taking vitamin c. anything else i can do to boost our chances???


lili246 - November 16

My sister you are back and I am happy to hear from you. I know how you are feeling about everyone else being pregnant except you. You know I am going into that at the moment when I see pregnant wome and then I remeber myself about my m/c and notice that I am no longer pregnant and it hurts so much because God knows how bad I wanted another baby. But I have faith that I will get blessed soon.
Don't worry and your turn will come next. Have faith and it will happen. Hope that this month is your month and you give them the good news that you are pregnant. I am keeping you in my prayers. Best wishes and God bless you soon. Keep the faith!

I hope that you get a positive line today and get bless. Keep bd till after O and I think you will be in the safe side. Just try to relax and take that stress out. Having stress doesn't like you alot and it's not good for you. So you better relax and enjoy bd and take it easy. I will praying for you that this is your month. Have faith. god has something good reserve for us.
Let us know how it goes tomorrow.
God bless you soon! Best wishes!

Take good care of yourself and let us know how it goes at the doctors. I hope that everything is ok with you and no major problem. Keep the faith it will happen soon. Your lil girl has given you some baby dust and your turn may come very soon.
god bless you!

Love you all



RNORST - November 16

leslieann, I'm glad you seen a re. What options did he give you? and when can you start them?
Good luck

sbooth96, welcome to our group. Instead of taking folic acid, you should take prenatal vitamin, it has folic acid in it plus other vitamins that will help you. You can also drink green tea.

Lili, How's your day going? I'm having some mild cramps on my left side. I think its from O!! Hopefully I will O tonight or tommorrow. I will do a opk tonight before I go to bed I will let you know in the morning. Give that handsome lil man a squeeze for me. Thank for sharing your family with me, it's so cool to have a 2nd family I have never even met. Hey thanks for saying I was young, Iam older then you. I'm 27.

God bless you all




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