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lili246 - November 9

I am not to sure about it. I will go on my lunch time and go buy him a gift and a small cake. Then I think I will wait for saturday and take him out for dinner then. After I come back from my traffic school class. So think I will do that because today I just think that it's not a good idea I just don't like the idea of working tomorrow and I don't want to be in a rush and go back home fast. I want to do things with calm and I think that is good idea of waiting till saturday and taking him out for lunch by then. What do you think or should I take him today, that is his real b-day?
Give me some opinions?

Love, you



RNORST - November 9

Lili, I think you should do what ever you think will give you guys more time together. I bet your son is looking forward to helping his daddy blow out the candles. I'm going christmas shopping tommorow, so I will talk to you on monday.




lili246 - November 9

Thanks, Have a great time shopping. I love shopping. So you are not working tomorrow?

Well I have decided. I bought my DH a gift and a small cake, and I will order maybe a pizza or something and eat at home, then on saturday I will take him out to dinner along with my baby boy.
I think that is the best.

Have fun and take care.

Love, Lili


RNORST - November 9

Lili, No, I'm not working tomorrow. It will be nice to have the day off. The only bad thing is I hate to have the day off and not spend it with my son. I can't take him because I'm getting some things from santa and I will be shopping all day and it would be to long for him. I went christmas shopping last year with my mom on veterns day and we hope to do it every year. She gets the day off from where she works, I don't I had to take a vacation day. Oh, well we will have fun. I also love to shop. I start christmas shopping the day after christmas, so I'm 3/4 the way done, I hope to finish tomorrow. I hate to have the stress on gift buying, so I do it earlier and these next months I don't need any extra stress, I need to work on another baby.
Have a good weekend and tell your dh happy birthday.

Your still in my prayers. Love ya



Jade - November 9

Okay Ladies. I offically scheduled an appointment with a new RE. Bad news is that it is not until January. Hopefully I will get AF before then but with this long cycle who knows?

Lili~ Men's birthdays are so hard. I always have a hard time planning my husbands. I am sure he will be happy with whatever you choose.

Ange~ That is promising news that your cycle was right on time.


lili246 - November 9

I will tell my DH h-bday for you, thanks.

I have faith that you will get the best christmas ever, a new baby. I am going to pray extra hard for you to get that present. I am also going to pray to god so that can be my gift for christmas. I don't care if I don't get anything else, except that lil bless from god, a baby. I will pray extra hard for all of us in this board trying to concieve so that we can all get that great blessed gift from god. He knows how much we are wanting one of those gift and he will give it to us I know.

Have a great time and I know how you feel when you are not around with your lil boy. I will miss my lil family on saturday that ugly day that I have to spend my time in traffic school, so I hope that day goes by fast so that I can spend and have a good night with my two men, my DH and my baby boy.

God bless you family!

Love, Lili


Jade - November 9

Renee~ I know I should probably know this already but what did your second RE diagnose you with? I scheduled another appointment with a new RE. I am excited about it, but I have to wait til Jan.


lili246 - November 9

I know what you mean. the good thing about my DH is that he loves sports and that makes it easy because I can buy him anything of his favorite team and he'll like it no matter what. But the bad thing is what to do to make it special. I had an idea so I will stick with it and see how it turns out to be. Hope that he has a good birthday. I know that he is super busy today at work and he might even come alittle late, we work together so I know that he was packed with work to do. Thats why I decide not to take him out to dinner because he is going to be tired so we are staying home and enjoy the night with our baby boy.

So what's going on with your cycle?

Take care.



positiveGirl - November 10


RNORST - good you too are cancerain. :) Yes, I am taking OPK. This month was 31 day cycle so probably I'll ovulate late this month. Let's see how it goes.

Ange - Good to know that you got +ve. your cycle is getting streamlined.
Welcome stacy, This forum is very good and helpful. I am sure it will lift your sprits. :)

Lili - you have fun girl!! :)

Baby dust to all :)



lili246 - November 10

Positive Girl,
Thanks, I'll try to make my DH happy and make myself happy as well. I am feeling better and know that we are in good hands.

love you girls,



Jade - November 10

Lili~ I have no idea what is going on with my cycle. I am on CD30 but still have not O'd. So I guess I am not going to this month. I wonder if I will ever get AF. Did your dr say how long it will take for you to get AF????


lili246 - November 10

Everything turn out just fine yesturday. I ordered pizza and once we got home from work the pizza delivery man was there so that turn out just fine. We had pizza, then some cake. My son was escited about the cake that he was eating cake before we sang to his daddy and he loved the lil elmo cake we bought him..lol
We had a good night then my son gave his dad his present and his card I mad him. Everything turn out just fine and hope we can out out this saturday for dinner the three of us. I am bless with my two men.

So after your m/c you haven't had af yet?
The nurse told me that af should come within 6 weeks I think. I will talk to my doctor about it, this tuesday is when I have mu appointment with her. I also will talk to her about when will be a good time to start trying again. I'll let you know. I also found that when I was doing some research that it take around 4 to 6 weeks for af to come after m/c. I know how frustrated you are getting. Hope that af comes soon for you and then start trying again.

Have a great weekend..

Love, Lili


positiveGirl - November 10

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you girls know that yesterday I got False Unicorn root. I had ordered it online. I started taking it with either Juice or water it does not taste bad at all. Actually I couldn't even tell the diff. when I mixed it up with juice.

I am on CD 13 and no +ve OPK. I think this month O might get delayed as last month I had 31 day cycle due to Ovulex.

You girls take care and have fun... :)



LeslieAnn - November 10

Hi everyone! How is everyone doing?

positivegirl~ I'm sorry if you already posted this but what does the false unicorn root do?

Lili~ It sounds like your DH had a good birthday. Hopefully you had a good day with your family, too. How are things going for you?

I did decide to test (just to be safe) before starting another round of Clomid, and it was a bfn. That's okay, I figured it would be, and I feel better to know for sure since I'm on Clomid.

Renee~ I haven't beent taking my temps lately, I really need to get into the habit again. Have you started doing your opk's yet? How are things going?

Ange~ Congratulations on your +. It is always huge for me when I get a + opk because I know that at least I'm ovulating. Good luck this month!

Stacey~ Welcome! I'm sorry to hear that you've had some struggles ttc, but I'm happy that you have joined our group. My DH and I have been ttc for almost a year and a half now. I just recently started seeing an RE for infertility. I know how frustrating it can be when you want to get pregnant and it just isn't happening.

Everybody else, have a great Friday, I'm going to get back to work!



lili246 - November 10

I am sorry about the bfn. I hope that you have better luck next month. I know that it will happen to you soon, have faith.
That was a good idea to test before trying something else just in case. Good girl.
I am feeling better thank you and yes we had a good day yesturday for my dh b-day, it wasn't bad I decied to stay at home and had some pizza.

Well girl hope that ever everything is going ok with you take care and talk to you on monday.

Take care sister,

Love, Lili


Rachy - November 11

I'd also be interested on more info on false unicorn root if anyone has any?

Lili - how are you? i do hope you are feeling ok. xxxxx



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