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lili246 - November 9

I am sorry about that as well. I know how bad it feels going throught hat, it hurts so much and hope that you concieve soon. I am going to wait for two months and then try again, because I know that I watke a long time to concieve and hope that I don't take long this time. I will try to relax more and take it easy and let god bless when when he thinks it's time. I will not take ovulex for right now. I will try on my own without taking any pills, only prenatal vitamins, take my temps every morning and drink green tea. Thats all
I hope that you get bless soon. I am with you girl, take care.

have faith your turn will come soon and just have the faith. I hope that af comes soon so you can start a new cycle and hopefully get pregnant soon.

Love you all girls..


I am keeping my sefl strong because my son and family needs me and I know that my lil angel is in good hands. He will take care of us from heaven.


positiveGirl - November 9


Yes, I too am relieved that instead of "Unexplained" now I can hope things get better from here.

Lili - You have a good time with your family. Yes, your son and DH needs you. It's all going to be fine. God takes care of all of us. :)

Rachy - Yes, we can surely keep track. My order is yet to come. I'll let you know

RNORST - My Dr. has yet to get the results and pictures. This is the DR. fwho performed my HSG test told me. He said that "Usually all women have mucus in the tubes which help the sperma and egg to travel smoothly. but if it gets too thichk or dense then it start to block. In my case there was too much mucus" that's what he says. He has cleared the tubes now.

Ange - Yes, hopefully this was the only obstacle. am keeping my fingers crossed.

Renee - I am very happy for your and your son. We just need to be positive and never to give up.

I am on CD 11. Am also taking Green tea supplements.
Sometimes I do feel sad and down but then I get up and say" I am fighter and will never give up. I will not allow this issue to control me. " Since my Zodiac is Cancer I think of it as "Crab has 8 legs and fights till the very end till he has his 8th leg" :) I am just trying to cheer you all up :)



Ange - November 9

I had a chemical pregnacy last cycle conceived on my dh birthday. I feel bitter sweet about it cause I have waited so long. I know now I am on the right path and we will be seeing a bfp soon and have a healthy pregnancy.

Sorry to here about your cycle length I hope the BC fixes it. Sending wishes of AF your way!!! then lots of babydust!

Jade are you pcos? I found this,,,,

Q: I have PCOS. Can I still use OPKs?

A: It depends on whether one of your PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) symptoms is elevated LH. You can get some false positives or misleading results. A PCOS patient may have more success tracking ovulation via ultrasound. The only way to know if it is reliable for you is to try it.
Check it out!MAybe!

Postive girl your getting close to O I wish you lot of babydust your way. You always make me giggle!
Take care


LeslieAnn - November 9

Lili~ I know that you can get pregnant on your own. You should not blame yourself for your m/c, but if you feel more comfortable not taking Ovulex, then don't. I think that while I was on Ovulex it helped regulate my cycle, but it's not a miracle drug. I'd say if you got pregnant before you can definitely do it on your own.

Have a fun night with your DH and son! That sounds like a great idea, I'm sure it will make his birthday great.

Renee~ I go to the RE next Wed. I am doing Clomid my 3rd cycle this month. I've read that the best time to do opk's is 11-2, but I usually do mine after I get home from work around 5:30 and they work fine for me then. www.peeonastick.com has a lot of info about opk's and hpt's if you're interested.

Ange~ Sometimes when I'm taking opk's my lines will get lighter and I feel like I'm never going to get a positive, and then all of a sudden there's an obvious positive. Just keep testing, you may get a + soon.

positivegirl~ That sounds like somewhat good news. If they cleared your tubes, hopefully it was an easy fix and you will get pregnant soon. Good luck!

AF already pretty much left yesterday, so she was only here 3 days. I am pretty sure it was really AF, but I am kind of nervous to start Clomid, because in the back of my mind I'm thinking, what if it was implantation bleeding and I start taking this medication? Should I test just to be safe? I might, it will save me from obsessing.

Well, I am off to watch TV with DH. Good luck to everyone and have a great night.



Stacey85 - November 9

Hi guys,
`I'm new to this forum I wonder if any1 could tell me the sucess rate of Ovulex & Amberoz, my partner and I started taking these along with Multivitamins & Minerals a week and a half ago we have no diadnosed fertility problems ( I can't see my partner having any problems he has a rising 9 year old daughter from previous relashionship and doc won't check me as I'm 21) We live in Scotland and decided a year past in September to try for a baby to be honest I was very wise and didn't realise about timing etc I just figured if we had unprotected sex whenever the mood took us it would happen I only realised a month ago there was more to it than that! The problem is I'm now terrified I am unable to get pregnant, my partner is great and does try but he doesn't understand he just thinks it'll be fine but after descovering this forum and seeing what a great support network you guys have I wanted to join. I feel honoured to join sush a fantistic caring group of ladies. xxx


Jade - November 9

Ange~ I haven't been diagnosed with anything. I read that in a book about the false positive sticks. Last time at my Re she didnt think I needed an ultrasound. She said to give it a few more months. I think it is time for a new doctor!!!!

Lili~ Staying relaxed is a good idea. I know it will happen for you soon. I have heard after a mc you are more fertile. I hope that is true!!!!

Have a great day, Ladies!!


ticklinivory - November 9

Oh! Thanks! Yesterday was 97.3 and today 97.4. Usually before I'm 97.6. Maybe I ovulate today then. I did bd last night. If it goes up in the 98s the next couple days it will be a promising month for me.

Well, maybe I didn't. Renee told me that temps go low right before O, so I guess I will be looking for the 98s within a couple of days. I did bd last night. I am so ready for this trying time to be over. I'm so ready for the prenatal time. I have a vacation coming up in Jan so maybe that will be optimal time for me if it doesn't happen this cycle or next.



Ange - November 9

I got my positive last night, I am very happy I didn't think it would happen this month. We are not trying this month but at least I know. Do a test to be sure!

Denise yes Renee is right your temps will be low right before you O'd. They raise right after you ovulated. I would treat the next 2 days as well as ovualtion days and bd somemore.

Jade I think your right about the new doctor thing if your doctor won't listen to you and explore your infertility it is time to find someone who will. My opk was positive last night but we decided not to try this month it was very hard to do that. I have an U/S on the 20th I will take it from there.

Welcome stacey,
What cd are you on? Are you BBT or opk or both? Sometimes getting pregnant takes a bit of work for some of us. It is a great journey to share it on this forum you will see that soon. So welcome and we are all here to help each other.


Stacey85 - November 9

Hi Ange,
My cycles usually are 30/32 days I will c if this changes with the Ovulex, I,m currently on day 21 of my cycle and am using opk My most fertile days were from friday till last nite so tried every other nite be great if this was this for me but to be honest I dont think it will be, I think to start with you convince yourself this is it and start cing things that are not there but end up fellin dissapointed and then go to the other end of total doubt, I'm just going to try stay relaxed and fingers crossed xxxxx


ticklinivory - November 9

I planned on doing that anyway! :) It would be nice to have a BFP this month but I don't count on it. So if it happens I will be really surprised. I go in on Monday for my day 21 testing. I will find out the results probably on Tuesday. I will let you know what I find out.


Ange - November 9

I know it is hard and frustrating at times exspecially during the 2WW. I wish you lot of babydust! After 14 years I get excited to see a positive opk so don't lose faith your time will come to conquer this infertility.

Denise good to know about the BD LOL! We are around the same time this month. I will see what happens tonight maybe we will bd afterall it is so hard not to try. LOL



RNORST - November 9

Ange, congrats on the + opk. I sure hope I can get a + test this time, I think I O every month, I just have a hard time with the opk. The last 2 utlrasound I have had, my new re seen the egg. When I had my m/c I was 6 weeks along and they told me to wait 2 months and I did, I got preg the first month that I was able to bd again. It's so hard to skip a month, I had to skip last month, but it was nice to still chart my temps to see what they are when I'm not preg. So keep charting your temps. Thats good news that your cycles are back to normal, I was so excited after my surgrey that my cycle was back to normal also.

Wantsababylots, When I was having problems with my thyriod they put me on some med to get my period started I took them for like a week and then a couple days later my period started, you should maybe ask them about that.

Jade, I'm sorry about the m/c. They say that most women that have m/c conceive in at lease 4 months or so, so good luck and keep trying. I think your re should do a utlrasound, thats how my 2nd re found my problem, look around for re utill you find the perfect one.

Postive girl, they say that after a hsg you are more likly to conceive on the 3 months after a hsg. Hey I'm also cancer and thats a good way to look at it. This month is yours girl. Are you taking your temps are doing the opk?

Leslieann, Thank you every much for the info, I will try it again this month. How may days do you take clomid and what day do you start taking it? Are you still taking your temps? You should be able to tell if it was af by your temps, but it never hurts to be safe.

Stacy85, welcome to our group, if you have any ques. please feel free to ask. Good luck.

Denise, good luck, let me know what those temps are tommorow. Let's hope they are higher! lets me know what you find out on monday.

Good luck and baby dust and a lot of prayers for everyone. God is good.




lili246 - November 9

I am keeping positive as you mention on your name. I have faith that I will concieve soom. I know that my DH and son needs me as much as I need them, thats the reason that I am being strong. It's hard but I am doing all my best. I know that everything is going to be just fine.

I am sorry about your loss as well. I know how much it hurts when you have all the plans for your lil one and when you get the good news that you are pregnant. Then the depressing news that you have loss your baby. It's something that I wish would never happen again to me or to anybody else. I know that we are in the correct path and together we will get there, and have a heathy pregnancy and healthy baby soon. I know that god has good plans for us and I am always keeping the faith.

My sister, I know that I can make it on my own. I don't want to take any medication at the moment because I am blaming everything for my loss. I think that I can get pregnant on my own and if it takes time thats fine as long as I get a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.
I suggest you test before taking any medication. How long do you usually get af for? it sounds that you might had implantation bleeding and if it's that I am happy for you. You should test before trying anything else, just in case. I will be praying for you that you get the bfp.
best wishes!

You know how I am feeling. But I am feeling better today. I am getting the idea that my lil nagel is not inside me and that I should move on and try again as soon as the doctor tells me I am ok to try again. My lil angel will take good care of us and he is in good hands with god. I will relax and let things happen on it's own with no rush and let god bless me when he thinks that it's the best time and that I am going to get a healthy pregnancy with a healthy baby. I have faith that it will happen soon. I really hope that you are right, I've heard that also with other ladies that have said the same thing about being more fertile after a m/c, so I hope that is right and then we should not take long trying to concieve again I hope.

Your day is coming closer sister. I wish you the best and good luck. Don't stress to much and let things happen on it's own. God has somthing good plan for you. I hope you get great news this month.

I wish you all the best and thank you very much for your support. Without you I would still be inside that dark room, but thank god that I am seeing the light again. I know that everything happens for a reason and God has good things plan for all of us, I just kknow it he told me when I was so depressed and went to church to pray for my lil angel, he told me that he was going to bless me again soon and all of you to. Just keep the faith.
I love you all, best wishes!



RNORST - November 9

Lili, thanks for the words of encourgment. What are you planing on doing for dh b-day?



RNORST - November 9

Leslieann, Thank you so much for pointing me to that website. I was getting + opk alot and I thought that the whole line should be dark, mine are always just one side is darker than the control line and that's a +. Thanks.



lili246 - November 9

I am not to sure about it. I will go on my lunch time and go buy him a gift and a small cake. Then I think I will wait for saturday and take him out for dinner then. After I come back from my traffic school class. So think I will do that because today I just think that it's not a good idea I just don't like the idea of working tomorrow and I don't want to be in a rush and go back home fast. I want to do things with calm and I think that is good idea of waiting till saturday and taking him out for lunch by then. What do you think or should I take him today, that is his real b-day?
Give me some opinions?

Love, you




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