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ticklinivory - November 8

I will try not to think about it and just relax.

Yep, this is it. My temp was low this morning which means I o'd. So it's just waiting now. I think I might bd tonight yet and then start my 2WW. Some people just don't show up until 5 weeks even though you start producing HCG.


RNORST - November 8

Ange, do they have any idea what is causing you the pain? Keep me posted.

Denise, Good luck this month. Was your temps low this morning? If so that probably means you have not O. The day before O your temps will drop low and then after O your temps will raise.

Leslieann, When do you go back to the RE? Are they going to do something new? Are you still taking clomid? Good luck this month.

Lili, I just read a article last night about, drinking, smoking, drugs, and so on during the 2ww and the artilcle said you souldn't worry, the baby don't implant untill about 5 days before af. Ovulex is a lot less harmful than drinking, smoking and drugs. Don't blame yourself, no matter what you did it was God's choice.

I'm on cycle day 8, I have about 7-8 days to wait. I'm starting to get excitied, but I don't want to stress about it. I need to relax. I will start to do opk on the 12th, I have a hard time with them. Does any one know the best time to do them?




Ange - November 8

Denise Glad to hear you O'd. Did you BD last night? I would still bd tonight too. Try yoga through the 2ww so you are relaxed.

Leslie. I really get upset not to get a postive. I have bbs now. So I think I missed it or it didn't happen I will test once more tonight.

Rachy don't worry about the BFN still you are early wait two more days.

Renee, No clue doctor didn't say much


Ange - November 8


I really don't like doing the OPK. I test at 5:00 when I get home from work. It says to not pee for 4 hours and not to drink anything in the last two. I think I might have messed mine up last night I drank an hour before the test and couldn't wait the 4 hours. I tested at 3 1/2!


positiveGirl - November 8

Hello all,

Welcome to the newbies... Got very busy at work so couldn't write.

Lili - It's was nice to read your postings. You are a strong lady... It's natural to feel sad but as you said god knows the best. I'll pray for you.

I have not been able to read ll the postings. I read that someof you have second thioughts for Ouvlex. I too am in the same boat. From this month I'll have False unicorn root and Fertility Blend. I ordered them online. I know that someof you here are trying False unicorn root please let me know how are you all feeling.coz mine is yet to come.

I also got my HSG test done yesterday which I was dreading all the time. It went off very well. almost no pain or cramping. the Dr. said that my tubes were blocked with too mucus not allowing the sperm to pass thru. Now the tubes are cleared so hopefully it should all workout.

As someone said that Ovulex works for irregular periods that could be true coz I have very regular periods. But my dr. felt that I didn't Ovulate so Ovulex did make me ovulate but nothing further. I use to stop taking Ovulex after Ovulation.

Sorry my post is too long :)



Rachy - November 8

Hey positiveGirl,

I am currently taking fertility blend and also have false unicorn root although i am yet to try it properly - I'm planning on taking it religiously for the next cycle if I don't get a BFP so we can track each other and report our findings back if its helpful xxx


lili246 - November 8

Rachy and Renee,
I know that maybe I am going to far I just want to find an explanation of what happen to my baby. I know that I am blaming everything. I tried to take good care of my self after I know that I was pregnant and not drink any alcohol, no caffeine, or anything else that may be harmful for the baby. But I guess that the more you take care of yourself the more bad things happens. I just need to go back to my doctor and see what she has to say. I am afraid to go back to the doctor since it's the place where I recieved the bad news, I am just afraid to go back there and if God bless me with another pregnancy I will look for another doctor because I just couldn't go to the same doctor, she is a nice lady but I don't know it will remind me of my baby everytime I go there so I guess I will find another one once I get blessed again.
For now after my two months of waiting I will relax and try it natural without any medicine I will just do the temps, and green tea because I notice that green tea helped me alot on the cervical fluid. So I will only do those two things and see what happens. I fell confident that I can do it with only these things. I know that I can get pregnant by myself without taking any medicine.
I just have faith.
Tomorrow it's my DH's birthday and I don't know what to do I am feeling better but don't have the time to go and buy him a present. I guess I will take him out to dinner on friday but that doesn't convince me that much I am not in the mood to go for dinner, besides I have to go to that traffic school this saturday because of my ticket I got last september. So it will be a bad weekend for me. Any suggestions on what to do for my Dh birthday?

God bless and lots of baby dust to all!



RNORST - November 8

Ange, I can't wait 4 hour either. I will try it again this month. Can you try this month? Do you have that pain when you bd? God bless you and Good luck.

Postive girl, hey that's good news that your tubes are all clear now. Do they know what caused the mucus to block them. What cd are you on? You may have good luck this month, your in my prayers.

Lili, don't think that you will have a bad weekend or you will. Maybe you can take you dh on a date to eat and to the movies, maybe you can get a babysitter. Keep postive everything will work out just as God has planned.

Hey, I wanted to tell you girls, something else God has done for me. My son Will has had glass ever since he was 15 months old. He goes back to the eye doc every year, the first year his glass had the same pres, and then the next year his glasses got stronger, and then this last time his pres was the same. He was not suppost to go back until may, but I notice that his eye was drifting out to the side. I prayed and prayed that his eye sight was not getting worse. I took him in to the doc and Will eye sight is even better and his glasses now are a lot less. Praise God.




lili246 - November 8

She God is watching over your family and taking care of you all. have faith your son will be much better and I will be praying for him. God bless you family my sister.

I don't know what to do maybe I will take him out to dinner and the three of us, my son, DH and myself. I can't go out without my baby boy. I notice that I can't live without him and I want to be with my family all the time and enjoy things together. So maybe thats what I will do go the three os us for dinner. I need to be busy at other things so that I can feel better and forget all of these bad things that I have been going through.

God bless your family..



Jade - November 8

Hi Everyone.

Ange. I am having a hard time with my OPK this month. I keep getting positive readings but my temps arent going up. It is so frustrating. I just want my cycle to get back to normal so I can start trying again after m/c. Is your cycle normal yet?


lili246 - November 8

When did you get a m/c? have you been having problems getting pregnant again?
have faith my friend you will be blessed soon.



Ange - November 9

Hello all,

Great news I got home and made it the 4 hours wow that was hard (Renee) I did my opk and two dark lines my cycle is normal this month I thought for sure it wouldn't be.
Renee I am not supposed to try this month but didn't you say you did after your m/c and you got pregnant?
It is hard not too. My husband is gone out tonight to a concert and won't be home till late so If I do it might be too late. I have no pain when we BD or fever. Glad to hear your sons eyes are getting better.

Jade how many positives did you get so far?

Lili enjoy your dinner your dh and ds. Life is short enjoy it as much as you can.

Positive girl, Congrats on the clear hsg. Maybe that was your problem and now you wil be able. What cd are you on. Good luck this month


lili246 - November 9

Why can't you try this month to get pregnant. Have you been through a m/c before?

Hope everything goes well girl.

Love, Lili


wantababylots - November 9

Today is day 75 of my cycle-- I am going crazy!! I am retaning water and feel bloated all the time. I am on birth control this month because nothing would start my period.. my doctor gave me a few different things and nothing.
I will start clomid as soon as I start. I am starting ovulex again too jsut while I am on bc.

My sister in law had her baby on sunday... what a cute baby it is. Its sad a little but i try to keep the best attitude i can.

welcome to all the newbies--

Lili- I wanted to tell you that you are so strong.... I admire the strenth and faith you have.



Jade - November 9

Ange, I got a postive 3 weekends in a row and my temps didnt really go up. I am kind of confused if I ovulated or not. Last month my temps were 97.6 before O and then 98.3 + after O. This month it has been a roller coaster. Today was 98.1 but yesterdy 97.9. It is a mess. That is great news that you got a postive line. I looked on many websites and talked to several people that said after a chemical you could try after a few weeks (after bleeding stopped) So I just think that I would not try but not prevent either and if it is meant to be it will happen!!!

Lili- I had early m/c on Oct. 10th. It was a chem. pregnancy. I had been trying for 8 months before that so I was so excited when I got BFP but then 1 week later had heavy bleeding. Dr told me 1 cycle should be good because they can calculate due date better. But my cycle is way off this month. I am on CD 29 and still no O. Dr said cycle should be around normal. So I am getting frustrated with it. I just want to get back on track so I can TTC again. You are being very strong and I am praying for you. Be strong for your son. He needs you!!!! ((((HUGS))))


lili246 - November 9

I am sorry about that as well. I know how bad it feels going throught hat, it hurts so much and hope that you concieve soon. I am going to wait for two months and then try again, because I know that I watke a long time to concieve and hope that I don't take long this time. I will try to relax more and take it easy and let god bless when when he thinks it's time. I will not take ovulex for right now. I will try on my own without taking any pills, only prenatal vitamins, take my temps every morning and drink green tea. Thats all
I hope that you get bless soon. I am with you girl, take care.

have faith your turn will come soon and just have the faith. I hope that af comes soon so you can start a new cycle and hopefully get pregnant soon.

Love you all girls..


I am keeping my sefl strong because my son and family needs me and I know that my lil angel is in good hands. He will take care of us from heaven.



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