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chrissy - November 7

Hello everyone I found you guys. I am just letting everyone know I am here. I have been on ovulex for 2 months and still nothing. I will never ever give up though. Keep in touch everyone. I know I will. Anyone have any toughts or advice please let me know.



Rachy - November 7

Thanks Denise - the symptoms are all quite hopeful aren't they, but unfortunately I often get it into my head that maybe, just maybe, this month will be my month and it never is. :-( I'll prob test in the morning (can't help myself!) and just keep my fingers crossed I guess. I've been on fertility blend for the last month and was on ovulex before that so hopefully something is working.

Renee - Thanks for your prayers, that means a lot to me. I tend to spot as i'm approaching AF but this time its a little different so who knows huh? Hope its not all in my head.

Lily - you're in my thoughts and prayers xxxxxx


summer - November 7

Hi Lili

You are such a strong woman and keep the faith. The Lord will surely bless you once again. He will not forsake you. Keep on praying and have faith in God.

Give your body some time to recuperate and start trying after those two months as per the doctors. You need to relax for now.

have a good day


RNORST - November 7

Lili, u/s means ultrasound. After I had my m/c the doc told me to wait 2 months and I did, after the 2 months was over we got preg that first month that we could start trying. I think you should at less wait 2 months. My doc didn't say any thing about a higher risk m/c, he did tell me that it was not uncommon to have a m/c, he said like 80% of women have a m/c and some don't even know it, they may be like a day or two late. I was thankful that I had my m/c early, I had a friend that carried her baby full term and then had a still born, that would be the worst. I have a feeling that you will be preg again in no time.

chirssy, how long have you been trying? Good luck.

Rachy, keep us posted on what you find out in the morning, I'll keep my fingers crossed.



LeslieAnn - November 7

Lili~ You really are one of the most inspiring women I have ever talked to. You always keep the faith, I have almost given up so many times and you are always reminding ppl not to give up! I'm sure that you will get pregnant again soon. I know a few women who have had miscarriages and many of them do seem to conceive shortly afterwards.

Rachy~ Those sound like promising symptoms. I think I read somewhere that the average woman gets a bfp at 13 dpo, so maybe it's too early. I think I read that at www.peeonastick.com, but I'm not sure.

ticklinivory~ Good luck on the 2WW. That is my least favorite part of the month. :) Hopefully it will go by quickly for you.

Everybody else, good luck and have a great afternoon!



lili246 - November 7

Summer and Rachy,
Thank you so much, you girls are the best and make me feel better.

Renee and Leslie,
You are the best as well, llike my sisters I am happy that I found this forum and that I found you both. You give me so much hope. Together we will ge htrough this and all get pregnant and share our pregnant stories. I love you both.
Renee, I wasn't sure if that meant ultrasound but yeah I got the pictures of my lil Angel so at least I have something of him/her ans I can keep it with me forever. I feel much better having at least something telling me that he did exist at one time in my stomach. I will never lose those pictures they are my treasure.
I will listen to you and wait two months and then try again. I will try natural and do not take nay of the ovulex pills. I know that I can get pregnant on my own it will just need some time. this time I will not force myself to get pregnant again. I will let God bless me when he thinks it's time again. I want to be 100% healed so that I can make it all the way with my baby.
I have the faith that this will happen soon so I'll start trying right after my two months.
Thank you girls and God bless your family.
Renee, Give a hug kiss to your son for me and tell him that I love him even though I don't know him. You and Leslie are like my family.
I'll keep you posted on what happens next week at the doctors, hope that everything is healing and getting ready for my dreams to come true. I know that my Angel is in good hands with God and taking care of us from heaven. He/She will send us lots of baby Dust!

Love you girls,


RNORST - November 7

Lili, Thank you I also feel that way. You guys are like my family. If I didn't have you guys it would be alot harder to get though this. I will give my son a hug and kiss for you. Thank you and do the same for me with your son. No matter what happens, I'm so thankful to have made such great friends, Lets alway keep in touch no matter what happens. I love you girls.



lili246 - November 7

God has opened my eyes and notice that the world has changed for me. I am now a different person that values everything that I have in life. I notice that I have a wonderful family and I will enjoy them the fullest. My son is my treasure and I will take care of him and always look after him so he can be ok.

I hope that this is your month and get a BFP. I will praying for you sister. Good Luck!



lili246 - November 7

Well from what the doctor said, you know counting from you last period she said that I was 12 weeks, but on the ultrasound should that I was only 8 weeks and 5 days. So I don't know if my baby had been dead for a while and my body hadn't notice it or maybe they were right I was only 8W5D from the day that I concieve, but I am not sure everything seems not to be understandable and it's all confusing. On the U/S it said that my baby was to be born June 7, 2007 and that makes me feel bad because it was close to my birthday which is in June 16. But I will always remember my baby in my birthday, always I will have my lil angel in my heart.
So how are you doing? Are you taking ovulex?
Take care



Ange - November 8

Hello Ladies I have been so busy at work I am exausted.
I hope your next try for a hsg goes better than the last. I don't blame you for being pissed. I would be too! I am on new herbs I have no clue what they are all I know is there are to strengthen my uterus and remove adhesions. I had my first tea tonight and well not so bad as the last.

I am sorry to hear about Af. I really thought you were going to get a bfp. I would love to read that book but I have been trying to read the same book since MAY and I am still not finished I just don't have time. Work is crazy so when I get home I do what I have too and can't read my eyes get too tired and I fall asleep.

How are you doing I see you are getting closer to O. YOu are on your way. They are going to do an U/S for my pelvic and stomach areas. I have been having the same dull pain since I have the chemical pregnancy on my right side. It comes and goes. That could be what caused it. It started and hour before I started spotting.

WELCOME! Glad you found your way! Are you trying any green tea or EPO? What cd are you on? Keep faith!

I wouldn't worry about your asthma but I would talk to your doctor. As for the prenatals I get hungry and bloated.

I am glad you liked the poem. I think you should try again as soon as you feel ready whether it is 2 months or more. I am glad you are back. Keep strong keep faith you will conquer!

Nice to see you back again, Those sound like syptoms I wish you lots of babydust.

I am using an opk an so far no lh surge. I am wondering if I did already or I am not going to at all this month. I will test again tomorrow.....Goodnight all


Rachy - November 8

Hi girls,

Ange - thanks for you kind wishes - fingers crossed huh.

Lili - your little angel will always be with you. I stopped taking ovulex a month ago as a few of the ingredients concerned me. Things that should not be taken if you are pregnant so i didnt want to risk harming my baby during the 2ww if i was pregnant. I am now taking fertility blend.



ticklinivory - November 8

I did post after you on this page but I guess it had problems taking and disappeared into the cyber nothing. Anyway, I will get it done next cycle and I hopefully won't have problems scheduling it. I will find out in a couple weeks, but I'm hoping I don't need it and the 2WW goes by really fast. I'm hoping I will get pg symptoms in about 1 week to week and a half. I got to watch it because like Rachy I get it in my head.

I know how you feel. Just try to be patient a couple more days. I'm hoping that you get that BFP.

Thanks for your support. I hope it goes better too but hopefully I won't need one. Good luck with the tea. I don't know if I have adhesions. I would have if it weren't for medical eventhough I hope I don't have any ayway. Keep me posted how the herbs are going.

I know this 2WW is going to drive me nuts but I will try not to think about it. I'm hoping if I got the chemical pregnancy going on right now that it goes further and implants and I hope I got maybe a couple symptoms by the end of next week. I go in for my CD21 tests on the 13th.

Baby Dust to all,


LeslieAnn - November 8

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing?

Lili~ Thank you so much for your kind words. You and Renee are also like sisters to me. It is amazing how this board has really brought so many women together. And it is great to have a group of girls who I can talk to about this stuff. It's great to hear that you are ready to start trying again, just take time to regroup now, your time will come soon!

Renee~ How are things going with you?

Ange~ I hate it when I keep using opk's and get no LH surge, hopefully you will get yours soon. It seems like I always get mine when I'm down to my last test. Keep us updated when you get yours, (if you want to). :)

ticklin ivory~ I try to keep busy during the 2WW so I don't obsess too much. Of course it never works, but I'll keep trying. Hopefully this will be your month!

Rachy~ How are your symptoms? Did you test?

I need to get back to work, but I'm wishing baby dust to all of you!



lili246 - November 8

I was taking ovulex all the way until I found out that I was pregnant. I wonder if that harm my baby those two weeks that I had to wait and test. I am worry that ovulex was the cause of the death of my baby. I will talk to my doctor and see what she says about them. I hope that wasn't the cause of else I will feel very guilty. I will try to get pregnant again without any of those pills. I will try naturally and see what happens. Hope that witht his that has happen to me I am fertile and can conquer without any pills.

Thank You.



Rachy - November 8

Denice - Hi, thanks for the kind wishes! I hope its a BFP but i'm not holding out too much hope. Are you in the 2ww yourself now?

LeslieAnn - Yes I just did a test and sadly it was a BFN at 12dpo :-( so feeling very sad. I'm hoping its just too early but if the spotting and pink CM i had at 5-6 dpo was an implantation bleed then surely I would register a BFP by now since hcg starts to be produced after implantation and the hcg levels double every 48 hours or so. Therefore not feeling good about this cycle. Thanks for asking though.

Lili - I actually got in touch with ovulex about the ingredients that concerned me, and they replied saying that ovulex is 100% safe even in the 2ww and that the ingredients are at such small doses that they could not possibly be harmful. I then replied and asked them for further info such as any clinical trials they had done, and the actual doses so i could research it myself, but I didn't get a reply, despite emailing them twice! I don't trust the company at all i'm afraid but not because i think the drug is particularly unsafe, rather i think their customer relations (or lack thereof!) highlights that perhaps they care more about raking the money in, rather than the well being of their customers. Since they never replied I started taking Fertility Blend as it is much safer - have you given trying that any thoughts? I'm sure you will get pregnant again in no time - babydust to you. Try to stay positive - I know thats hard after everything you've been through recently though. Big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


ticklinivory - November 8

I will try not to think about it and just relax.

Yep, this is it. My temp was low this morning which means I o'd. So it's just waiting now. I think I might bd tonight yet and then start my 2WW. Some people just don't show up until 5 weeks even though you start producing HCG.



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