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cov1929 - September 26

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D I bet you are so happy after TTC for so long.

Lili yes 9-29 is as well my birthday so your son was born on a great day lol

Baby Dust to all of us!!


sammy71 - September 26

Congratulations! Babybop. You inspire us to keep praying and hoping that we'll suceed.

Ange, Hi. Just wanted you to know you are not alone. I've been trying for 13 years and no success yet. Isn't it amazing that something in your head causes your body not to reproduce? I have low progesterone which is a pituitary problem. I've been on Ovulex since May and I can definitely tell a difference. Good luck.

Everyone, please keep me in your prayers. I have a doctor appt on Thursday. My body hasn't felt right since early August and I'm finally breaking down and going to the doctor. Poor DH is tired of hearing me complain. I've had lower back pain, aching in my sides, hot flashes, raised temperature, low blood pressure, migraines and fatigue. I sure hope I'm not going into early menopause at 35.

Take care everyone. Sammy71


LeslieAnn - September 26

Hey everyone,

It has been forever! I haven't been posting as much because I have been so busy with school this semester! How has everyone been doing? I went on my first cycle of clomid this month (no longer on Ovulex), and my cycle has been crazy. It's CD 25 and I still have not o'ed. I had a TON of CM about 5-10 days after my last dose of clomid, but now I'm totally dry. Does anybody have any experience with this? Is it possible that I won't O at all this month? It's so weird, I don't know what to think!

I found out that my sister is pregnant for the second time two days ago. I am really excited for her, especially since this was a surprise pregnancy and she had so many issues trying to get pregnant for the first time. It is pretty encouraging to see that it happened for her naturally this time.

Hopefully everyone is doing well. Did I miss anything big? I haven't had time to read everything I missed yet. Any bfp's?



LeslieAnn - September 26

Oh and my ticker is outdated, I'm not on CD 60. :) Need to fix that.



lili246 - September 26

Wow that is wonderful. So your birthday is coming up in a few days, and plans?

I will keep you in my prayers, Good Luck!

It's nice to hear from you again, so howz school I guess keeping you so busy ha!
Well girl I don't know much of what it happening with your cycle maybe the other girl know more.
Take Care and keep the faith!



gavinsmommy - September 26


I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everything turns out just fine for you.



jay_nelle - September 26

I am new to this board been on Ovulex for 3 weeks anyone have any luck? i see no change yet....tips?


Ange - September 27

Hi Sammy,

Did your doctors check your tsh levels. I have the same thing cause of low thyroid my pitutary gland doesn't work proper. I felt so alone all these years I am so glad I found this forum with all of you nice people to talk to.
I also adopted and baby she is 4 now her name is Kaitlyn she is my world she was born on valentines day so of course she was my gift from god she is full of love.


hopeluck - September 27

Hi monique
Congrats on your pregnancy!! I am really inspired by your story. I would like to know a few things from you. As for me I am ttc for 2 years and leveled unexplained infertility. I have been taking liquid geritol for the past 2 months from day 1 till ovulation, but no result yet. I am planning to take fertility blend but is little hesitant right now. As i have normal menstruation cycle i am little concerned about the vitex present in FB which induces ovulation.
Were you also labeled as "Unexplained infertility" or you had any specific problem like irregular periods etc. Did you take Geritol and FB together and for how long? Sorry for asking so many questions, but I am so frustrated..Wish you good luck and happy pregnancy. Thanks a lot.


ticklinivory - September 27

I don't mean to be mean but I posted on the 25th and everyone is getting comments but me. Am I wrong in pointing this out but I thought we were all in this together.
Well things seem to be going fine with me so far on the ovulex. haven't had af yet though. Only some soreness in my chest and little cramps. My sex drive is about doubled and cm is a little thinner. At least I know it's helping. My temps haven't gone up high enough to O. The highest I saw was 97.7 on thursday or friday morning other than that they went back down to 97.3 since then. Could that have been O? I don't think so but who know. Ange, welcome to the board. I don't know about the thyroid meds but I don't think it would hurt anything. I know it seems to be helping me so far. I'm not even a success story and would recommend it to anyone trying. Well, ladies, talk to you all again soon.


ticklinivory - September 27

oh, congrats Monique, that is awesome! I seem to be a little more happier about people getting pg these days, maybe my turn is almost there.


Ange - September 27

Hello Denise,
Tha sounds right to me a .4 degree drop is normally O. I wish you babydust. What does your ticker mean? Sorry I am new to forums. How long have you been on ovulex?

Goodmorning to all Today is a much better day. I do have a question does anyone ever get really bloated just before the period? Like they feel pregnant?


RNORST - September 27

Ange, I'm glad your having a better day. How old was your girl when you adopted her? I'm also very bloated, I don't know if its from af coming, but I look like I'm 2 months preg. Are you taking your temps?

Denise, maybe your getting ready to O, you have had a temp drop and I sometimes get sore boobs for a few days before O, and then the tenderness goes away until after O. I also get O pain, that kind of feels like cramps. Keep taking your temps and if they raise up ina couple of days you know that you have O. Are you having any cm?

Hopeluck, I have been trying for over 2 1/2 years and mine was unexplianed fertility, until I went to a new RE. The new RE did an utlrasound and found retained placenta tissue on my uterus.

Jay_nelle, welcome to our group, I have been on ovulex for over 2 month, hoping it helps me this month. I'm also taking prenatal vitamins, and also drinking green tea and red cover tea when I remember. How long have you been trying? Good luck.

Sammy, your in my thoughts and prayes, yeah, get your thriod tested, when mine was out of wack, I had terrible hot flashes.

Leslie, It's so good to hear from you. How many days do you take cloimd, I just took it for 5 days, but I also did IUI. Did they do a bunch of test on you and your dh? Good luck, we missed you!

Lili, how are you feeling today? Today my temps are 99.0. I'm hoping and praying so hard that they are still that high tommorrow, and if they are high I will test on friday. Yesterday my temps were 98.7 so I has praying they would be high today, and it was. I'm scared to take them tommorrow.

I'm praying for all you girls. Baby dust to all!!!!




Ange - September 27


I adopted my daughter at two weeks old we would of had her sooner but all that paper work and house visits. It is an open adoption the birth mom told me that she was having this baby for me. I trully feel that is does come from me even though we look nothing alike. She is my pride and joy. I also agree I look about 2 months maybe 3 lol. I am also having alot of lower backache.
I used to chart my temp but had to stop they were out of wack cause of the hypothyroid now my husband and I get together every second day so we don't miss it.


LeslieAnn - September 27

Hey everyone!

So I finally got to read through (most) of what I missed and I can't believe I missed Lili getting her bfp! That is SOOOOO awesome! Congrats! Though it's pretty late now. :) But I am way excited for you, and anyone else who got a bfp while I was gone. (hopefully I am not missing someone).

Renee~ I just took clomid for 5 days. I think I actually may have missed my o day, because there were a few days when we had company and I didn't test, and those were the days that I was getting lots of ewcm, but I figured I couldn't be o'ing that early and thought nothing of it. We did get some tests done and in addition to my LP being short, DH has a low sperm count. He was really devastated and depressed for a few days. It is kind of funny how when I thought this was entirely my problem, he was always really supportive and said I shouldn't feel bad if anything was wrong because we would just adopt, but when he finds out something is "wrong" with him he freaks out. He is too hard on himself. I think he is feeling better now, though.

Sammy~ Hopefully you feel better soon and get some answers from your doctor. :( How are things going today?

Ticklinivory~ Sorry if you felt left out, I haven't been on this board in awhile but those symptoms sound similar to what I went through while on Ovulex. I usually get about a 0.4 dip on my O day, too.

Ange~ I usually get really bloated before my period, I even usually gain several pounds so I have a policy of not weighing myself until after AF is gone. :) Have you ever experienced bloating before?

Hopefully everyone has a great day! Baby dust!



RNORST - September 27

Ange, Good luck to you, I sure wish this would be our month!

Leslie, When I was on clomid I think I also O early. Are you taking it agin next month. Are they doing any thing for your DH? What cd are you on? Are you taking your temps.





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