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positiveGirl - October 15

RNORST - I hope you are feeling good. I wish you speedy recovery. :) did they put you on sedative/Tranquilizer ?? Does this surgery check for blocked tubes and internal of the uterus? I am in the process of eliminating the reasons of me not able to get pregnant so far. So this is the only thing that is remaining to check if I have blocked tubes. My Dr. first put me on Clomid but I told her that before taking these drugs I would like to try out Ovulex.

babybop - I wish you a very smooth,healthy and positive pregnancy and delievery. :) I too am taking Robitussin DM and it did help out but now I am thinking of taking Geritol. I was not sure that should I take Prenatals with Geritol and Ovulex?



positiveGirl - October 15

Oh! I forgot to mention that this is the routine I am following at present:

1. Green tea supplements,
2. Ovulex
3. Since last month I had Robitussin DM (only for 5 days before ovulation for 3 times a day that's what I read in one of the web site)
4. Prenatals
5. Sometimes using Preseed

I understand that I should not take too many things coz it might mess it up. since I keep reading that Geritol is good I thought of taking it instead of Robitussin DM .

Please let me know girls if i am going in the right direction.

Thanks a ton!!


Butterfly - October 15

Hello everyone, I am butterfly and my husband and I have been ttc for 2yrs now, naturally. And of course...Nothing. I do have faith that God knows best, however I have been condsidering Ovulex for sometime now. I would just like to know if it has worked for anyone?


cm98 - October 15

To all the ladies using ovulex:
I would not put a lot of faith in this product. It is great that is works for some but it may not work for you. I used it for over 5 months and no prego. I followed the directions to the tee & made sure it was the only medication I was taking to ensure nothing interfered with it. I am not bitter but just wanted to warn some of you not to get your hopes up if it doesn't work.

Nothing has worked for me so far. It has been 3 1/2 years since TTC. I can say it does help with PMS and lightens up Aunt Flo.


twinsmum - October 16

Good mornin g ladies,

How are you all doing? How was your weekend? I hope it was fine.

hey lil246, sorry about the ticket, don't worry this things happen. I got one a month ago , I was fined and I also got some points on my license :( but I have since moved on from being upset.

Positive Girl, welcome and I pray that ovulex will work for all of us.

Well ladies, af turned up yesterday cd43 and day 40 on ovulex. I am going to ttc actively ;)this month. Does any one know anything that I can combine with ovulex to help? I am also considering green tea but I am not sure if the supplement is better or the tea itself.

anyway, you all have a lovely week and keep smiling.

speak to you later


RNORST - October 16

Sammy71, The surgey that I had was to clean out my uterus. I had parts of my son placenta left in there, thats the reason they think I cant get preg. I know how hard it is to have just unexplained fertility. Thank God I finally found a reason. I did have that test done to check my tubes HSG, and it was fine. I have a feeling after you get this surgrey done it will really help you. Keep faith in God.

Postive girl, The surgrey that I had done was to clean out my uterus, I had retained placenta tissue still there from when I had my son. The did put my completly out. The surgrey lasted about a hour. The test for blocked tubes is HSG, I had that done about 9 months ago, they dont put you out for that, It's not bad you only cramp real hard for about 5 seconds, and then there was some mild af like cramps for about 3 hours. You need to get that test done, just to make sure. Ask them how they are going to file it to your insurance company, they can do it so its not under infertility.

Butterfly, My husband and I have been trying for 2 1/2 years and I have been taking ouvlex for 2 months, I just had a surgrey done so I couldn't get preg before the surgrey, but I have high hopes for ovulex. Good luck and welcome to our group.

Thank you girls for all your love, prayers, and support that you have giving me. I go back to the doc today to see how everything went. I will let you know when I get back.




chrissy - October 16

Hello everyone I am new to this site. My DH and I have been ttc for over 3 years now. We had all the test done on both of us to make sure we are both good to go. I took clomid for 3 months and I had 3 IUI's done. Nothing has worked for me. I am only 22 years old and I wanted to get started early. I have been with my man for six years so I think its time. I have been on ovulex for about a month now. I am hoping and praying that this works for me. I am running out of options here. I am suppose to start me period on Oct 26. Anyone have any feed back or any type of advive.

Thanks in advance and much baby dust to everyone ttc
chrissy ???


lili246 - October 16

Hi Girls,
Hope that you all are doing well. In my side this past weekend I got so scared because it happen to me twice when I went to the bathroom and pee then I clean myself and saw something unormal in the toilet tissue. For some reason I thought it was blood, but it looked like something brown, almost pinkesh. I even showed my mom to get a second oppinion and see sais that it looked normal it wasn't blood. But I am still scared because I didn't had this in my first pregnancy and this worries me alot. Today my insurance should be effective and hopefully I receive all the necessary paper work so I can chose my doctor asap and make an appointment right away. I want to make sure that my baby is ok.
My mom talked to a girl who she has had two M/C and she was a good person for advice. She told me if I had any pain in my belly with bleeding and I told her that no so she said that there wasn't much to worry about. But I need to go and check just in case. I am keeping positive and hope that everything comes out ok with my baby.
I will keep you posted and let you know what happens. I was just thinking if this thing got worst and felt some pain with bleeding I would go to the hospital right away, but thank god nothing like that happen. I am feeling ok but I am worry and will be until I go and see the doctor.

Thanks girls and hope that everyone is doing great.

Renee, Good Luck today hope that you get good news.



RNORST - October 16

Hey girls, just got back from the doc. and I didn't find out to much. I thought for sure they would do an ultrasound, but they didn't she just talked to us. She said we can try for 2 months and then if nothing we need to do clomid with IUI again and at less this time we should have a chance. I want to be preg by christmas. We can't try this month because my lining my not be healed all the way. I hate for another month to pass by. So we will try for 2 months, Nov. and Dec. and then do fertility treatment. I really want to get preg next month, that would be so nice to surprize everyone christmas eve.

Can anyone help me with geritol? What does it do? Can you take it with ovulex? And what cd do you take it?

Lili, I'm praying for you girl. God is in controll, try not to worry, He will take care of that lil one. I would go to the doc asap, but I think as long as it's not bright red blood and there is no cramping, I'm sure you are fine. I'll keep praying.



positiveGirl - October 16

Lili - I hope things are fine with you and your baby. don't worry... I am sure your baby is in excellent condition :) I'll pray for you.

RNORST - thanks for the info. Yes, I'll get it done next month. I am kinda scared coz I am not very cooperative doing all this stuff :( so I thought if I am on Sedative then I won't realize and the test will get done fast.

I read about False Unicorn Root that helps in Fertility and came across this web site and found it interesting . I wanted to shar it with you all. Let me know what you girls think of it.



lili246 - October 16

Thank You for the support. I am always keeping positive. Thats exactlly what my mom said as long as it's not bright blood I should be ok and no cramping. I am trying to stay positvie and try not to think anything bad anout m/c. I know that my baby is ok or else I should of been in the E.R. But I just talked to my insurance and I should be receiving the paper work anyday now. They have chosen me a primary physician but it's kinda far from where I live and at this point I am looking for one. I preferred a female doctor because I feel more confortable. At my first pregnancy I had a male doctor but this time I want a female. Anyways got to go and keep looking for the doctor closes to my house. Thank You for everything and don't worry your turn is coming soon and everything will turn out just perfect for you.
Take Care.

Thank you for your support as well. I am trying to keep positvie like you are. Because that's all I need to do positvie and not think negative. I know that everything is well with my baby as soon as I get a chance or I mean finish looking for a female doctor I will make an appointment right away so for sure she can tell me if my baby is ok. I know that God is with me and that he will protect us all the way.

Thanks for your preayers girls, God Bless you all!



Rachy - October 16

For all you ladies taking any fertility supplement who wish to discuss them in depth, please visit:


I am approaching hopefully a BFP or AF (either good as my cycles were so irregular before ovulex) so please wish me luck and babydust!!!


Ange - October 17

Hello Ladies!
Wow we got alot of newbies.
Welcome postive girl wow you seem to be on the right track but I think green tea and robitussin have the same affect. So I would drop one or the other.

Welcome butterfly, I would give ovulex a try if you have unexplained infertiltity. But if you have blocked tubes or endo I don't really thinkit will work for you. But Have faith and give it a try I am taking the herbs in ovulex but in a tea rather than pill form because I have hypothyroidism and can't take ovulex.

Welcome cm98, I know it is frustrating when something doesn't work believe me I have tried almost all. But the important thing is to find out what your infertility is and go from there good luck baby dust to you

twinsmun glad to here about your bd plans I tried green tea for the first time this month and wow I saw a differance. Baby dust to you

Welcome Chrissy, I think your on the right path with trying ovulex. Give it a try for at least 3 months plus try green tea it will help with your cm after that I would see if you can have any other tests to make sure. goodluck

Lili how are you? I hope you will get to see your doctor soon so you can know how your baby is doing. I bet your not sleeping good with all this worry. Take care girl
I am praying for you

Renee, I have a good feeling about you in the next 2 months. I feel you will be telling your family and friends during christmas and new year about a sweet little blessing you will be having. Your body right now has to heal so it can me ready for your baby to come. I am praying for you

Rachy glad to hear something postive is happening for you on ovulex whether it is a regular cycle or bfp. I am sure you will be happy this month.

I have ovulated earlier I think this cycle I have to chart. I think all these herbs might be doing it. We bd every second day this week so my fingers are crossed once again. I already got the breast tenderness but that is normal for me. So just to wait now.



hopeluck - October 17

Renee I have been trying liquid geritol myself for the last 3 months from CD1 till ovulation. That is what i find in all the posts to take it till ovulation , which is still not very clear to me!! but i think you can take it through out as it is just rich content iron vitamin, and the contents should not have any side effect etc after ovulation.
They alos have geritol complete in tablet form but I find in the forums that the liquid form is more effective. Nothing yet for me but I have faith in it. We have couple of geritol success stories in this forum itself. Good luck!


twinsmum - October 17

hello Ladies,
How is everyone doing today? I am fine and its Cd3 for me so I am very hopeful that this month will be my month, anyone on the same Cd with me????


sorry to hear that you are worried dear. He who has began a good work in you will perfect it. I am praying for you. Please try not to worry too much it is well with you.

Rachy, How are you girl? I wish all the best and lots of babysdust to you.

Alright ladies, you have a lovely day and keep smiling.

Will catch you later


Keep smiling

Steph, How are you today, I hope you are feeling better. I am sorry to hear what is happening to you but I just want to encourage you that the Lord will pleasantly surprise you this month. Take care and be positive.

Ange, Thank you for the information, and the baby dust. same to you dear. The Lord will surely suprise us all this month. Just hold on to him.


lili246 - October 17

Ange and Twinsmum,
Thank you so much girls, I am trying to stay calm and not to worry because I have a feeling that my baby is doing good. It's just so desperate waiting so long for me to see a doctor with all this insurance thing. But I am getting closer and soon I will get my first check up. Babybop is having the same problem and they have told her the same thing that her baby is ok. So I try to relax and support eachother.

Have a great day.

Renee, How are you doing girl.

Take Care




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