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jnt010 - October 12

Hello My name is Jacqueline. My husband and I have been trying for 2 and a half yrs. I am waiting on ovulex now. Does anyone have any insight?



sammy71 - October 12

I missed something what kind of surgery did you have? I just talked to my OB/GYN and he's scheduling me for a laproscopic surgery next month. I've finally given in after 12 years and agreed to do the surgery.



RNORST - October 12

I had a hystrosopy done on Monday, It's kind of like a Laproscopic, but a little different, they didn't have to cut me, it was all vaginal, they did put me out all the way. They removed the retain placenta from my uterus. My cousin had endo. and they told her she might have problems having kids and they did a laproscpic on her and she now has had 5 preg. with 3 children. Good luck.



RNORST - October 12

Jacqueline, welcome. I have been on Ovulex for 2 months, I did stop taking them because of my recent surgrey. I'm going to start them again tommorrow. My Dh and I have also been trying for 2 1/2 years. Do you have any children? We have a little boy who is 4 1/2.
Good luck.


jnt010 - October 13

Thank you for responding.
No I have no children.
My husband has had a variocele repair and I had a surgery in May. I found out I have PCOS. I went on metformin, but it made me real sick. My next opinion is clomid. I found the page on ovulex and pray it will work. I should be receiving it tomorrow.


lili246 - October 13

I was on ovulex for almost two months when when I receive my BFP. I hope it works for you as well as for the other girls. Just have faith on them and don't lose that faith.

Good Luck!



Ange - October 13

Welcome Jacqueline,
I found out that I can't take ovulex because I take synthroid for my hypothyroidism. I would just find out from a doctor if you are on any medication. I take most of the herbs in ovulex just in their natural form.

Glad to hear you are back and everything went good. I was starting to worry about you. I hope your not in to much pain.

Sammy glad to hear you are going to try the laporoscopy. I hope you get good news after 12 years


ChristinaL - October 13

Hi Everyone!!

I hope everyone is doing well. I had a question that I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to. I get my AF on a monthly basis, however one month it could be 15 days in between or 34 or 25 or whatever it feels like. The question would be.... do you think ovulex would work for me? I feel that it would. Docs. say nothing is wrong with me or DH but weve been ttc for about 2 yrs now with no results. He has a 4 1/2 yr old son. I think ovulex would work for us but I was just wondering what your guys input on this is. Baby dust to us all!!!
Thanks So Much for reading!!


positiveGirl - October 13

Hi there

lili246 - thanks for the welcome. I did read your thread and am very very happy for you. I can imagine how u must be feeling and excited. Please pray for me No, as of now I am not taking temps. to be honest I do not undertand how to take it. Did you take Green tea supplements or tea?

I have been taking Ovulex since July '06. this month my fertile window starts from 9th and now I am on CD16 and I still keep getting negative OPKs. On the CD12 (i.e 9th Oct) I got very light double line so I thought yes this is normal and it would progress further but still no positive dark line. this is the first time it's happening after taking Ovulex.

I am very confused if this is good or bad. Did anyone exp. this or it's just me. :(



lili246 - October 13

I took just that regular cold green tea (arizona). To be honest I don't like that but I drinked it anyways. I was trying different things as possible to help me get pregnant. About the temps. you take then every morning at the same time each day before you wake up or do anything else. You take your temps. and record them and once you see a big raise that means that you have ovulated.

So how are you feeling? Hows everything coming along? Porr girl are you still busy at work. I know how bad it gets once you take a few days off and then come back. I hope you get everything finish with no stress. Hope that you are feeling good.
I finally got approve from that insurance and I am waiting for the paperwork so I can chose the doctor. I hope I get those soon because can't wait to go to the doctor. hope that everything is good with my baby.
You know I have different symptoms this time in my pregnancy way different than my son's. I hope it's nothing bad.
Take Care.



RNORST - October 13

Ange, I'm feeling almost normal today. I hate being down. Hey, you are getting really close to O. I hope my cycle not off, its nice have you to talk to about our cycles, they are really close. I'm on cd 13. Good luck and I will pray that this will be your month.

Jnt010, I did clomid for only one month with IUI and didn't have any luck. Really hope this work for you. I'm praying for you girl.

Christina, Are you taking Ovulex now? Hopefully it will work for you. Have you been to RE or just a regular doctor? My DH and I have been trying for 2 1/2 years.
I'm praying for all of you girls.

Positive girl, I also have a hard time with opk, I will get a line that looks dark enough, but I can never really tell. I have been just drinking green tea, hot or cold. Good luck to you.

Lili, Hi I have missed you guys. I'm feeling pretty good today. How are you feeling? So, when do you go to the doctor? I'm so excited for you. Are you going to find out what you are having when it's time to find out? I'm excited to go back to the doc. on Monday. I'm hoping (these are high hope) that when she does the ultrasound she can say, this looks great and you got 2 eggs that you are O now, go home and make a baby! I'm so excited to start trying, I can't hardly wait till next month. God bless that precoius little one and you whole family.



lili246 - October 13

Thank You. I am so happy that you are keeping positive that's the way to go having faith is all you need. I know that your doctor will give you good news. I will be praying for you. I am so sure that your turn is getting closer and closer. So keep praying to God that he knows how bad you want a baby and he will soon bless you with one. I am glad that you are feeling good.
Well I just received the news this week that I was approved and I need to wait for my welcome package and then chose my doctor, as soon as I do that I will call and make an appointment right away.
Yes I want to know the gender of my baby I am not sure when I can find out I think I can find out at 6 months of pregnancy. I want to know what I am having so I can start buying lil clothes for my baby. I just love buying lil babies clothes.
Yesturday I was feeling kinda sick with some nauseas and I thought I was going to vomit but I didn't I went very early to bed with my son at 7:30p.m. and slept till the next day. The good thing that my boy is being so kind and his been sleeping very early this past weeks. Everytime I tell him that where's his baby he'll point at my tummy and he'll give it a kiss. So I hope he doesn't get jeolous later on.
Well girl it's nice to know that you are feeling better, Have faith Renee and God Bless you my friend.

Take care

Love, Lili


hopeluck - October 14

[quote author=babybop link=board=4;threadid=3005;start=195#25925 date=1159717873]
Hopeluck - we had unexplained fertility as well. We just put our faith in a higher power and did what we could to support our efforts.

We are not on our own time and I realize that now. We have to wait for our "season". Even if your not religious, which I really am not either.......we all have a season for good, bad, and indifferent. Things happen in cycles. Yours will happen!


Thanks monique so much for your wishes, i do agree with u.. i am sorry i am not very regular in checking the site.
Did you take the geritol 2 times daily for the whole 3 months or only from day1 till ovulation. Also you took the FB together with the geritol for the last 6 months? I am taking geritol once a day till ovulation for the last 3 months, nothing yet, but trying to stay positive. Sorry for asking all the questions.. but may be i need to increase my intake more. Thanks again.

Renee i am so glad your surgery went fine. i just received the ebook few days back, it does contain some imp facts, but regarding the supplements, i am already taking it for the past few months, may be i need to be more consistent and try to stay positive. All the best and take care.
Also for all the new mommies congrats!


babybop - October 14

Hopeluck: Never apologize...this is what we are here for! I took Geritol from CD 1 to CD14 and Fertility Blend every single day. Before Geritol (I started in july), I would use Robitussin DM from CD1 to CD 14......it took six months. We tried for 2 years and 3 months but only six months of Fertility Blend. I had taken it a few times before that and had my husband taking the one for guys but he couldn't stick to it, it made him sick and I was too busy to remember so we weren't consistent. Then we had an epiphany......either we give this stuff an honest try OR pay $13000.00 for in vitro and run the high risk (I have four sets of twins on maternal, six on paternal) of multiples or no baby at all......which would be extremely difficult....so he decided not to take the fertility blend but I did and with geritol, whaaalaaaa!



sammy71 - October 14

Hey hope you are feeling good. I had that done about 10 years ago. I think the worst part was the catherer they inserted for the dye. My results were normal so I hope things come out okay for you. The bad thing is when we get normal results it doesn't give us the answers to our questions. I'd rather them find something so I could know for definite why I can't get pregnant. After 13 years my record still says "unexplained infertility".

I'm scheduled for the laproscope next month and am hoping this will give me some answers. I'm tired of all the pregnancy symptoms only to get AF every month.

Well take care and sending baby dust your way next month. Sammy


positiveGirl - October 15

RNORST - I hope you are feeling good. I wish you speedy recovery. :) did they put you on sedative/Tranquilizer ?? Does this surgery check for blocked tubes and internal of the uterus? I am in the process of eliminating the reasons of me not able to get pregnant so far. So this is the only thing that is remaining to check if I have blocked tubes. My Dr. first put me on Clomid but I told her that before taking these drugs I would like to try out Ovulex.

babybop - I wish you a very smooth,healthy and positive pregnancy and delievery. :) I too am taking Robitussin DM and it did help out but now I am thinking of taking Geritol. I was not sure that should I take Prenatals with Geritol and Ovulex?




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