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lili246 - October 10

Great news I just finish talkiing to the AIM program the insurance for my pregnancy and they said that I was approved and effective in Ocotber 16. So anytime next week I should be all set to make my first doctors appointment and check on us.
I am happy because I finally got approved and I can check that my baby is ok.

God Bless...



Ange - October 11

I am happy for you to finally get approved for your insurance. It must be a relief to know that you will be able to get health care now for your baby. I live in Canada and were we live we are very fortunate for health care. We just make an appointment and go show our card and that is it. I find alot of people abuse medicare here for that reason. I know that we are going to lose this privlage in the future because of the over use of it. let us know how it goes!!

Renee how are you girl I am still praying for you!

I just got back from holistic doctor and got more herbs. She gave me herbs for my adhesions let see how that goes it all tastes gross it has got to be good for you lol. I am still keeping postive

Baby dust to all


ttc5years - October 11

well i have been taking ovulex for about a month and a half now and began getting terrible headaches about two weeks ago. I just went to the doctor yesterday and he said that ginkgo and ginseng have many adverse effects one of which are decreased fertility. So I have stopped the ovulex and I am going to try to let mother nature take its course. So wish me luck. I will keep everyone posted....Baby dust to all!


twinsmum - October 11

Good morning ladies,

How are you all doing today? Hope welll.

lili246, thank you for your reply and I am still hoping on God. Good luck with you appointment.

Sam71, Thanks for your reply to my posting. may the good Lord bless you all.

I am really grateful to God that I have just found this lovely bunch of ladies and I pray that all our dreams will become realities soon.

I am determined to hold on and complete the 6months course of ovulex and i hope before then I will be prego.

Sorry guys that I am not very active on the forum but I will try to be more invoved. Lond is crazy with work , work and more work.

God bless you all.

Twinsmum :-*


ticklinivory - October 11

Hey all,
I know it's been about a week or two and I was reading all the posts to catch up and I know I can't touch everything but welcome to all the newbies. I have been on ovulex for about 3 weeks now and no sign of af after not having it since June. I went to see my doc yesterday and she put me on medroxyprogesterone to make my af come and then I have to go in for tests on cd3 and cd21 and on cd1 I have to call to have an HSG scheduled and for those of you who don't know what that is but they inject dye in you to see if the tubes are clear. I'm looking forward to af though. Hopefully that will kick in the ovulex and maybe the HSG will help also. If everything is clear and I'm just not ovulating she is going to put me on clomid. I have been taking the prenatals and ovulex so maybe with everything hopefully I get my gift around christmas. I haven't lost faith yet. Well, I hope everyone is doing fine. Renee and Ange sorry about af I know you were both looking forward to the BFP. I for one got BFN yesterday :'(.


lili246 - October 11

yes thats the way to go, not losing the faith, without faith nothing is possible. So keep on trying and with faith up front. Your turn will come soon you just need to be patient and let things come as is and, keep on trying I notice that if you stress to much on trying to get pregnant it won't happen, so try to relax and let things happen at it own pace.

I need to wait til I get the welcome from the insurance and then find a doctor so that will take around one more week and then once I have the doctor I need to make an appointment but maybe it will take around two weeks or maybe less to do all that. Hope that everything goes fast so I can go and see a doctor asap.

God Bless all of you..



tross - October 11

Hey everybody,


It may not be because of ovulex, but in the bath my hair has been breaking off. Sometimes 30-50 strains (not in chucks) just random....I am freaking out. I use a really good salon shampoo and conditioner.....I did totally screw up my hair this past summer by trying to dye it myself, then had it fixed by a proffessional. It ended up really damaged, but that was months ago. I have just now been experiencing this.

If anybody has looked into the ingriedients to find this as a possible side effect....please let me know! Otherwize I will be making an appointment with my doctor to see if there might be something else wrong.

Freaking Out.....,Tross


lili246 - October 11

I have always had hair loss, but i don't think it's about ovulex! I am still having some hair loss and don't know why?



twinsmum - October 12

Good morning Ladies,

How is everyone today? I am already at work and I forgot my ovulex at home this morning. Not very happy but I guess I will have to wait till 5.15pm to take the 9am one and then take the n8pm one at 8pm still.

Hope everyone is well and it is thurday, so one more day and it is the weekend.

Lili246, How are you doing today and how is the pregnaqncy going, I hop[e you are getting pampered by Dh. Well enjoy it girl.

Alright ladies, I have got togo back to work. catch you all later.

Keep smiling, thing can only get better from now on!!!!


wantababylots - October 12

I went to the doctor again yesterday for a 6 week check up since i have been on my meds-- i told her about me being sick all the time and so we are going to try taking it at different times of the day to get me feeling better--
It is currently day 51 of my cycle and no signs of it coming and i had a bfn so she put me on a pill to start my period and this after it starts i will be starting clomid.
I hope it works!!
So I am off ovulex for now to see if this works.

I hope all is well for everyone!



lili246 - October 12

I am doing very good. thank you. Just feeling very tired lately and been sleeping early at night usually by 8p.m. I get sleepy and go and rest in bed and fall asleep around 8:30 to 9p.m. so yeah I need my rest in the afternoon but since I am working I don't get that, thats to bad, but hope that I get along with this. I am still waiting for the welcome package from my insurance, I should be getting that soon, So I am excited about that.

But like I mention acouple of weeks a go when I got a ticket coming to work. Yesturday I received the notice and the ticket is for $346.00 and can go to traffic school but have to pay $403.00 so that sucks but I have to go and take that traffic school. Which is on a saturday from 7a.m. to 4:30p.m. I know all day there OMG. but the good thing it's only for one day and thats all. I will try to drive safetly and try not to get anymore tickets, I hate those police officers..haha
Well have to pay no matter what.

Well girls take good care and hope that everything is going well with everyone.

I am thinking of you, please keep us posted on how it's going with you, hope that the surgery wasa success and that you are feeling better. I need you my friend so please keep in touch.
God bless you.



positiveGirl - October 12

Hello All,

I am new member but have been regularly following this forum. I must say "Thanks a lot everyone for your great info and help". I am 33 and have been TTC since 9 months. I am on my second bottle of Ovulex though DH's sperms count is fine he is takeing Amberoz. Though I don't have much side effects except for weight gain and sometimes tingling sensation in BBs.

Reading all the success stories give me a lot of hope and wish my turn comes soon. :) Mahogany can I have the details as to when did u start and so on. Sorry if you have already mentioned coz I am not able to locate that thread.



lili246 - October 12

I like that name, because being positive thats all you need and faith. Welcome to the forum. I did take ovulex for almost two months and I am now pregnant at my 8 weeks, and I can't ask for anything else at this point. I am a happy person at the moment and can't wait to see my lil baby in my hands. I am due in the middle of may, 2007. Hope they go fast.
At first I wasn't sure if to take ovulex I get very scared at taking anything that I buy over the internet, so I aske for some advice from girls at this forum and since I saw lot of positive things about it I decided to give it a try. I have a 2 year old boy and was trying for another since december of last year with no success until I took ovulex. I had lots of faith on ovulex and prayed to God for it to help me get pregnant and it did so I am the happiest person at the moment, besides the $403.00 ticket that I just got from the police and have to go to traffic school which sucks but that is not a big deal I can live with that..haha.

Well I wish you the best and hope that ovulex works for you as well. I took green tea the second month and I think that did help me aswell notice my egg white which helps you to determine you most fertile days.
Are you taking your temps every morning as well?

The best of luck and lots of baby dust.



positiveGirl - October 12

Hi lili246,

thanks for the welcome. :) I did read your thread and am very very happy for you. I can imagine how u must be feeling and excited. Please pray for me.

Did you take Green tea supplements or tea? My this monsths fertile window starts from 10th Oct and tomorrow I am suppose to Ovulate but since Ovulex extends the window I have stili not got double lines when i tested using OPK. No, as of now I am not taking temps. to be honest I do not undertand how to take it. :)


RNORST - October 12

Lili and Ange, Thanks for the prayers everything when fine. Came back to work on wed. and I have a ton of stuff to do. Just had to check in to tell you all, that I'm fine. My body is sore for surgrey. I will go back to the doctor Monday for a check up and to see what the next step is. She told us we can't try this month, we need to wait 14 before we can BD. I just hope this don't throw off my cycle. How's every one? Sorry I can talk long, really busy at work tring to get caught up.

God bless you all, you are such a big part of my ttc journey.

Love ya Renee


jnt010 - October 12

Hello My name is Jacqueline. My husband and I have been trying for 2 and a half yrs. I am waiting on ovulex now. Does anyone have any insight?




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