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lili246 - September 11

Springs and Stacey,
thank you girls.
I am having nauseas throughout the day but beside that everything is great. I am so excited still can't believe it. I kinda mention something about it yesturday to my parents but they don't know that I am pregnant for sure, I'll wait till I get out from work and tell them the surprise, I bet my poor mom is the one who takes care of my 2year old son will say hear we go again, starting all over, the reason I say this is because my son is way active which I thank god for. And my mom will have to take care of my #2 baby but not until May, 2006 of God willing. So hear I am so happy for me but also keepong you all in my prayers and soon you'll turn will come. Keep the faith just like I did and never lose it because with faith everything is possible see look at me, also give ovulex a try because I think it did help me for sure after all that time wanting to conceive well not as a long time like other girl have waited like more than 2 years.
But I stopped using protection since December of 2005 and since then we were trying with no success till July when I order the ovulex.

keep on trying girls that your time will come and I think that we are having lots of BFP this month!

Good Luck and Lots of Baby Dust!!



summer - September 11

Congratulations Lili!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... i am happy for you.

so were u just taking the ovulex and green tea only? how about your periods, did you have regular ones coz my ones are so irregular and i havent had one since july and i started my Ovulex in august.

i hope we all catch some of that baby dust as well. hopefully these BFPs will occur every month, right girls!!


snooppy707 - September 12

CONGRATS LILI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RNORST - September 12

Lili, hey I'm sooooo happy for you. God is faithfully!!!!!!
Is you little boy excited?

I went to the new RE yesterday, and I just love her. They asked more questions yesterday then both doctors at the other place in 1 1/2 years asked. The new RE did a utlrasound with me yesterday and found some of the placenta for my son is still on my utrus. She thinks that my be the problem, because it could cause my utrus to be inflammed. I have to go back on cd 5 of this next month which would be around oct. 5th, for another test, to see if its on my lining or in the musucle. I'm hoping its on the lining, then she can scrap it off and we can try to get preg. on our own, if its in the musucle then I will have to go though with fertility treatments. So I'm praying hard thats its on my lining and can be taken care of. Its amazing on my first visit she find out what might be wrong and I went to the other place for 1 1/2 years and they just could not find any thing.

Girls keep your head up, God loves us and wants to bless us with babies, in His precious timing.

Good luck and congrats Lili!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



lili246 - September 12

Ever since I started my period for the first time at my 14 years old. I have had irregular periods. The would go from CD 36 to CD54 at the highest. That is why I was having problems getting pregnant by not knowing which days I was more fertile. Thats when a friend suggested for me to take my temps. everyday so I would get an idea, thats how she got pregnant!
Then Liz a friend from this forum suggested to take green tea because I couldn't tell my CM, it was so hard to tell when I had the fertile EWCM. Until last month that I started drinking the green tea. The day I notice that I had lots of EWCM we BD that night and the night after and I think that was it, because I am now pregnant! So there are lots of people that I need to thank for the support.
Renee, Liz, and Ivonne, she's not in this forum but is a friend from college that I don't know where she is at the time! Also Nancy, because she was such a help when I had lots of questions about the ovulex, she gave me her hand and shared all her info with me and that how I decided to buy the ovulex!
And all of you girls because your support was such a help and it made me feel in home.

My husband and I are excited we just told my parents yesturday, my mom still can't believe it she thinks that we are playing.
My lil boy love lil kids I know that he even gave me a kiss on my belly which it's not big now but it will get big pretty soon. I hope he loves his lil brother/sister, he is going to be the big brother but for me still my lil baby. I just know that he will love his new baby boy/girl.

Well God did finally listen to my prayers and he will listen to you 2 Renee, keep that faith because with faith everything is possible, and God will bless you soon same with our other friends here. We will have lots of BFP every month like summer said.

Take Care and keep praying!
God Bless!



lili246 - September 12

Thanks Snoopy and keep on trying your turn will come soon my friend!



tross - September 12

Thats so great Lili. I hope all the best for you and a healthy pregnancy.

I am still waiting for my period. If I don't have it by Sunday I'll take a test. I have felt really sick to the stomach this week...so that could be a good sign, we'll see! I just told my friend about ovulex. Over the summer she had had that ivf procedure with no luck...so hopefully she'll be joining us soon on the ovulex. Tross


lili246 - September 12

The best of Luck Tross,
I felt that way 2 before I tested and came positive. I felt some pain in my stomach like if AF was coming and that made me doubt about me being PG, until the day I tested and saw the big surprise BFP.
Hopefully you catch the baby dust I am sending out and this is your month 2. I hope so.
Good Luck Girl!

Keep us posted!



RNORST - September 12

Good luck Tross, keep us posted.



tross - September 13

Thanx for the encouragment guys.....yah, I am still having an upset stomach mostly at night. No sign of the big P except some mind cramps. It's hard to not think about it as it gets closer and closer to testing time. But, generally I'm happy, I'm not emotional about it this time. I called my friend yesterday who's husband works at Phizer, to see if he could get me my usual discounted preg-test. And on top of that, my baby boy started pre-school this week, so I have alot more time to let my mind be consumed with this. So, I'm gonna go.....need to refocus, clean house, do chores, etc. Talk to you soon.........Tross.


RNORST - September 13

Tross, what cd are you on? How long have you been ttc?
Good luck and I will be praying for you.

I'm on cd 13 and my Dh won't be home until cd 15 so I hope I don't miss O. But then again I might not be able to get preg, until I get this retain tissue off of my utreus.



wantababylots - September 13

good luck tross-- we will be praying for you.
I am doing pretty well on my medications. i have noticed a change in my mood- for the better which is good. I am loosing weight really fast which im not wure if that is good or bad to be loosing it so fast while ttc. but Im on the road to a healthier and better adn fertile me so im excited for whats to come.

I want to thank all of you guys. What am inspiration you all are to me. im so lucky to have such strong women here going through the same battle of stuggle with me. I love you all!!

Good luck to everyone. you are in my prayers.



ticklinivory - September 13

What would be a good temp? I usually don't take my temp but for the past week my temp has stayed at 97.6. Compared to lili's it is 1.2 below hers but I was just checking. I have been really tired and felt a little crampy. I've been having some indigestion issues and my bbs are sore, but that could be the vitex. Any ideas! I was thinking about testing on friday or saturday morning to check. I've been having off and on nauseousness too. Thanks ladies, Denise


RNORST - September 13

Denise, Have you ever taken your temps before? Most people there temps are around 97.4-97.8 before O, then after O, temps usaully jump up to 98.3 and up. If you are preg your temps will stay high like 98.8 and up., but you body temp may be totally differnt ! I have read before that your temps should be above 98.0 to keep the egg at a good temp. What cd are you on? If you are ttc its a good idea to take your temps every morning, before you do any thing. I took my temps and got preg the first two times on the first try. Taking your temps will also tell you if you are O.
Well good luck, lets pray for a BFP!



lynn52377 - September 13

Good afternoon ladies..
I have been sick to my stomach for almost a week and it felt like i was constipated ...occ still does.. I know this is not the problem felt really bloated Also bb's really sore on the sides. 6 days till testing but i tested anyways ..BFN which i knew. too early Do you think it's just the start of AF?

Lila how are you feeling? I am so excited for you. What kind of sx's did you have before you got your BFP?


ticklinivory - September 13

I have not ever taken it. I have the bbt but used it for about 2 weeks at first. Anyway, I have no idea what cd I'm on. I haven't had a period since the end of June beginning of July. Thank you for your advice. I'd would like to keep my fingers crossed but I've been wrong before about being pg and it's disappointing.



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