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jay_nelle - October 8

HI Everyone!

Haven't posted in a while. Got threw my first bottle of ovulex nothing yet. I was spotting a little but it has sense stopped. I went to the doctor to see what this new one said she refered me to a obgyn FINALLY. I just want to have a normal period (or some what) so I can calculate when I am O ....So frusterating.

I hope everyone is having agood weekend. I only have to work 3 days this week taking off to Seattle...:-)



wantababylots - October 9

Hi Everybody-- Its been a while.. here is my update. I have been expecting AF to show up for a while now-- I am on day 45 of my cycle and Im gettng worried again.. its been 6 weeks since i have been on ovulex and my other meds to regulate hormones and still nothing. I have another apt with my obgyn tommorrow and they will do another blood test to see if anything has changed. I have been throwing up everything I eat for the last 2 weeks.. its not fun and im not really sure why im sick-- probably because i uped the dosage on metformin to taking 4 a day.

On another note... a friend of mine got married about 6 months ago and has been ttc and had 2 miscarrages early on but got the news 2 weeks ago that she was pregos again-- 10 weeks in yesterday she lost it. She is a wreck-- I used to say-- well at least she can get preg but I think her situation is way worse than mine-- keep her in your prayers.

Jenelle-- good luck at the obgyn-- what did your doctor say? have fun in Seattle.\



wantababylots - October 9

hey everyone---

what color are your ovulex pills-- I jsut heard that some are different why is that? mine are in a white bottle with purple writing and the pills are brown-
I heard some are blue and some are green...


Rachy - October 9


This topic has been raised on the ovulex site (http://ovulex.19.forumer.com/) as it had happened to some of those people too. I think you can find the thread under the ovulex discussion room part. Apparently selmedica have slightly changed the appearance of the product but not the contents but obviously there are still some of the "old" bottles kicking about. HTH xxx


Rachy - October 9


Just another thing about the ovulex site that is mentioned in the above post, there is now a new fertility blend discussion room so please come by if it is helpful for you.

Thanks xxxxxxxxxx


lili246 - October 9

I will be praying for you hope that everything goes well today at your sugery. We are all thinking of you girl, the best of Luck.

God Bless You!



Rachy - October 9

Hi again,

I have just checked out the ovulex site and it has been massively updated!!! Please pop along and see what you think. I have high hopes for the site and it seems ot be coming along well.


- I just checked out your pregnancy ticker. Did you use ovulex to assist you in getting pregnant? I am currently on ovulex (hence my interest in the aforementioned ovulex site) and have just created a TTC ticker - I look forward to having a pregnancy one like yours one day! :-)

If anyone has any ovulex/fertility blend success stories then be sure to vist the site so we can start to have faith in the product we are using........... xxxx


lili246 - October 9

Yes I used ovulex for almost two months and stopped them because that's when I found out that I was pregnant. I really had faith in ovulex and yes it did help for me. With faith everything is possible. I am very happy that I had a BFP and can't wait till my baby is born.
Keep the faith and keep on trying, you'll become of of us pretty soon.



Rachy - October 9

Wow thats fantastic!! That makes me feel so much better as there are a lot of ovulex scare stories around. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. All the very best xxxxxxx


lili246 - October 9

Thank You Rachy,
I know I was so confuse and not sure if ovulex was a good thing but I decided to take it after some advise from friends in this forum and look it was a good choice. Hope that your dreams come true soon.
So do you have any kids?


Rachy - October 9

Hi lili,

No I don't have any kids yet unfortunately but I do have a long list of reasons why I've struggled to have any so far!!! I'm pinning a lot of hopes on ovulex so your success story really cheered me up. Will mention it to a friend of mine who could do with a boost too as she is also taking ovulex. It seems to be working with both our cycles but I guess time will tell as to whether we get a BFP in a month or three. Keep your fingers crossed for us both xxxxxxxxxx


lili246 - October 9

Ofcourse I will be thinking of all of you girls. I want all of you to get a BFP. Don't worry just have faith and trust in ovulex and be patient and you'll be alright. Time will tell and pretty soon you'll be receiving great news.
I wish you the best and that for ovulex to work as soon as possible.
Keep trying and heads up.



twinsmum - October 10

Hello Ladies,

Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while but work is been very busy and my Dh has done something to the computer at home that it takes forever to load up.

I hope everyone is well.I am a little concerned because, I am on CD38 and on day 36 from when I started using ovulex. I have not got af yet. I am normally on time apart from may be once in six months. I have been faithful with the ovulex timing. I try to take my pills at 9Am and 8Pm. but about twice or so I forgot and I took it as soon as I remembered. Could that have messed up my cycle? Please help. For those that Ovulex has worked for were they always taking the pills on time or were they late on occassions also. Please help as I am going crazy. I can't even tell share my fears with DH because he was not sure that taking ovulex was a good idea.

Thank you. :(


sammy71 - October 10

The first two months I was on Ovulex AF arrived 5 days late. Since it makes you ovulate longer it makes your cycle go farther out. I know several of the ladies taking Ovulex went almost 45 days without AF the first month.

Hope that eases your fears. Sammy71


lili246 - October 10

I can't remember, but I think that the first day I took ovulex I went way off on my cycle past 46 days I think I need to check on my calendar from back then. But I am pretty sure that af didn't come till weeks later.
I wasn't always on time while I was taking ovulex. I even forgot to take then some days but as soon as I remember I would take them. I wasn't always on time on the hours I would take them so that should not be a problem I don't think.

Good Luck~

Hope that you are doing fine, I am thinking of you girl. Keep us posted on how it went yesturday.



lili246 - October 10

Great news I just finish talkiing to the AIM program the insurance for my pregnancy and they said that I was approved and effective in Ocotber 16. So anytime next week I should be all set to make my first doctors appointment and check on us.
I am happy because I finally got approved and I can check that my baby is ok.

God Bless...




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