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lili246 - October 3

I do get some cramps once in a while but they are not bad and I think I get those cramps because because I have been eating spicy food and that is what makes me feel those cramps and even go to the bathroom.
But I am so scared I hope that I don't get a m/c I hope that everything is ok with my baby. I will need all your prayers. And if I get those watery dischage.


RNORST - October 3

Lili, just keep praying, this baby is also God's child and He will do what's best. Everything will be fine. When I had my cramps they were bad cramps, worst than period cramps. I will be praying for you. Did you call back the insurance company yet? If it doesn't cost to much, I think I would go to the doc. I'am sure it would make you feel alot better.

Steph, I'm sorry what you went though. What other test are they running on you? Keep the faith and never give up. If you have enough faith as small as a mustard seed you can move mountians (infertility mountian). I'm working on my mountaim right now and with God it is possaible.

Baby dust to all



lili246 - October 3

I am thinking of you. I hope that everything comes back normal and I am so sorry if you did m/c. I've been worry because I have had some watery discharge and that worries me alot. My mom said that as long it is not bleeding I should be ok. I really hope that I am ok me and my baby. I really want to have this baby and we are so excited and can't wait to see him in our arms. I was hoping and trying for a few months until now that God had bless you with our pregnancy and hope that God keeps blessing us with a healthy pregnancy and lead us all the way through delivery day. I hope that this watery dischage is nothing serious. I try to keep positive and think only positive things.

Sorry girls I didn't finish my sentence in the previous message because had to run and go pick up my niece at school but once I got there she had already gone home with her mom. But I was saying that I hope I don't anymore of those watery discharge or if I do is because the baby is growing and some of that fluid is just pushing down and something not to worry about. Sorry but I just try to keep positive and God please keep blessing me and my baby for a full term pregnancy and healthy.
I take any advise and opinions they are always welcome I just want to know what is going on and maybe this is some usual.

If like I didn't finish the last sentence if I still get those watery discharge in the next days I will have to go and see a doctor any one and who cares if I have to pay I just want to make sure my baby is ok and is in no danger. It really doesn't matter how much I pay that is the less thing I worry about.

So how are you doing, are you finish with af.

Well girls take care and please keep my baby in your prayers.
God Bless!!



sammy71 - October 3

I wondered where you had been. You and YJ started on this board with me and I was feeling lonely. I'm so sorry for all the emotions your body has put you through over the last few months. Hopefully, doctors can figure it all out for you. Like so many has said keep the faith. If Mahogany Heart can get a BFP after 14 years you can too. Stay positive and look at the miscarriage as God's way of telling you there is still hope. As much as we don't want to hear it "time heals all things". My prayers are with you and I'm sending blessings your way. Hugs, Sammy71


lili246 - October 3

I will call the insurance today later tonight, but yeah like I said if I get that again which I hope not I will go straight to the doctor and check just to be in the safe side. I know that everything will be ok and that God is infront ot me leading the way and he will help me go thought this safe I trust in God and he will not leave alone.
I have faith and I beleive in God!

Thank you for everything Renee.
I will go to church today and pray for my healthy pregnancy, my family and for all of you.



YJ - October 4

Hi Steph & Sammy,

Yes, sorry I hv been away for some time also. I was taking some time off from all these waiting and worrying...and hopefully I managed to get myself closer to God.
Steph - Im sorry to hear abt what just happened. But not to fret. I always believe that whatever happens, there is always something good behind it, tho we may not realise it. So, hang in there ya. Just keep the faith & trust in HIM.

Sammy - how hv u been? Its funny cos I hv not been visiting this page for some time now and suddenly I had this urge to open up again and there is your message to Steph & me. I hv stopped taking ovulex last month and am just hoping that nature takes its course soon. The festive season & christmas is coming soon and I can't bear to be with family and friends who will start bormbarding me with questions on when I am gonna hv a baby.

Mahogany Heart - My heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to you my dear! Am sooo very happy for you. Felt like I was on a roller coaster ride when I rread that you got a BFP! Sooo exciting! Wishing you a smooooth journey throughout your pregnancy...



YJ - October 4

Oh btw dear sisters,

Before I forget, thot I should share this lil info with you. I hv a friend who has had problems conceiving...I suppose it was just a case of unexplained infertility. So one day someone suggested her to try taking a type of supplement called Essential Vitamins - Mangosteen & Aloe Vera. She says its a liquid form of multivitamins. She took it daily and 2 months later, she conceived.

Just sharing....



sammy71 - October 4

It's great to hear from you. I also stopped taking the Ovulex in August but only because I thought it was a BFP and then got so discouraged that I haven't started back. I ended up with a respitory infection for three weeks and then followed that up with a kidney infection so I didn't want to take the ovulex and antibiotics. I figured I've got two bottles left so I might go ahead and use them up after AF comes this month. I'm thinking about going ahead with the laproscopic surgery...I said that would be the last step for me. Nothing else seems to have worked over the last 13 years.

I agree the Holiday season is coming and it is the hardest time of the year for all of us suffering with infertility. We will have to stay close together and keep each others spirits up. Take care and Hugs to you and Steph. Sammy71


gavinsmommy - October 4

Hi Sammy,

I don't know if you were able to peek back on Mahogany's Bfp thread again but I just wanted to let you know that I posted something there for you. If you get a chance take a look at it and run it through your mind which I know is already over burdened.

Take care and Much sticky baby dust your way!!!



tross - October 4

Lili, I agree that you should get checked out. It could be nothing, but it could be something. One thought is that some women get placenta previa(the placenta can get in the way a bit,I can't remember exactly)I had it, it typically moves where it should, but it can be dangerous. So I would get checked out, for sure. You just want to be safe. About the money and no insurance issue. Try calling a Planned Parenthood Clinic. Some of them are very nice and you may only pay 10 dollars to be seen. They can do ultra sounds and other testing. Check into that. Good luck let us know how it goes. tross


sammy71 - October 4

I got your message on MH thread and wanted to tell you thank you. My DH and co-workers all think I should have the laproscope. DH said, "it's been 17 years don't you think technology has changed since then". I also read on my doctor's website that I can have a local or spinal block which makes me feel a whole lot better.

We are headed to Sea World this weekend for Colin's birthday so I will think and pray during the 8 hour car trip and make a decision. I'll be 36 in January so I guess nows the time to do it if I'm going to.

Again, thank you for the thoughts, prayers and encouragement. Baby dust to you as well. Sammy71


lili246 - October 4

Tross and Renee,
Thank you girls for caring. I am feeling great today no nauseas or anyother symptoms. Just getting hungry all the time.
I am hoping I won't get that again, but just in case I do I will go staight to a doctor just to be in the safe side.
I was thinking that maybe I did way too much on my sons birthday party. All day walking around and finishing what needed to be finish you know how busy you get in partys especially when the clown had me participating against my husband and trying to win him. I finished so tired and I think that was the cause of it. But hopefully pretty soon I will have my insurance and have my first doctors appointment. I am now at the point of trying to look for a doctor and a hospital close to where I live. So hopefully god helps me and my baby and lead us all the way through a healthy pregnancy.

Thank you for caring and God Bless us all!



cov1929 - October 5


am happy to hear you are feeling better hopefully you will have your insurance soon and you will be able to make sure everything is good with the baby and you. Hope you keep on feeling good. Take Care and May god bless you.

Baby Dust to all of us TTC.


gavinsmommy - October 5

Hi Sammy,

I will be praying for you as well. It all sounds promising. I really hope you go for it. I know you would hate to think later on that you passed this by and that might have been the answer. This way you know that you have tried every option out there. 36 is still young!! Have a nice birthday with Colin and wish him a nice happy birthday from me.

Mega sticky baby dust your way!!!!!


ChristinaL - October 5

Hello to everyone,
I just wanted to say thanks for the words of encouragement and understanding. You are all in my prayers and I'm so glad I found this site and all of you girls. For so long I felt like I was the only woman I knew that had trouble ttc. All around me women were getting prego on accident and here I was trying and wishing and never getting what I wanted. Well now, thanks to all of you wonderful women, my DH and I have decided to save up some money and get Ovulex! I am very confident that it will work for us. Hey, I have to keep on hoping, if I lose the hope then where would I be? I just wanted to let u girls know how much you have helped and believe me its A LOT!!!!! So, hopefully in about a month I too will be on the Ovulex.

Once again thanks to you all. And of course, baby dust to each and everyone of us!!!!!


lili246 - October 5

Thank you very much for your prayers they really help. I am feeling good and thank god that I haven't had any more of that discharge. I've been resting alot and trying not to do any heavy lifting. Which that may be the cause. I shoul dbe receiving news from the insurance pretty soon. So I'll let you all now when I do and make a doctors appoint. right away just in case. Hope that my baby is ok.

God Bless all of us!




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