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Mahogany Heart - September 10

[size=4]Welcome a new Home. [/size]

[size=4]Keep the Faith!!![/size]

[move] :) ;) :D ;D 8) :P :-* [/move]


HopingAndSharing - September 10

Hi there, am still awaiting my bottle of Ovulex. The person who I am buying it off has just told me not to do anything for the first 4 weeks of taking Ovulex?!!!

Is this right? I don't think I can abstain for 4 weeks?! And what difference do you think it would make waiting 4 weeks?


NANCY - September 10

Hoping and Sharing I never heard of that.

MH I just want to let you know that I had a dream last night that you posted and told us that you finally conquered infertility!!!! I thought that it was so weird when I came down to the computer to see that You had posted on Let's Conquer this Infertility after no one posting since 2/06. Hopfully my dream is right!!!

Much baby dust to you and everyone here!!!!!!!



Mahogany Heart - September 10


Actually this is my fertile window this up coming week. I do receive your dream. I see my RE September 18 which will be cd 20 for me. My OB/GYN gave me up. I really didn't want to see one but I decided to go ahead.


NANCY - September 10

wow isn't that funny that I was dreaming about you around your fertile time!!! Much baby dust your way!!!


wantababylots - September 11

Denise-- my doctor put me on Spironolactone for my hormones and mataformin for my insulin levels. Insulin levels have alot to do with hormone levels so maybe you should check that out.
I was having irregular periods that were getting later and later every month till i had one that was 61 days and i got scared and went to the OBGYN. you will never ovulate if your testosterone levels are too high.
Good luck to you.

hopeing and sharing-----
i have never heard of not doing anything for 4 weeks into ovulex. Some people get preg the first month on ovulex so i would not advise to wait at all. Just keep up the faith. Everything will work out.

Good luck to all you ladies!!
Keep praying.


snooppy707 - September 11

Hello, it took me a while to find the site.

HopingAndSharing, I didn't hear of that either. My specialist said to go as much as possible. My blessings are with you.

BaBy Dust To All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ticklinivory - September 11

See I have the testosterone problem, it is too high. So how do I get it down. I was put on met but my insulin levels are normal. what does the spiro do? Everytime I have the hormone test done the only thing that shows up abnormal is my testosterone. I am taking vitex right now so maybe that will help, my bbs have been hurting for a couple days now and only been on vitex for about 2 weeks. Hopefully that's a good sign.


ticklinivory - September 11

Did you see the side effects of spiro, I searched about the drug and it doesn't look good for us who are ttc. here it is.
SIDE EFFECTS: Enlargement of the breasts (gynecomastia) is a not infrequent side effect. Rare side effects include diarrhea, cramps, drowsiness, rash, impotence, irregular menstrual periods, and irregular hair growth.
It will treat excessive hair growth but you might want to ask the doctor about it. It has anti-androgen properties but those who are ttc need that to my knowledge.


lili246 - September 11

Ladies I got a..................BFP!.........

tested on saturday with those cheap test strip and it showed a double line. I couldn't believe it so tested another time at night and got the same thing. Then yesturday sunday I tested again with a better PG test and for sure got a BFP!
I was so surprise and still can't believe it. I do feel with some nauseas and yesturday I was eating like if I hadn't eaten in months..lol So I am so happy that my son is going to have a lil brother or sister. He loves little babies and I hope he doesn't get jeoulous.
Well I am so happy. So I better start finding an insurance that will cover me all the way to birth, because I don't have any insurance up to this point.

Thanks for all your support it really did help me. God finally blesses me with PG and I am going to enjoy it all the way.

Renee, I did it girl thanks for your support. Ovulex did help for me and hope it helps for all of you 2. Keep the faith and heads up that your turn is around the corner.

I will tell my baby to send all of you that lucky baby dust he/she has.

Thanks to God and to all of you!



ticklinivory - September 11

That is so awesome. I had a feeling. You know, I'm kind of sad though. I had a dream about fish last night which is usually a fertility sign that you or someone is prego and I wished it were me but I am so happy for you. At least you don't have to worry if ovulex is working anymore, now you know and you can tell everyone else you know about it. I have a feeling I am close though. I can't wait for my ovulex to come in. Congrats again.
Best wishes and keep us updated on your progress.


wantababylots - September 11


i did talk to my doctor about it and i have experienced diareah and nausia the first few days on it but everything is ok after that. I am on it with the other med too and they work together in some ways and i cant get pregnant till my testosterone is down and after that is normal then i can get pregnant. I feel a little moody too on it but its not too bad. My OBGYN told me that it might be a while before i can get preg but the spiro will help me get to that point faster. I told her that i was taking ovulex too and she said that was great. she said that the ovulex will help my periods and ovulation and work right along with spiro.

LILI-- Congrats!! im so happy for you. How long were you on ovulex??
Good luck with the pregnancy!
i hope everything goes great.



ticklinivory - September 11

That's good. I was just worried when I saw it. Yeah, the metformin gave me all of that too. It didn't work for me though. I'm hoping my hormones straighten out with just the ovulex. It has vitex in it for hormones so I hope that will work for me. I hope that we all can get pg too. Lili conquered it now it's our turn.


lili246 - September 11

Thanks you, I am so excited that I was wakeing up alot last night I am surprise and still can't believe it. But don't worry your turn will be coming soon. I know how it feels when you hear that other people is PG. But keep the faith and keep on trying. I know that ovulex will work for you as it did work for me. Good Luck girl. For sure I'll keep you all posted about my pregnancy.

Thank you also, I was on my second bottle of ovulex about to finish it but stopped on it last friday as soon as I realize that I was PG I stopped taking them. So don't worry girl your turn is coming around the corner aswell and we will get lots of BFP this month, and you girls will be one of them.

Much Baby Dust to all of you!
God Bless.



springs - September 11


Congratulations!!!!!! I am soooo excited for you!!!!

How long were you trying for #2?


lynn52377 - September 11

CONGRATS!!!!!...Way to go
I am so happy for you ...How are you feeling?


lili246 - September 11

Springs and Stacey,
thank you girls.
I am having nauseas throughout the day but beside that everything is great. I am so excited still can't believe it. I kinda mention something about it yesturday to my parents but they don't know that I am pregnant for sure, I'll wait till I get out from work and tell them the surprise, I bet my poor mom is the one who takes care of my 2year old son will say hear we go again, starting all over, the reason I say this is because my son is way active which I thank god for. And my mom will have to take care of my #2 baby but not until May, 2006 of God willing. So hear I am so happy for me but also keepong you all in my prayers and soon you'll turn will come. Keep the faith just like I did and never lose it because with faith everything is possible see look at me, also give ovulex a try because I think it did help me for sure after all that time wanting to conceive well not as a long time like other girl have waited like more than 2 years.
But I stopped using protection since December of 2005 and since then we were trying with no success till July when I order the ovulex.

keep on trying girls that your time will come and I think that we are having lots of BFP this month!

Good Luck and Lots of Baby Dust!!




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