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lili246 - August 11


Is that normal? What do you think? Yeah it seems that AF is about to go. I just get scared cause like I said AF would be so long it would take around 6 to 7 days to go. And since I haven't had anything like this it worries me. But it's nice to hear that someone has had it also not only me, so I guess it is normal, don't you think.
May it helps AF to be shorter than normal.

Well thanks for letting me know Sammy. I really feel much better.


-Baby Dust to all of us!


jackie - August 11

Moira, I know what you mean about being scared of parenthood. I went through it big time. Every time i am pg I feel overwhelmed and depressed. My 24 yr old niece just had her first and she's in dental school. Went back right after baby. She said "Oh I feel wonderful". She's and her husband are staying with her parents and her mother has help at home for her own younger school age siblings. Most of us don't have that support. Does it get better? Yes but there is definitely an adjustment period. Tell me what you're scared of and I'll tell you how I got through it.

Lilli I've been having the cramps too. Is it a sign of something wrong? I never used to have them before. It worries me. We all take the herbals and we are trusting but I wonder. I wanted to give my boy Omega 3,6,9 fish oil and my husband started screaming that I would kill him. What could be the harm. They say it helps and helps brain development and concentration. Anyone know anything?


lili246 - August 11


It worries me to but I try to keep positive, I really trust in herbs and hope that I am trusting Ovulex for a good reason. That it may help me get pregnant.
I hope that the cramps are nothing bad or something to be worry about, I'll see for a few more weeks of for some reason I am still having those cramps I will have to discontinue those pills.

I am sorry Jackie, I don't really know anything about the Omega fish oil! Does anyone know about it?



grandmaof2 - August 12

Hello ladies sorry that I have not posted for a while but I was with my husband on the road (a honey moon). Well it was like a second honey moon because our 8th. anniversary was on tuesday the 8th of this month. We have been together a total of 13 yrs but married 8 yrs. We are more in love today then when we first met. The bad thing is that I was not -o-ing when we were together I am just now on cd11 and the last night that we were together was on cd10. I am on my 3rd full week of ovulex so this is my first cycle to be on ovulex and I am taking the geritol tonic along with it. The only thing is that my boobs aren't getting big so send some of that side affect my way becuase I can sure use a little more in that area. The nausea stopped but the mood swings are worse. I want to cry all the time. Sorry that I am going on and on but I am so excited that I got to spend this week with my husband (He has not been home in a month).

Hope every one is doing fine and wonderful. I am going to read all the post that I missed to catch up with all the new info.

Best wishes and good health to all


moira - August 13

Thanks Jackie I realy am not sure what I am afraid of.. Mainly that we don't have any family that lives near by. He travels 70% or more of the time so I would be alone... I guess that scares me the most.


NANCY - August 13

Hello Ladies

Back from vacation and had to do plenty of catch up reading!!

Amie and Brite Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie Ann I did both I took clomid and BD and also clomid with IUI.

Yaliz if you are starting IVF that is a very expensive way to go I would ask your doctor his thoughts on if you should take Ovulex or not.

I just want to let everyone else know that I am thinking about you all.

Much baby dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LeslieAnn - August 14

Hey everyone! How was everybody's weekend? The Iowa State Fair is on here, so we went to that, it was hot and muggy outside but still lots of fun. And we had a wedding to go to so that was beautiful and fun. I'm still waiting to O, hopefully I will get a + opk in the next few days.

Renee~ That's too bad that you're not feeling good. Hopefully it gets better. I don't want to discourage anyone, but I have felt SO much better since stopping the Ovulex. For awhile there I was getting headaches all the time and I was always getting weird sensations in my gut. I did read that those symptoms decrease over time, though, so I probably just didn't stick it out long enough.

Stacey~ How did it go with your pg test? It would be nice if you got a bfp, but even if you didn't, don't feel bad, it will come. And we all know what it feels like to get those bfn's, so you're not alone. :(

grandmaof2~ Congrats on your anniversary! DH and I celebrated our first anniversary a few weeks ago. It is amazing how quickly time goes by! It doesn't seem like we've been married a year already, although DH jokes (I hope he's joking) that it seems like we've been married FOREVER already. :)

Lili~ I also had lighter periods while on Ovulex. Mine lasted the same number of days, but I really only had one day that was heavy flow, the rest were very light.

Moira~ It can be very scary to have kids when your husband is gone a lot, but it's not so bad. My sister's husband is an army ranger, so he's overseas a LOT, even when we're not in a war. They have 3 children together and I know that sometimes it's very challenging for both her and her DH. She also lives very far away from us so we can't always help her out. But she does have a support system, she can call us whenever things are tough, and she has become a very strong person and a great mom. Do you have family you can call and talk to? Even that helps a lot sometimes. And I think everybody is kind of scared sometimes about parenthood, it's a normal feeling.

GL and baby dust!



sammy71 - August 14

Hey all.
Three days until testing and I've got a few symptoms. Backache, mild nausea, breast tingling and heartburn. I hope that means something good. We'll see...keep me in your prayers.

Hope everyone else is doing okay and I wish everyone luck.

Baby Dust, Sammy71


Andrea - August 14

just wanted to pop in and say hi
was on this board a lot last year until ovelex did it for me!!!!
had my son 3 weeks ago - healthy 7 lbs 14oz - he's perfect!!!
good luck to everyone on ovulex it worked for us!


ness319 - August 14

Hello to all the ladies on this board..... This is my first month on Ovulex and Geritol Tonic, I am on cd 22 out of a 27 day cycle and have started some bleeding today when I went to the restroom but my bbt temp is still at 98.6. I decided to take Ovulex because I thought that it could help with my spotting before my menses starts (Luteal Phase Def.). But it looks like Ovulex has not done much for me this month. I have not experienced any side effects nor any delay in my ovulation which occured on cd 13. I was so hopeful this month, everything seemed to have been aligned in perfect order for conception. I guess I will keep on taking Ovulex and see how next month goes. Has anyone had any experience with progesterone cream and its effectiveness? I think that I will add that starting next ovulation time. Sorry for this being long, a little sad and just wanted to get this out of my system. Many baby dust to all..... ?


sammy71 - August 14

Hey Ness319,
Give Ovulex a little time. It can take up to 9 months to be completely effective.

I have used progesterone cream and it worked to regulate my system but did nothing for fertility. Make sure that if you use it you use it days 5 through 21 and don't stop in between or your AF will start. That's the hardest thing about it because if you forget to use it within 24 hours you start AF.

I used it every morning and alternated rubbing it on my bottom, breasts and thighs. You aren't suppose to put it in the same place everytime since it is transdermal and absorbed through the skin.

You can order it online. Watch for websites that give you buy on bottle get one free. You should be able to get two bottles for about $29.00 plus free shipping.

To learn more about it check our Dr. Lee's book called, "What Doctors don't tell you about Menopause". He also has a really good website with lots of information on infertility.

Hope that helps. Keep the faith. Sammy71


sammy71 - August 14

Congratulations Andrea..

You inspire me!



Cassee - August 14

I have not taken it personally, but I used to work with a women who was a Nutritionist, she swore by Codliver oil, especially for children. It has all the vitamin D they might need and it helps build strong bones and teeth. I have taken her advise on many things and she has never steered me wrong. If you still dont feel comfortable Research, research, research!


LeslieAnn - August 14

Sammy~ Good luck! Hopefully this is your month! When will you test?

Andrea~ Congratulations on your healthy baby boy! What did you name him, if you don't mind telling?

ness319~ I haven't used progesterone cream, but I have heard good things about it. I'm trying B6 right now to lengthen my luteal phase, as it was only 11 days last month. Hopefully it will work! GL!



NANCY - August 14


I just want you to know that my breast tingling was my sign. Ilooked that up on the internet and it was a sign of pregnancy. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much baby dust to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lili246 - August 14

Thanks Andrea,
You give us hope!!




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