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StephMalkowski - August 10

Hello Ladies,

Welcome to all the newcomers and Congratulations to the new success stories!

It's been a while since I've posted....sorry....I've been very busy with resumes and interviews (I'll be layed off Oct. 20th). As for me I've stopped Ovulex (after being on it since May 10th, I stopped on Monday). It made AF 24 days late the first month and when it finally did come it lasted another 24 days. I've decided to continue the geritol tonic and green tea. I began having some brown discharge since Sunday evening (sorry TMI), so I'm assuming that AF will be back again either full force or it's a light one this month, but at least it's back to what would be my "normal" cycle.

It's good to hear from you. I too have been reading the new posts, just haven't posted in a while. Hope all is well with you!

Good luck and baby dust to all!!!!!!!



snooppy707 - August 10

I've only been on it for a little while. I have noticed lately my breast seem a little bigger. Well my husband noticed it.Anyway, I too am a little gassy. No soreness in the nipples though. And I seem to be on track.

Baby Dust To All


springs - August 10

Congrats to Amie and Brite!!!

I haven't posted in a while but I have been taking Ovulex for 12 days. It has made me a little gassy but what I have noticed is an increased sex drive (yeah!). That's a great side effect. The only wierd thing that happens is every once in while I will get a wave of dizziness. It passes pretty quick.

I have question for you all.....I have been using a fertility monitor with this cycle and it says that I have not ovulated yet, but today I had without question EWCM. Do you think it is possible to have fertile EWCM and not ovulate? DH and I BD'd just in case. Any input would be great!



sammy71 - August 10

I'm on my 3rd cycle but 2nd bottle of Ovulex. The first month I noticed lots of changes even thought I would have a BFP. I had 10 symptoms of early Pregnancy. But alas nothing.

My second month no symptoms and no ovulation. But this month I ovulated on day 17 and had extreme amounts of CM. I've had about 9 symptoms and am have fatigue all day. We'll see.

I've got 2 more bottles of Ovulex so I'm just going to keep taking it until I'm done. Even if I don't get a BFP my AF is shorter, lighter and less painful. For the last two month I've not had any cramps or passed any clots.

And yes, the website said it could take up to 9 months. Since I've had infertility for almost 13 years I figure it's going to take a while to sort out and regulate my hormones.

Baby Dust everyone and good to hear from you Steph,


LeslieAnn - August 10

Hey everyone! How is everybody doing? I am just waiting to o, no weird symptoms this month since I started using the supplements separately. So that's good!

snoopy~ I think it's normal to be gassy at first on Ovulex. I was extremely gassy my first month, and then it got better.

springs~ I usually get EWCM a day or two before I o, so it's possible that you could be o'ing sometime in the near future. Or, it is possible for your body to "gear up" to ovulate and then not do so. This usually happens because of excessive stress. There's more info on this online at www.peeonastick.com.

Here's some general info for anybody who's interested. I read somewhere that Vitex usually takes about 3 months to regulate the body's hormones, so that could be why some people have had messed up cycles when they first go on Ovulex. I don't remember the specific site where I read this, but I just typed in Vitex effects in a yahoo search and it brought up some pharmacy web-site which detailed the benefits, side effects, etc. of different herbs. It was pretty interesting to read.

Stacey~ Those sound pretty similar to the side effects I had on Ovulex. The only problem is that so many of the side effects are just like pregnant symptoms, so it's hard to tell exactly what's going on! :( GL this month!

GL to everyone else, too!



LeslieAnn - August 10

Lili~ We have been ttc for 11 months now. :( I am going to see an RE at the end of this month. Hopefully he will be able to help. How many kids do you have?



lili246 - August 10

I have one little boy, he is turning 2 years old in september 29. I am excited because his birthday is around the corner.

I think it's about time for me to try for the second one, and up to this point no success.

But lets keep trying, and have faith.

So howz everything with you Leslie.

Af is still visiting me, I plan to do all my best for this month and try the robitussina and green tea hopefully that give me a better idea on cm.

Thanks Leslie.

Best Wishes for your first one!



lili246 - August 10

Sammy, keep trying and don't lose that faith, I hope that Ovulex works soon!

Take Care.



lili246 - August 10

Hows it going with you girl! Is everything alright?
Please keep us posted.



pap123 - August 10

Hello everyone ,
well I have given up ttc . It's been a year for me and I have tried Fertility blend & Ovulex and no such luck. If anything they really threw my periods off course and gave me some strange side effects I figure if it's gods will for me to concieve then I will when he is ready. Well good luck to you all


lili246 - August 10

That is so true. God only knows when our turn will be. It's up to him. So just keep up that faith and pray to him that he will listen to your prayers.

God Bless you all!



Mist - August 11

Congrats Amie & Brite!!! That is so exciting! How is everyone doing? I have 7 days until I ovulate sowe will see how well 3 months on ovulex and green tea works. I have been really faithful and I have been exercising! I feel good so I am changing my tune and thinking positive this month!

I keep getting headaches not bad ones I dunno if Ovuolex has anything to do with it. They don't last long and usually after I drink my tea I feel better. So I can't complain.

Oh yeah and I am extra sensative in emotion and well as breast is that something ovulex could cause? Hope everyone is doing great! Have a blessed evening




Cassee - August 11

Well, I am now on CD 41 Reg CD30 for me and no AF. I have tested twice and get a BFN everytime. It is so hard to be positive. I would give so much to go back in time and made better choices (no depo, and maybe no bcp) at this point I think its better to not be ready to conceive and get pregnant than to want it soo bad and not be able to do anything about it. At least then you have choices. I feel so powerless right now.


lynn52377 - August 11

I totally understand what you are saying ...I feel the same. Are you on ovulex? how long?


moira - August 11

New here and I am very amused at this board... nice to know that I am not alone with the ovulex thing. this is my second month (trying for over a year and a half) This is kind of our last ditch effort before going to the doctors to see if there is anything medicaly impeding conception.

I have realy not had any side effects other that increased sex drive and I realy can;t complain about it (don't think my husband minds either)

I am starting to get deppressed, frustrated and scared... i know it sounds odd but all this time I wanted to get pregnant and the though of being a parent is starting to scare me.


yaliz - August 11

Hello Ladies;

I need really urgent answer. Today I started my IVF medication(LUPRON) . Should I stop taking Ovulex...



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