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kilby - August 9

Hi Ladies! I just ordered my first bottle of Ovulex and should be receiving it in a few days. Do I start taking it immediately ( I'm on CD 6 ) or should I wait until next AF shows? Also...what kind of symptoms have ya'll had while taking it - good and bad.


snooppy707 - August 9

This will be my second cycle taking it. I bought one bottle at first. Then before I ran out I ordered another.

I'm not sure when you are supposed to start taking it. I just ordered and started on my first CD. I'm not sure if it was right.

Today I went to find some of the red clover tea to go along with the green tea everyone suggested. I didn't find it in the regular grocery store. I'm going to have to try Wal Mart Supercenter. They usually have what I can't find any where else. Although, i'm still not sure if I got the right green tea. I got Lipton Instant. It tastes good. I actually love it. I think I drink more than i'm supposed to. My great great aunt Sate said that I needed to concieve on a full moon. You know an old wives tale. Tonight is a full moon. Wish me luck. I'll be praying for us all.


megzrahh - August 9


Has all the information regarding the tablet, including that you dont need to start on a specific day, you can start at anytime of your cycle, it doesnt matter


jackie - August 9

Does anyone wonder what happened to the people who used to post here? Even you Mahogany, you don't say much anymore. Is everyone ok out there? Thanks for your support. Maybe when my little guy really starts talking I'll feel better.


lili246 - August 9

You can start at any time in your cycle. Since you are in CD 6 I suggest you start taking it as soon as you get them. I haven't had any side effects, only for some reason I have gain some weight I am not sure if this is cause of Ovulex??

I wish you Luck, Best wishes! Hope that this is your month!!

Renee and Leslie-
Hows everything with you two ladies? Are you alright! Hang in there girls, together we can!



sammy71 - August 9

Hey Jackie,
I'm still here. On my 3rd month of Ovulex and in the TTW. I'm keeping up with all the postings and we've got alot of new people here. I can't believe how the board is growing.

Mahogany Heart, YJ, Juel and Steph how are you doing. I think Jackie is right, we've been silent way too long. Give us an update of how you are doing. Most of the newbies could probably learn alot from your experience. I think us five have been on Ovulex the longest so far.

Baby Dust to all. Sammy71


Monica - August 9

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in awhile because there has been ALOT going on in my life lately. Yesterday however, we found out that we are having a baby boy that will be due on Christmas Eve......so we are very excited about that.

Soon2bmommy: How are you doing these days?

Jackie: I have your little boy in my prayers.....

Congratulations to all of the new mommies, and for everyone that is still pressing on & trying......PLEASE hold your heads up & KEEP THE FAITH!!

Monica :)


lili246 - August 9

Thank You for your support and your prayers!
Congrats on your news, that you are having a baby boy! Is this your first child?
Keep us posted!
So he will be born somewhere close to Christmas, how exciting!
Take care Girl.

I have you and your little boys in my prayers, I hope the best for you both!

So you have been taking ovulex for two months now? I am waiting for my second bottle to arrive. I am about to finish my first bottle!

You have been taking 3 months of ovulex? Have you notice any difference? I talked to one of the reps. at the ovulex center and they say it might take up to 6 months to conceive. What do you think?

Well Ladies, Lets keep that faith that our turn may be around the corner.

I am going to start my second bottle on ovulex, what about you?



LeslieAnn - August 9

Hey everyone, how is everybody doing today?

Kilby~ I started Ovulex mid-cycle and I don't think I had any more side effects than are normal. And, like megzrahh said, there is something that says you can start at any point in your cycle, I remember reading that.

Lili and Renee~ How are things going for you guys? Renee, hopefully you're doing better now. How is the yoga going? I have always wanted to try yoga, but I haven't done it yet. Maybe someday. :)

Monica~ That's really exciting news! Congratulations! What a great Christmas present for you! ;)

I was also kind of wondering where the long-time posters disappeared to. I would love to hear what you guys have been up to and how it's going!

Jackie~ We are thinking of you and your son. I hope things get better soon. I'm trying to conceive for the first time, but I totally understand those who are wanting to have another child. Sometimes you can just tell that your family isn't complete yet. I have faith that things will work out for and your family. And if you ever need someone to listen, you can always post on here.



Cassee - August 9

I heard someone say the Red clover tea was really yucky! you may want to try the capsules, the ones I am taking guarantee your body should absorbe 375 mg.


lili246 - August 9


I am doing alright, thanks. Af is still visiting me until sunday or monday, so yeah that is not too exciting!!
I will try and do my best this month to get pregnant, I will pray extra for me and for all of you ladies.

So how is it going with you??

Take Care



lili246 - August 9


Let me know how it goes with that stress and yoga DVD. Maybe I'll give it a try as well.


For how long have you been trying to get PG. So this is your first!


snooppy707 - August 9

Thanks. Now I have to play the waiting game. the ovulex had me a little gassy.(If I spelled that right!)

Thanks for the heads up. I didn't know it came in capsules.

Good luck everyone!


snooppy707 - August 9

So far i'm not sure if it's just the ovulex. But, I've been gassy, something like an up and down body temp. They said it was supposed to increase the sex drive or something like that. It hasn't done that for me. That is the one thing that has stayed the same.

I do have a question ladies... When you I heard that when you have your orgasm first it increases your chances.Is that true?


lynn52377 - August 10

Hello All
I have just finished my first bottle of ovulex and i have had some strange sypmtoms.
First of all i have had cramping off and on then lately i noticed that my nipples are bigger than normal and they hurt also the gassiness, but that seems to be the normal any suggestions? does this sound like AF? never noticed this before about the nipples.
I am very irregular so i have no idea when AF is due. Last one was feb 27th
Thannks Stacey


StephMalkowski - August 10

Hello Ladies,

Welcome to all the newcomers and Congratulations to the new success stories!

It's been a while since I've posted....sorry....I've been very busy with resumes and interviews (I'll be layed off Oct. 20th). As for me I've stopped Ovulex (after being on it since May 10th, I stopped on Monday). It made AF 24 days late the first month and when it finally did come it lasted another 24 days. I've decided to continue the geritol tonic and green tea. I began having some brown discharge since Sunday evening (sorry TMI), so I'm assuming that AF will be back again either full force or it's a light one this month, but at least it's back to what would be my "normal" cycle.

It's good to hear from you. I too have been reading the new posts, just haven't posted in a while. Hope all is well with you!

Good luck and baby dust to all!!!!!!!




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