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Konnie618 - September 3

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Hi my name is Denise and I'm new to this board. I have PCOS and want to conceive. I just found the Ovulex site yesterday and am thinking about starting. I was on Metformin for a while but it makes me really sick so the doctor pulled me off. I have no children. I've had a couple ultrasounds and see some cysts. I'm a little late on my mp, but usually am. No pg symptoms and I know I'm not anyway. I use my fm and don't see me ovulate at all. Any suggestions, or just try ovulex? Who are some of the others that have had success with ovulex.
You give hope to all of us! ;D


ttc5years - September 3

I have been on ovulex for 2 1/2 weeks. after 1 1/2 weeks i had alot of bleeding but it has stopped. my husband and i have been trying to conceive for five years. i have had an endometrial biopsy done. and no problems found. all paps are ok. my husband had a sperm count done and it was over 20million. the doctor thinks that i may have a hormaonal imbalance so he put me on bc pills in february took for a couple of months and had to stop too many side effects. please let me know if anyonew has had a positive outcome on ovulex!!!
baby dust to all


lynn52377 - September 4

Good afternoon ladies just dropped by to see if there was any good news...........GL all we can do this !!!!


soon2bmommy - September 5

Well ladies another week - hoping and praying we see more BFP's on here soon. Keep the faith ladies.

Much baby dust to you all.......


HopingAndSharing - September 5

Hi there. I am new to this forum and spent yesterday and today reading all of your posts!!

I am currently awaiting my bottle of Ovulex. My cycles have become irregular and more painful in the last few months and I am hoping that Ovulex will help regulate my hormones and cycles.

Myself and my partner are also trying for a baby. We have only been trying for a couple of months, so it's early days, but I'm hoping Ovulex will help with that too.

xx Baby Dust to All xx


Mist - September 5

Hi ladies,

Welcome to all the new comers! Much baby dust to all!

I am finally done with my Ovulex I have taken 3 bottles and it has not helped me in the slightest. So I am happy its over! I am sure it helped others but it just didn't do a thing for me. So I called my gyno today and we are starting something else!

Hope you all had a great Labor Day!



tross - September 5

Hey Yall! this is the first time I've logged on. I have polycistic ovaries. I was fortunate to have one child so far with the help of clomid. Tried again....and nothing. Injections didn't work. I've been on Ovulex for 1.5 months. Just finished what was possibly my ovulation week...Much woopie, and many hopes, I am awaiting a 28-29 day cycle, or a positive test. I usually have 32-36 day cycles. The first month on ovulex my period started on day 29. I was pretty excited that things seemed to be working. No major side affects, although my doctor said my blood pressure was low, don't know if that could be related. Good luck everyone!


springs - September 5

Hi Everyone!

For anyone who has been taking Ovulex for at least 2-3 weeks or more. Do you all have cramps? I have had cramps on and off, in varying degrees on uncomfort, for about 3 weeks. I have never cramped like this and definitely not throughout my cycle. Any thoughts would be great!



soon2bmommy - September 5

I took Ovulex before i got preg and I cramped maybe the 2nd week in, but it did eventually subside.


ticklinivory - September 5

Hey all,
I haven't had my mp in a while does anyone know what to take to get it. I know I'm not prego and I don't want to wait to get my mp. it's been way too long.
Konnie 618 keep me posted on how it's going. it's exciting to see that PCOS can be kicked.


ambersparkle - September 5

Hey Gals- I know it has been a looooong time since I've been on, so I thought I would stop in and see how everyone is doing...I have really just been in the dumps for about a month now.

I have just finished my second bottle of Ovulex and still haven't even had an AF...I'm not sure what I'm going to do after my last bottle is gone...I guess my hormones are just as screwed up as they can get...

I've been back in school for over a week now! I am so excited about that- I have been wanting to go back, but just could't pull all of the strings to make it happen until now. I am working on a Certification for the state of TX in Child Development Administration so I can open my own preschool!! I'm excited, but SWAMPED with assignments, papers, and I am still holding one of the two jobs that I had, so I am a busy girl nowadays...

Although I am so ecstatic about getting my certification, it's also really hard bc my DH and I still want to get PG and working with all this "Child Development" is hard.

Anyway, I just wanted to check back in and see how everyone else is faring on Ovulex!


wantababylots - September 5

hi to all the new girls. I hope all is going well with everyone!! i get the results of my blood tests and my ovary ultrasound tommorrow so i will keep you all updated. I feel depressed lately just thinking about the worst. I figure preparing for the worst is better than preparing for the best and getting the worst. I really am not expecting good results form what my OBGYN has told me already but i can always keep praying. Good luck to all you that have just started on the ovulex journey.
I was just about to get started when all this medical stuff happened so... I wish all you the best.
I will let you all know about my results.
Baby Dust!!


lili246 - September 6

Welcome to all of you!

I know how it feels I am about to finish my second bottle of ovulex and I am in my luteal phase #10 today I should be testing on monday 9-11-06 if AF doesn't show up. I hope it doesn't and I get lucky this time.
I'll keep praying for you girl.

Best wishes!

Take care.

Leslie and Renee, How are you girl doing is everything alright with you both? Keep us posted?



RNORST - September 6

Hi, girls, It's been a while since I posted last, have been really busy at work.
wantsababylots, Good luck with your blood test, I wanted you to know that I'm praying for you.

Welcome all the new ladies, it's nice to have you here!

Lili, so what cd are you on? Do you have any smyptoms?
keep me posted I'm rooting for you.

I'm on cd 6. My Dh is gone on a fishing trip and will be back for 2 days and then leaves again. He will get back on cd 15. He will leave on cd 12, so we will bd that morn before he leaves and then when he gets home on cd 15. Hope we dont miss O. I usual O around cd 16.
I'm getting excited to go to this new RE, sept. 11th.

I'm still praying for everyone. God will bless us in His precious time.



lili246 - September 6

Good Luck on your blood test don't lose the faith girl and keep trying, I hope that Your blood results come ok without any bad news. Still keep the faith and don't give up. Best wishes!

I am on luteal phase no. 10 and CD 31, waiting for any symptoms of pregnancy I hope! I only have the sore boobs not bad but I guess that is normal with the ovulex. I was getting some nauseas yesturday night but that was it. I just don't want to get all excited or put much attention to it I just want it to happen as a surprise if I am pG. I will keep the faith and never give up because I know that my turn is around the corner and God will listen to my prayers.
You do the same Renee, keep on trying that your turn will come soon.

Take Good care and God Bless you all.



ttc5years - September 6

i recently heard that by taking geritol complete vitamins with the ovulex will increase your chances to be prego, is that true???? I hope something works I am almost done with my first bottle of ovulex and have been praying so hard...I see so many women with their children and I get so jealous.... I guess that is normal.. Well good luck and baby dust to all



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