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soon2bmommy - September 1

Hello Sistahs:

Just wanted to check in and Hello to you all, I spent a lil time catching up -Congratulations to the BFP's and keep the faith to those that are waiting for one.

Luv ya


Daniellea22 - September 1

hey ladies..i just came across this forum while doing research on Ovulex..i was wondering how often you take this and which day of your cycle you start taking it? Im waiting on both af and ovulex to arrive and if i need to start it on cd 1 i hope the ovulex comes first! any input would be great. im just not sure how many times daily you take it etc. thanks!


lili246 - September 1

You may start any day of you cycle, the sooner the better. You take two per day, one in the morning and the other at night it has to be between a 12 hour period. Search on the ovulex site your find that information there. Hope it works.
Good Luck and welcome!



Daniellea22 - September 1

thank you! and do you stop taking it after you ovulate? (i hope that didnt sound stupid)


ticklinivory - September 1

Thank you for your advice. I will give it a try. It could only help. I have some vitex right now that I'm taking in the meantime. I just get sick of seeing others getting prego and not me. I find it very hard to be happy for them even if they are my friends.


RNORST - September 1

Hey girls, can' talk much to day, really busy at work. I got af today. Oh, well I still have complete trust in God, and I BELIEVE it will happen, He is waiting for some reason. My cd are usual 30-31 days and this cycle it was only 29 days? My DH is going fishing for a week and then will be home for 2 days and then gone for another 4 days, It's going to be really close to O day. Hope he is home.

God bless you all.


Charity - September 1


I will keep you in my prayers. Last week, before I found out I was pregnant, I had a checkup because I was about to start Clomid. My doctor said the most touching thing. She told me that she had been infertile for 5 years – unexplained infertility. But she said she didn’t believe it was unexplained. She told me that God works in mysterious ways and that because she was infertile – she and her husband adopted a beautiful baby boy from Guatemala. She said they probably never would have adopted if they had gotten pregnant right away. She firmly believes that this little boy was for them and that so many good things are going to come out of his being adopted. They are raising him to believe that he has been given a gift by being raised in America by two parents that love him and that God brought him to this family for a reason that isn’t even known yet. I got teary when she was telling me the story because it was so obvious how much she loved him and how grateful she was. This little boy didn’t have to grow up hungry or sad – he is growing up loved. I know how much it hurts to not have a baby and how everywhere you look you see babies and pregnant women and you feel like you are being punished in some way even though you know that is crazy. All I do know is that you have a lot of people praying for you and supporting you. And I know how much love and hope I saw in the eyes of my doctor who thanks God that she didn’t get pregnant because it pushed her to adopt her precious son.


I took it every day – even after I ovulated. I took it first thing in the morning and then about 2 hours before bed.


lili246 - September 1

No you keep taking them all the way, even though you have AF or O, just take them all the way without stopping.

no problem thats why we are here to give eachother advise, I know we might be confuse at times but our friends here might be able to help us.

I am sorry about that ugly AF, yeah you go girl keep trying and have the faith, that god will bless you soon. We are together.
I am waiting for that long waiting of testing time. I should be testing on September 11, and thats if Af doesn't show up, hoep that it doesn't, I'll keep fingers crossed and keep praying..

God Bless and have a great weekened.



Honey - September 1


They say to stop taking it when you get pregnant but you relly won't know you are pregnant until you test and get that BFP. So basically just watch your AF and if it doesn't come for about 2 weeks after it's supposed to then test.

Good Luck! God Bless and Baby Dust to all.



lili246 - September 1

Thats true what honey said when you get pregnant you need to stop taking it, so what be careful when you feel those pregnancy symptoms you should stop taking them well good luck girl and hope it works for you fast.



wantababylots - September 2

Thank you and congrats again. That is so exciting. I hope that everything goes well with my blood tests. i will find out on thurs. and i went and got an ovary ultrasound to make sure there are no sists or nothing else is wrong besides that i am not ovulating. I have faith that what is supposed to happen will happen and what ever that is, im excited and willing.


NANCY - September 3

I just wanted to let you all know that I am thinking and praying for all of you!!!!!

Much baby dust to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!



Yaelah - September 3

Newbie here, and like all of us on the Forum, looking for any info on whether Ovulex is going to work. At the moment, I would do anything to get pregnant. With PCOS and a miscarriage behind me, I am ready to do anything...

Metformin made me ill, and would like to try the Ovulex first before Clomid since it has such weird side effects...

Can anyone tell me about success with it???



Cassee - September 3

Yaelah, (and anyone w/ PCOS)
If metformin doesnt work for you/you prefer the natural way... try Fenugreek, it has been tested and used for a loooong time for regulation of insulin and blood glucose. it does the exact same thing as metformin...only naturally and for ALOT less $$ and I dont have any side effects with it.....
Its has really great properties for men too!


Konnie618 - September 3

Hey Ladies!

My name is Konnie and I started taking ovulex 2 months ago. I've had abnormal af' ers since I found out I had pcos, which was about 2 years ago. Since I have been taking ovulex my af have been regular and I am really excited. I recently got married and I feel that we will be conceiving pretty soon. I don't want to get my hopes up high but I feel pretty good about it. My IVF specialists had me on 1000mg of metaformin (did I spell that wrong?) It did nothing for me personally. Well baby dust to all. I hope to have good news soon!!!!!!!!!!


Konnie618 - September 3

[quote author=ticklinivory link=board=4;threadid=2803;start=270#24833 date=1156964995]
Hi my name is Denise and I'm new to this board. I have PCOS and want to conceive. I just found the Ovulex site yesterday and am thinking about starting. I was on Metformin for a while but it makes me really sick so the doctor pulled me off. I have no children. I've had a couple ultrasounds and see some cysts. I'm a little late on my mp, but usually am. No pg symptoms and I know I'm not anyway. I use my fm and don't see me ovulate at all. Any suggestions, or just try ovulex? Who are some of the others that have had success with ovulex.
You give hope to all of us! ;D



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