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LeslieAnn - August 3

Gina~ This was my second month on Ovulex, and during AF I had one day of heavy bleeding where I passed a lot of clots. All my other days were light. I'm not sure if this was from the Ovulex or not, but it sounds like my experience was somewhat similar to yours.



sammy71 - August 3

My first month on Ovulex I had heavy cramping, severe backache (like never before) and lots of clots. I just had my second AF on Ovulex and it was light, no clots and lasted about 3 days. I usually go through about 8 tampons a day for 5 days and this time I think I used only eight the entire 3 days. Even if Ovulex doesn't give me a BFP I'll take the light and short AF....not to mention I didn't have one cramp or any moodiness this time. If I hadn't gone to the bathroom I never would have believed I was on AF.



brite - August 3


well I went to the doctor and my results came back neg..they are doing test to find out why taking the urine test it is positive and the blood comes back neg..I'm not going to give up but keep trying...so I hope that you ladies keep doing the same.....


NANCY - August 3

I got my information about the grant from my Dr. Not sure if somehow you can look up the department of health for your state or see if there are any state grants out there for your state. I wish I could be more helpful.

Much baby dust ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


lili246 - August 3

Hi girls,

Well I am on CD 45 now with a temp. of 98.8 and today I am feeling weired! My boobs are hurting more than they were a couple days ago. Sometimes I feel like if they were growing. And I am feeling my stomach weired to. I really can't explain the feeling but it sometimes hurt. Can this be a sign of implantation or a sign of AF, which I hope not! But I'll be testing tomorrow and I'll keep in touch with you all.

Baby Dust to all of US!



megzrahh - August 3

I have had the pain since tuesday, so 4 days now. It really hurts to even sit down normally, or if i go for a pee i cant push because my insides feel like they are going to fall out. i have a dosctors appoinment in an hour from now, hopefully they can do something for me... my worst concern is missing time off work :( ill keep you all posted



lili246 - August 3

Hope that everything goes well. My pain is not that bad. But for some reason I feel weired inside my stomach. I hope this is a sign of PG. But I am worry it might be s sign of AF, but o well I'll see tomorrow when I test. i am nervous and scared to see that BFN.

God Bless!



megzrahh - August 3

Good luck Lili, I pray for you and pray that you are pg!! i hope i will be ok to. I have had 4 laser surgerys over the past 9 years already to treat endometrois etc, since i was 15 i have had that problem, and i had my last surgery in november last year, which the surgeon claimed that everything was normal, it had not returned etc... but for some reason the pain is just such a familiar feeling :~( fingers crossed its not.


Good luck with your test


Mist - August 3

I have a quick question. Are your bb's suppose to hurt while your on your AF? Mine never usually have before thats why I am wondering. Also the last time my bb's hurt while I was on my period I got pregnant, can any one please let me know what ya think?




lucyw - August 4

Hey girls... i'm still thinking of starting ovulex, but i was thinking maybe i should try red clover first... any suggestions? and was also wondering if there is anything i should take with the red clover that would help??? all thoughts are appreciated!!



megzrahh - August 4

Hey everyone, just got back from the doctors. I have something called Enteritis, which you can only contract from being over seas or a dirty toilet, i know that sounds gross, but i actually work for a mining company in australia and when im busting i tend to use the portable toilet that all the guys use, so im assuming thats where i caught it from, even tho i wash my hands etc you can get it from door knobs, taps etc... the doctor couldnt believe i waited 4 days to get it treated tho as its very painful... but yeh just thought i would update everyone on my stomach pain problem..... Thanks



Cassee - August 4

I take the capsule form. I tried putting it in my peppermint tea like someone suggested, and OMG I thought i was going to be sick, lol. It wasnt pretty, but i drank it cause i didnt want to waste it.

some of the info, and benefits I found are:
- Anti-inflammatory- Antioxidant- Bone and Joint Health Cellular Regeneration- Cleansing
Chronic Fatigue
Detoxifying- Digestive Disorders- Diuretic
Fibroids- FibromyalgiaHeadaches
Menopausal Problems- Migraines- Osteoporosis
now recognized for supporting critical hormone levels within the body in both men and women, without having any negative side effects. Controlled clinical trials show that phytoestrogens from red clover help to maintain proper bone density in menopausal women, as well as relieving hot flushes and night sweats
Red clover is recognized as a detoxification herb or "blood cleanser"-   Research is showing that phytoestrogens, including and especially those from red clover, are beneficial for preventing and treating many of the major degenerative diseases plaguing our society today. Phytoestrogens support good health in many ways such as: 1) they bind at estrogen receptors and prevent the body from over-producing estradiol; 2) they dilute xenoestrogen-type toxins by binding at receptor sites and function as anti-estrogens; 3) they boost progesterone expression and help to normalize the body's important estrogen to progesterone ratio; 4) they reduce cholesterol and support the liver in its critical role of detoxifying the blood and converting excess estradiol into the more benign form of estriol; 6) they are powerful antioxidants; 7) they prevent the formation of new blood vessels that feed abnormal cells; 8) they inhibit abnormal cell growth, and 9) they boost several beneficial enzymes within the body that prevent DNA adducts and reduce cellular damage and aging.
(I copied from the research I have on my computer that I did before I started to take it)
Hope this helps!


LeslieAnn - August 4

Nancy~ Thanks for all the info, it was very helpful, actually. I think I will ask at the dr.'s office about any grants.

Megzrahh~ I'm so sorry to hear about your dr.'s visit, but at least they found out what it is and now they can treat it so you get better. Hopefully you feel better soon!

Cassee~ Thanks so much for the info, it was very helpful. :)

Lili~ Good luck, I will be thinking of you! Let us know how it turns out!

How is everyone else doing? I'm finally finished with AF, and now it's on to waiting for o. :)

Happy Friday, everyone!



lucyw - August 4

Have any of you girls heard about FertiliTea? I just found it by accident as i was searching for info on green tea and fertility. It sounds interesting and it is not very expensive.
Here's the info from the website:

FertiliTea™ is the natural, healthful - and delicious - herbal tea designed to support the entire reproductive system and help increase your chances of conceiving. FertiliTea™ brings together scientifically-validated herbal ingredients (including vitex) to help restore female balance and promote reproductive wellness.

How Does FertiliTea™ Support Reproductive Health?
Chasteberry (Vitex) stimulates the hormones involved in ovulation and restores female hormonal balance. It’s useful in normalizing pituitary gland functions and the balance of progesterone and estrogen levels. Vitex is used as an herbal treatment for infertility and is especially helpful for women with irregular cycles, failure to ovulate, or a short luteal phase(a shortened second half of the menstrual cycle). The effectiveness of Vitex increases over time with continued use.
Red Raspberry Leaf is highly regarded for its ability to tone the uterus and muscles of the pelvic region. A highly nutritive ingredient, Red Raspberry is a powerful fertility-promoting herb, especially when used in combination with Peppermint.

Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant that enhances reproductive health by repairing the oxidative damage that occurs naturally as the result of environmental toxins and aging. A study from the American Journal of Public Health found that drinking 1/2 cup or more of green tea daily doubled the odds of conception per cycle. Due to the inclusion of Green Tea, there is a very slight touch of caffeine (equal to just 1/25th a cup of coffee).

Ladies Mantle is a “tonic” (tones and brings health) herb that is useful in regulating a woman’s monthly cycle. It also exerts a toning effect on the cervix.

Nettle Leaf contains a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals that are critical to good reproductive health, including Vitamins A, C, D, K, Potassium, Phosphorous, Iron, and Sulfur. Nettle Leaf also contains Calcium – a mineral that affects a woman’s ability to conceive and maintain pregnancy.

Peppermint Leaf gives FertiliTea a delicious flavor & has the added benefit of serving as a sexual stimulant!

The ingredients in FertiliTea are all organic or wildcrafted, of the freshest and highest quality, and our fertility blend contains no preservatives and no additives. The tea comes in a tamper-evident, resealable pouch, which is air-tight and moisture-proof for freshness. "FertiliTea is an all-natural, herbal tea with fertility-enhancing properties. Each ingredient was carefully selected to support fertility, promote reproductive wellness, and increase your chances of conceiving"
- Amos Grunebaum, MD

Just thought some of you may be interested. Also, it is only $15 for a month supply!! Anyway, let me know what you think!!


lili246 - August 4

Amie, That fertility tea sounds good, not bad at all. I might think about it and give it a try. I will try one more month on ouvlex and see how it goes or else I might change to something else.

Well Ladies,
I am scared to test today. I tested yesterday for PG and the test showed a negative. I feel weired still and don't know why. My chart shows that today is the day to test. But since I got a BFN yesterday I think I might get another one. As you can tell I couldn't wait till today. But I am still not statisfy with my chart because like I mention the other day it does not show a clear O day. I did get a high temp. and was arounf 98.9 for a few days today it has drop to 98.1 but I think it was because I woke up too many time to the bathroom? And messes up your temp.!
O well I will test later today and see how it goes. I might think that it's too early for testing since my chart wasn't clear enough.

I'll keep you all posted.

Any comments about all this confusion. Sorry if I confuse you all but I am as confuse as I can be.

baby Dust to all of you!



ambersparkle - August 4

Hey Ladies~ I haven't posted in a while. I have really been going through a rough time- My DH's carpool buddy's last day is today and we still cannot find a second car that we can afford- so I had to put in my 2 weeks notice at my job yesterday (on top of all of this yesterday was my birthday, not exactly a happy one)- it is going to be really tough.

I am on Day 43 with Ovulex- still no AF...it is really hitting me hard. As a matter of fact, tears are hitting the keyboard as I type this...I don't know what to do. :'(

Too much is happening all at once for us and my lack of AF seems to be making me feel worse- like I just can't do anything right. I really thought that Ovulex would work for me by regulating me- but it doesn't seem to be working at all.

Prayers are appreciated during this season of hard times.

Baby dust to all my sisters...



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