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RNORST - August 30

Hey girls, my temps was 98.3 again today, I was hoping it would be high again. I also getting acne, which is a sign of af, I havn't hade any ache around af, since I started ovulex. I except af friday or sat.
Oh, well I see a new RE sept. 11th, which I'm exceited to see. God, has this all in his timing.



Charity - August 30

Hi wantababylots,

I can't speak for all HPT's but I used EPT this time.



ticklinivory - August 30

Hi my name is Denise and I'm new to this board. I have PCOS and want to conceive. I just found the Ovulex site yesterday and am thinking about starting. I was on Metformin for a while but it makes me really sick so the doctor pulled me off. I have no children. I've had a couple ultrasounds and see some cysts. I'm a little late on my mp, but usually am. No pg symptoms and I know I'm not anyway. I use my fm and don't see me ovulate at all. Any suggestions, or just try ovulex? Who are some of the others that have had success with ovulex.
You give hope to all of us! ;D


coconutt83 - August 31

i was in this group a while back in like jan it hink taking ovulex... then our relationship got too stressed i just found out why he was seeing an 18 year old on the side sigh ... i left him and on monday he tried to commit suicide but i can't be manipulated into getting back with him he needs a lottttt of help and i need someone who isn't going to cheat and lie as for right now im starting yaz to try to become regular with my period well see i guess! as soon as i find a decent guy good luck to me !


lynn52377 - August 31

Just wanted to stop by and say Congrats charity on your BFP!!!!!!!....Hopefully mine will be soon..along with the rest of us!!!


RNORST - August 31

coconut83, sorry about what your going though, there is a perfect man out there for you.

Leslie, How are you doing havn't heard from you in a while.

Lili, well my temps went down a liitle more today, 98.2. I'm charting my temps at fertility friends. com and they changed my O day from day 16 to day 19. Who knows, I think I O on day 16, because I had O cramps on cd 15 and 16. Should start af Sat.

How are things for you?

I'm still praying for everyone.



Mist - August 31

hi ladies,

I am due to start my period either tonight or tommorow sometime. I hate the waiting! I have sore BB's which have been sore and gained soreness the last three days and I also have noticed some slight cramping but those also are signs of AF :( so I dunno. Ya know what if it comes it comes I am not going to get discouraged God is making me wait for a reason so I need to learn patients lol

God Bless & Baby Dust



LeslieAnn - August 31

Hey everyone! How is everybody doing? I haven't posted in awhile because my last year of school just started and I have been way busy. :o( Everybody said this year was supposed to be the slow year but so far it's been the worst. Hopefully it will slow down in the coming weeks.

Is anyone getting close to testing? Charity, congrats on your bfp! AF is due for me tomorrow and I'm spotting today, so things don't look very hopeful. Maybe next month.

Lots of baby dust,



springs - August 31

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to hear what happened :o(
Keep you head up and you'll find the right man!

Mist-I am on pin and needles for you this month....hopefully this is the month for you! Let us know!

Denise- Welcome!

As for me this last cycle was strange???
I starting spotting at the same time I ovulated and then started AF a few days later. So my last cycle (and my 1st cycle on Ovulex) was only 23 days. I have never (never even close) had a cycle that short before.

I had b/w done in July and all my hormones levels were normal except progestrone which was less than .2 (really really low). So as I already knew I was not ovulating. I finally got in to see the doctor on Tuesday and now have a script for Prometrium to add to this cycle to support my luteal phase. Ovulex seemed to get me ovulating at least according to my fertility monitor so I have my fingers (& toes) crossed that I do again this month!

The good news is that I am already now on CD10 and just waiting to O. If it is anything like last month it will be late, last month I o'd on CD20. We will see...

Baby dust to all!


CJ - August 31

I'm new to this forum and I've been reading all day. I see that Ovulex has worked for several women on here but did anyone every tell their dr they were taking it? Did anyone's dr recommend it? Just really curious but really nervous to try it.

My DH and I have been ttc for almost 3 yrs now, we're both 32 and a little discouraged. I had a laporascopy in Nov 05 for scarred tubes. I was pg in Feb but found out it was an ectopic pg which also cost me my tube. Now the dr says the one I have left is not very healthy. After several tries w/diff fertility meds and methods, we tried IVF this month only to recently find out it was a BFN. A friend of mine recommended Ovulex and I've been reading about it all week which is how I found this forum today. Sorry to be long winded but I am just really frustrated and depressed about the whole process. If anyone can answer my questions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and baby dust and blessings to all!



lili246 - August 31

I am sorry to hear that story of yours. maybe he wasn't meant for you and it was the best for him to go. You'll find the right man and will be happy. Keep the faith and Godd Luck girl. I notice that you are 23 years old, hey we are about the same age I am 24 years old, welcome back.

Yesturday my temp. was 98.8 and today was 98.4 it came down alittle, I am on DPO 4, so I hope I get good news this month, lets all keep the faith.

I am happy to hear from you, welcome back...lol I am sorry that AF is showing up lets all kick her out of her for 9 months and get those BFP,,, come on good listen to our prayers.

Lets keep heads up and keep that faith if it doesn't happen this month it wil happen the next month. Don't worry girl you are not the only one we are here for a reason and to support eachother.

Almost everyone is ginving ovulex a try, why won't you? Just have faith and trust in ovulex that with trust and faith everything is possible, just give it some time.

Hows it going with you? What CD are you in, any good news? Hope our turn is around the corner. Godd Luck.

It was confuse for me 2. last month on my chart it should O day way later than today's month. I usually O between 26 to 29 and this month it was on CD 22, so I guess I did O around this time and I didn't even notice that's why I had never pinpoint the correct day to BD and thats why I hadn't had luck on getting pregnant.
I couldn't tell on my cervical fluid until I started drinking green tea I could really tell this month the EW when I was most fertile I hope I get lucky this month if not I will be more experience and be more lucky next month.

I hope you get lucky this month. I am taking ovulex for two months and no I don't have no doctor and I don't know if they recommend it, I bet the other ladies might know more about it.

Well girls I was talking to a friend last night about me wanting to get pregnant and she said that was awesome, but I should not stress about it that much and let it happen at it's own time, let it be a surprise, she said that when she planned to get PG it never happen until the day she wouldn't even think about it, she would always keep a surprise. And I think this is tru because she is not the only person who had told me this. So I guess we don't have to stress about it that much and let it happen at it's own time.
Ok thats it for today I have taken everyones space..lol

Take Care and Baby Dust to all of us!!



wantababylots - August 31

hi girls, I just wanted to keep you updated. I went to my OBGYN today and it wasnt good news. I have something wrong with me and we took blood tests and we will see. I had a 61 day cycle last month and I was worried. She says I am not ovulating at all, and she's not sure if it somehting that will be fixable. So thats not what i wanted to hear. Its sad but I dint think I will be able to have children. Its my worst nightmare coming true. I am trying to be optimistic and maybe something will come back in the tests that is fixable. But I also have a gene on my fathers side of ovarian cancer and I have a 50 % chance of having that as well. Im trying to keep my head high and keep the faith going. its a hard reality to face. I just never thought it would happen to me.

Thanks for the support you guys--
best of luck this month to all of you
I will keep you updated.


CJ - August 31

Wantababylots, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



lili246 - August 31

I am sorry to hear that, keep that faith girl and think positive. The blood results will come back with good news you'll see. Take Good care and God bless you girl.



lili246 - August 31

Do you have a page in my space? Because I do.
[email protected]


soon2bmommy - September 1

Hello Sistahs:

Just wanted to check in and Hello to you all, I spent a lil time catching up -Congratulations to the BFP's and keep the faith to those that are waiting for one.

Luv ya



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