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NANCY - August 28

Charity anything for my cousin congrats girl!!!!

When Chris told us we were so happy and my mom did confess that after I told her that Pete and I were going to take them she listened to me and after I left she laughed thinking it wasn't going to help she did admit she was wrong she now knows 2 girls that had trouble getting pregnant and it worked for.

My dad told your mother-in-law welcome to the old club. She is a nanny/grandma.

Baby dust to all!!


lili246 - August 28

Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you and your DH. You did it girl. So Ovulex did work for you and another positive story ha! Wow I am sure ovulex will work for us to. Keep us posted on how it goes.

See another positive story about ovulex, that is awesome and it really keeps me beleiveing on it. I am sure that our way is arounf the corner and is coming soon. I hope AF doesn't show up and that you get that good news of a BPF. I wish you the best sister and lets keep praying for eachother God will listen to our prayers soon. Good Luck and hope this month is your month. I am not to sure of when I have O, but I know it was either sunday or even today but I have it under control and BD just in case and will BD for a few more days just in case, I want to make sure I am doing it on the correct days now that I did see a clear EWCM. I think that green tea really helps to identify it.

thank you Liz for the advice on taking green tea, it did help this month to notice my EWCM.

Thank You girl I also hope that this is my month and all of yours to. I think that we have deserve it because we have been working hard, and our turn should come pretty soon. With faith everything is possible.

Lets keep our heads up with faith and don't give up, lets pray for what we ask for and God will make our dreams true. just like what Renee was saying.

I wish you all the best and hope that this month is our month. O God please listen to our prayers and bless us with a baby.

Have Faith because I have more faith than ever today now that I heard a success story about ovulex with Charity, By the way did you take anything else besides ovulex and Ambesol. Ambeso is for the men right?

Take Care and God bless all of us!



RNORST - August 28

charity, congrats. how long have you been trying? I'm also on my 2nd month of ovulex and hoping for the best.

Mist, Hey, we are really close on our cd. How many cd do you usual have? I usual have 30-31 cd. Are you taking your temps, if so what are they? Good luck. Jesus, please have this be our months. Amen.



lili246 - August 28

Have agreat night tonight and TTYall tomorrow. Take Good Care and keep the faith.



Mist - August 29


I surely will! I am praying now as I speak and I will keep the faith although it so hard some times!


My cycles when they are normal are 30-31 days too. I am so scared this time because I want it so bad and I am afraid of another let down but if it is- then so be it I will try again and keep praying! And no I haven't being taking my temps I know I should have!

To everyone else keep your heads up our time is about to shine!

God Bless,



snooppy707 - August 29

First off ... Charity, congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted in a min. I hope everyone is okay. My youngest started preschool this year. I have been kind of busy getting her settled and on to a new routine. My big girl is maturing rapidly at this point. I'm very worried. When I say maturing I mean mostly physically. It's scary. If any one out there have a teen or preteen I would love some feed back. I think my body finally got the swing of things with the ovulex. BBs stopped aching all the time. AF is very much on schedule now. I printed out a chart and it's working. Although i'm not so sure that it has O calculated correctly. Now that my other symptoms are gone I can focus. My doc says that he's not worried. That he wouldn't be until Jan. And to stop stressing over it and let it happen. My DH says to relax. That he has prayed and was answered and it was going to happen sooner than I think. I hope he's right. This is driving me nuts. I decided this morning to get out and find me another desk job. Away from home. I'm thinking that if I keep myself as busy as possible I can relax.

BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jadensmom - August 29

hello ladies,
I am very new to this...but I've been reading alot of your correspondants and some of them sounds just like me. I have a son DOB 11/17/03 :) and DH and I are trying for the second. The first one was conceived with the help of Metformin and clomid it took 3 months and i was pregnant.

I am currently taking metformin again and it is making me soooo sick i cant stand it. I've read a lot about Ovulex and i am considering taking it 2. i can use all the advise that you wonderful ladies have for me!



lili246 - August 29

Welcome to our lil home. I have been taking ovulex for almost 2 months, I am on my second bottle. I hope ovulex works soon and get Pregnant. Most of our friends here are trying ovulex. We had some good news about our friend Charity who is a success from ovulex. I suggest you should give it a try and see what happens, You might get lucky and get pregnant fast on ovulex.

Well I also have a son he will almost going to be two years old in september I am trying for my second one.
Thats what most people say that stop thinkg about it that much and let it surprise you, so thats what I am doing ttrying not to think about it that much. Hopefully I get good news soon.

God Bless you my friend and hope that you give us good news soon.

Thank you for your support aswell. I do think that I have O on sunday so I made sure I BD saturday and sunday so hopefully I made some points there, my temp keeps going up it yesturday it was at 97.8 and today went up to 98.4 so I guess I am in good shape and hope that i do get pg this month. Well I have to wait till september 11 to test, that is a long way but I will try to keep my mind on my son's birthday party and not think about if I am pg or not, or even testing to early and getting some disapointments. So I have a reason for keeping myself busy. I'll keep that faith and keep praying because I know that my turn will come soon. And I beleive in ovulex 2, after all those success stories from our friends.

How are you doing my friend, hows things with you, hopefully you give us good news.

Take good care of yourself and God bless us all!
KEEP THE FAITH, that our turn will come soon!

Does anyone live in CA?



wantababylots - August 29

hi- its been a while since i have posted. So still no signs of my period. I am 25 days late now and am still waiting to start ovulex till she comes.
Its never been this late before. I took a test about 15 days past when i was expecting it to come and it was negative. I am scared to go get another one done. i cant stand the dispointment.
the last few months i have been about a week or so late and what ive been told- it is because the egg is being fertilized but not being able to implant. how long will a fertilized egg try to implant before dieing??
I think i will wait one more week adn if she doesnt come then i will test again.
are some pregnancy tests better than others? suggestions on the kind to get?
thanks to you all and congrats to charity!!


RNORST - August 29

Hi, girls.
How's every one?
Welcome Jadensmom, have you checked with your doctor to make sure you can take ovulex with metformin? If its ok with your doctor, its sure worth giving it a try good luck and I will be praying for you.

Lili, hey your temp raise looks like you O for sure. My temp went down to 98.3 today, was a little sad , I wanted it to stay above 98.7, but oh well I have about 3-4 more days before af. So I'm hoping and praying that it goes real high again tommorrow morning.

wantababylots, Good luck, do you have any preg signs now? I would test again and then if its neg. I would go to the doc.



Charity - August 29

Thank you guys so much! We are still in shock! I think my family thought I was nuts to try the Ovulex too. Next month would have been 2 years to TTC - we were to the point of trying Clomid for 3 months and then moving on to adoption.

So far - no real symptoms, which makes it even harder to believe. I feel a little tired and have slight cramping through out the day but other then that - I feel fine.

I wish BFP for everyone!


Mist - August 29


I am so happy for you!!!

If you don't mind me asking, you said you had no major pg symptoms, what made you test? because your period was late?

You sure give me hope thanks and Congrats again :)



Charity - August 30

Hi Mist,

I don’t mind the question at all. Last week, my doctor had scheduled a HSG for this coming week – the date of the test was dependent upon when I started my period, as the test had to be day 9 or 10 of my cycle. I haven’t been more then a day late in over 2 years. This past Sunday was my 3rd day late. I didn’t think I was pregnant – I just thought I was stressed over the HSG. Anyway, I knew I was going to have to call the doctor Monday to reschedule the HSG since I hadn’t started yet. I figured the first question the doctor would ask was if I had taken a HPT – just to rule that out.

So I took the first HPT and let it “cook” while I ate lunch. I came back in the room just to confirm that it was negative and to my shock – it was a BFP. So I took another and watched this one. It immediately came back BFP.

I always thought I would “know” I was pregnant but I didn’t – we had given up on Ovulex and was about to start Clomid. This is such a miracle!


Mist - August 30


That is so awesome!!!

You truly give me hope!! Thanks :)

My period is either due today or tommorow and I really have no symptoms much but I am still praying that this could be it!

Prayin for everyone else a BFP!!



lili246 - August 30

Thanks for the info. You do give us some hope. I really appreciate you taking the time and letting us know what happen.

Lets hang in there girl and keep that faith. I hope that AF doesn't show and that this is your lucky month.
Godd Luck.

I did O on sunday, my temp today was 98.8 so I am sure I did O this time. I did BD on the day before O and the O day. I hope that this was good enough. I was weired because I usually O or atleat think I do a week after around CD 26 to 30, this time it was CD 22 so I hope I get lucky this time and get a BFP!
So howz your temp. today> Did it go back up?

Take good care ladies and lets keep in touch.



RNORST - August 30

Hey girls, my temps was 98.3 again today, I was hoping it would be high again. I also getting acne, which is a sign of af, I havn't hade any ache around af, since I started ovulex. I except af friday or sat.
Oh, well I see a new RE sept. 11th, which I'm exceited to see. God, has this all in his timing.




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