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wantababylots - August 19

i am currently 10 days late and i havent had signs of her coming either.
i took a test and it was negative and i figured she would come and she still hasnt. but i am expecting her shortly. im just about to get started taking ovulex. is this a bad time to be starting? should i wait till my period comes or is it safe to start now. i have been late the last 3 months by 10 days or so and the test was negative. will ovulex help me start?? i just need some advice. thanks.
good luck to all


Cassee - August 21

Sooo, I was on cycle day 52 and AF FINALLY showed up. I have been having cramps for about 2 weeks I was going to call my obgyn and make an appointment, but TADA! AF showed up on her own. I am sooo glad I was not looking forward to another week on Provera. So it looks like the red clover, vitex, and fenugreek are starting to work, I was late, but didnt miss my period! yaay!


sammy71 - August 21

That's awesome Cassee.

I'm on CD 32 and still AF hasn't shown up which is unusual for me since I average 27 CDs. I spotted some yesterday and a little this morning (brown) so I'm wondering if it could be implantation bleeding. I have no cramps or any other signs of AF showing up and yesterday I had to take a two hour nap after church I was so exhausted. Heartburn has been pretty consistent for about a week.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying my prayers. Baby dust everyone,



Cassee - August 21

Sounds like you have alot of pg symptons, I'll cross my fingers for you.


springs - August 21


Those sound like good signs.....good luck!


Congrats on AF showing up!

As for me, my fertility monitor says that I ovulated on 8-17. I have been spotting since Friday, 8-18. So not sure what is going on. I feel like AF is coming, not cramps really but just how I feel before AF gets here. I keep checking but only light pink spotting, not even enough to show up on a pantyliner. Who knows what is going on.



lili246 - August 21

I think this is going to be your month, Good Luck!

AS for me I am so tired and sleepy because my son got that infection again name THRUSH.
He's been having some pain in his tongue and you can't imagine the pain he is going through. Yesturday sunday he started crying around 10:00p.m. and at 12:00a.m the police came over to my home saying that one of my neighbors had called them saying that a baby was crying. Ofcourse he was crying because of the pain, so I let the police come and see by themselves my son, I showed them the medicine I was given him because earlier that day I took him to the doctor. So they suggested me to take him to hte ER, so I did and came back around 2:00a.m. this morning and didn't go to sleep till 3:00a.m, and here I am at work now. So I feel so tired but hope that my son feels better, he is not able to drink anything because it hurts.
Well I just wanted to share this with you. Has anyone gone through this same problem before? I mean having your child with this type of infection?

Well hope that everyone else is doing great.

Has anyone got sick with a cold while on ovulex? I wonder if it is ok if I take Over the counter medication, and mixing it with Ovluex?




Cassee - August 21

All my nieces and nephews had Thrush but it was never painful, that sounds wierd to me.
I dont think you need to worry about taking any meds with Ovulex, they are natural herbs and the ones I researched do not effect anything that would cause a reaction with medicine, I would suggest you do a little bit more research re the contents of your ovulex and become more knowlegable about how they work and their side effects. you can google and find most of the answers. It will help with knowing what you should and shouldnt take.


RNORST - August 21

lili246, sorry about your son, how is he feeling now?

sammy71, how's things going today? Have you tested again?

Well I think I O maybe, thur. or friday. The opk was almost + at 10:00 in the morn. on friday, so I tested later that night with a diff. brand and I didn't hardly even have a line show up. I look back at the test I took fri. morn. and both lines look the same now. My temp. was up since friday and then today it dropped back down to 97.9. It did that last month also.

Leslie, how are things going have you O yet?

Good luck and God bless everyone!!!!!


wantababylots - August 21

i still dont know if it is ok to start ovulex or to wait till my period shows up-- im about 13 days late now but again i took a test and its negative. i think he egg might be getting fertilized but it is having trouble implanting. will ovulex help with that or is there somehting else i should try??


Cassee - August 21

I was googling, and found this website, which I really really enjoyed. I strongly encourage all of you to take a minute and go read through it. I think it will make a big difference in your lives if you take it to heart.


lili246 - August 21

I think that you should wait until you get AF just in case. I don't think it would be good if you start taking them just in case you are PG.

My son has a small painful ulcer on the side of his tongue, plus the thrush. So poor lil thing he got both things at the same time. So it will last there for a few days the doctor said. Hopefully he gets better. Thanks I will search on the internet because I am now taking tylenol (cold) because I don't want to get too sick and pass it to my son he had enough at this moment.

Thanks for asking, He is feeling better now, hope that the pain won't come back, specially in the night I don't want to go throught the same thing as yesturday night. So hows everything with you Renee, on what CD are you on have you O yet?

Hope that we have good news this month.
Take Care.
God Bless!



Mist - August 21


Thanks for the very informative page that was great I just sure hope it works for me :)



LeslieAnn - August 22

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing? Sammy, I am so hoping that this is your month! Keep us posted!

Lili~ How is your son doing? I hope he gets well soon! It's so hard to to watch your children go through that pain. I will keep him in my prayers.

Renee~ That's cool that you o'ed. I got a + opk on Sat., so I think I o'ed yesterday. DH is out of town a lot for work now but we BD'ed late Saturday night, so hopefully we still have a chance.

Cassee~ thanks for the link! I haven't had time to check it out yet but I definitely will!

Good luck to everyone this month! I'm hoping this is the month for tons of bfp's!



sammy71 - August 22

Hey all.
Well the wait is over. I thought for sure after the spotting came and went on Sunday that it was implantation bleeding. This morning I got up feeling terrible....headache, backache, nausea, bloated etc. Did a HPT and it was negative again.

Felt like crying on the way to work and then when I got to work I went to the bathroom and there was AF. I'm at CD32 (never in my life have I gone that long) so maybe my progesterone level just didn't stay up long enough. Who knows....but the wait is OVER.

I'm getting tired of the TTC and think I might just stop. Yesterday when I thought I had a BFP I started thinking do I really want to go through all this and how scared I would be. I don't know....sorry I'm rabbling...pretty emotional today....



RNORST - August 22

Sammy71, sorry about af. If you really want a baby, please don't give up.

Leslie, congrads on O. I will pray hard that this will be all of our months.

Lili, I'm on cd 20, I usual have 31 cd. Yes, I think I O thur. or friday. How's your son, and how's every thing going with you?



lili246 - August 22

LesliAnne and Renee,
Thank you girls my son is feeling better, we both had a long night sleep, he had some pain just when he was drinking his bottle but it wasn't anything like sunday night. Thank you for your prayers girls, they did help.
I am now on CD 16 and my temps. are going up and down I one day get a 98.2 then a 97.7 and keeps on only that temp. I notice this since last month. The first month on ovulex, can this be cause of the Ovulex? I do think so but I hope this month I get a clear O day. I would O around CD 26 to 32 so I will see maybe I o earlier or later than those days. But I will try to do my best this month and hopefully we all get a BFP! I think it's about time, Don't you all think?

I am sorry about AF, but don't feel bad because we all have gone through that same thing. I know it gets depressing seeing those BFN. I felt last month the same confident about a pbf but after testing several of times I got depressed of seeing those bfn, but we have to keep trying and don't give up. Just take it easy and try to relax and not stress that much. Thats what I am doing right now I am trying to keep posotive but at the same time I try not to think about it that much. Keep the faith.
God Bless!

Take all take and baby dust to all of us!!




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