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lili246 - August 14

Thanks Andrea,
You give us hope!!



lili246 - August 14

I wish you the best. I hope this is your month and you get a BFP!

I'll keep you in my prayers.



Cassee - August 14

So.... now on CD 45 I have been cramping like AF is here for a week and a half, but no AF, tested BFN twice. I have never had these types of symtoms before. In April when i skipped a cycle I had no symptons, no cramping nothing. now I am late and have cramps like AF is here. I was sick to my stomach all last week, but other than that no other symptoms. I am taking Red Clover and Vitex, started Fenugreek yesterday ( as someone with PCOS I am very excited about the Fenugreek). I figure if I have not got AF by the end of the month I will set up an appt w/ my OBGYN. My GF that conceived on Red Clover was also drinking Raspberry tea. She told me yesterday it took her 4 months to get regular from it. So I am going to try to keep my head up and stay positive.
Positive note for PCOSers. I have been on the Vitex and Red Clover for 1 month or so and have improved PCOS symptoms and have lost 8 lbs (eating very poorly and minimal/no excersize)


lili246 - August 14

Stacey have you tested yet?

I wish you the best..GL!


Mist - August 14

Hey ladies,

Just wanted to stop in and say hi!

Also by looking at counters I should be ovulating now? right? Or soon anyway? Also since I am on Ovulex does that mean I will ovulate a week later? I am so confused!



sammy71 - August 15

My first month on Ovulex I ovulated on CD17 when it is normally CD14. On my 2nd month I didn't ovulate. This month, my third on Ovulex, I ovulated on CD17 so I am O'ing about three days later than when I didn't take ovulex.

Hope that helps. Sammy71


lili246 - August 15

When you get a temp. raise that means that you O the day before right? Because on my chart last month it didn't show it clear O day. I notice until I had a raise on my temp. So everytime that your temp. raises that means that you have O.?




sammy71 - August 15

It's been a long time since I did the basal body temp charts. You can go to www.mymonthlycycles.com and they will give you all the details on my BBB.

Sorry I can't help. Anyone know?



RNORST - August 15

Lili246, I have also heard, when your temp. raises means you O the day before and then it need to stay up to show that you have O. When I got preg. the first two times, my Dr. told me to bd on the day your temp. raised up, and it worked both times for me.

I seen a OBGYN yesterday and she really didn't help me out, she just said she can't firgue out I can't get preg. Which made me feel better. She did give me a # of another RE.

I was reading the bible, and I read Matthew 21:22and it says, If you believe, than you will recieve what you pray for. And I believe that this month I will get preg.
I feel really good inside like I'am not going to worry, the Lord will bless me because I believe.

Leslie, have you O yet?
Lili246, What cd are you on?

I hope I will O on friday, I'm on cd 13.

Good luck to all and lets just believe.


Mist - August 15

Thanks Sammy!

Now how do I figure out how to NOT be stressed! LOL If anyone has the answer to this let me know! HA HA

Well I think this way I am trusting God and that is all I can do!



wantababylots - August 15

Im so scared that i will never be able to have children. it is the scariest feeling in the whole world. I try not to think about it too much but every month when my period comes i cry and get all depressed. I am still young and i just wonder what is wrong with me.
my sister in law is having her first baby in oct and it is hard to not feel jelious or angry that it isnt me.
I was researching about fertility doctors to go see lately and they are so expencive and insurance wont cover it and frankly i dont have much faith that anything will work and then i ran across the ovulex website and maybe there is hope for all those in my shoes.
I am thinking about ordering it and i will keep all you posted and see what happens.
congratulations for all those who's lives are changed because of this.
keep praying- all those going down my same road.


Cassee - August 15

I just wanted to tell you that we all understand how you feel. Some of us have imagined being mommies for as long as we can remember, and it is the saddest and scariest thing when we think we might not be able to experience this.
My aunt who was like a second mother to me had one child when he was younger and he was accidentally killed @ 3 and was never able to conceive again. Sometimes life is just hard we dont always understand why god does things, but he does have his reasons, even if we dont get our own way. My aunt was a beautiful kind person who would have been the best mother ever. She past away @ 43 from brain cancer, and would have left her child alone if she had had another. So maybe in the long run it makes sense.
On the other hand my husband who when we were first together was completely wholey against adoption, because of a bad situation with his adopted sisters, said the most amazing thing to me a few weeks ago when I was telling him we might not be able to have a baby. He told me " people always say that the first time they see their baby it is the most amazing thing in the world and they love them instantly from that one look. Just think there are children out there that have been deprived of parents, and if we were to adopt and give him/her a life they wouldnt normally have they will give you the same look of unconditional love and your heart wont know the difference, because they will be yours just as much as if they came from your body."
I'm sorry that took up so much space, but I wanted to share these things with you, they have made me think alot about how mabye the things we want most we can have, we just get them in a different way than we origionally planned.
all my love and best wishes to everyone


wantababylots - August 15

thank you for your reply. somedays im ok and somedays i just dont know what to do. adoption has always been an option in my mind but we wanted to try longer first before doing that and i want to be a mom now.
so-- i just ordered ovulex and it will be here in a few days. is there anything else i should be doing while taking it to help my chances?

very anxious,
cali :)


LeslieAnn - August 15

Hey everyone! How is everybody doing today?

Renee~ No, I still haven't O'ed, but I usually O late in my cycle, which I think is probably the main reason I'm having trouble getting pg. I am going to try some progesterone cream and B6 this month, and if that doesn't work I have an appt. with an RE at the end of this month so he might be able to prescribe something that will help. That is reassuring that your RE didn't find any problems during your appt. Maybe reducing stress will be the answer for you! Good luck!

wantababylots~ I totally know how you feel. When I got married I was so excited to have kids right away, but then it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. How long have you been ttc? There are many things that you can try on your own, before going to a fertility specialist, to improve your chances. Some people have had success with Ovulex, so it could work for you.

Cassee~ I totally agree with what you are saying about adoption. DH and I are considering adopting. I still hope to experience pregnancy at least once, but I would love to adopt a child. I am not an adoptive parent now but my brother adopted his daughter. He married a single mom who had a 3 y/o daughter, Ashley. Ashley never knew her real dad and my brother adopted her shortly after he got married to her mom. She is a senior in high school this year, and she is the center of my brother's world. He has two other kids who are his biological children, but he loves all 3 of them like they are his own. And our family would not be complete without her. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out, and we love her so much. And I'm so glad that my brother was able to be a dad to her, because every child deserved to have a good dad. So it's true, you really don't feel a difference between an adopted child and your biological child, at least my brother doesn't, and I know many ppl who have adopted kids who would say the same thing.

Anyway, this post is entirely too long, as usual, so I am gonna stop writing.

Everyone take care,



LeslieAnn - August 15

wantababylots~ Are you doing anything now, besides taking Ovulex? What I mean is, do you chart, use opk's, any other supplements?


sammy71 - August 15

Cassee, your DH is right. If I would have gotten pregnant at 25 my life would have not been blessed with raising my "adopted" son. Now, I'm 35 and realize that God had a plan for me and this beautiful baby boy. Colin started 1st grade yesterday and to see him standing in line with is lunch box and a great big smile on his face waiting in carpool line reminds me that everything is for a reason.

This little boy, who I thought I was giving a chance at a happy life, has given me the most blessed life I can imagine. When he sits on my lap and kisses me I feel so much love. The word "adopted" never comes to mind when he's calling me in the middle of the night because he's scared or hollering for me to come dry him off after his bath. Adoption is a wonderful experience and God blessed me with infertility so I could experience raising this precious little boy.




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