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coconutt83 - April 12

nancy did ur insurance cover ur ivf? or does everyone have to save the 15k or so on their own? i don't think i would ever get there!! sigh


Shann - April 12

Ugh so bored anyone as bored as me????


shann - April 12

Oh where is coconutt?????

[/url] >


Tosha - April 12

Nancy - I'm glad to hear that the HSG is the worse of it! The Clinic alluded to that, but I wasn't sure! Now it's just a waiting game until we get "the call."

IVF is not covered by any insurance in Canada. We have had to save up the $$ on our own.


NANCY - April 13

My insurance didn't cover it.

Well if you are a ny state resident and had so many IUI's and you and your spouse make under I believe 250,000.00 you can get a grant and it's a certain % of the salary from the year before. You get 2 grants. I had 2 of them so now I am on my own. We did our income taxes and put that in the bank I have money come right out of my payck that goes into our savings I figure any little amount will help us. I am hoping that it will take a yr but reality is it'll probably be more than that.

Tosha how does it work in Canada. You say you have to wait for "the call'


coconutt83 - April 13

wow thats amazing well i wish you all luck.. thats a lot of money to come up with... day 2 of ovary twinges i hope its bc im ovulating!!!!

baby dust to all!!!


Tasha - April 13

Hey all... i just wanted to drop a line and say that i thank god for this message board...it has helped me alot and i thank u all....My husband and i have been trying for 3 years to have a baby... i have been on ovulex for bout a week and a half... hopeing and praying that it works for me... good luck to all and god bless.... I will keep u all posted ~BABY DUST TO ALL~


Tosha - April 13

Good Morning Nancy,

In Canada, it is all based on referral. We had to wait 3 months to get "accepted" for a consultation appointment. My DH's urologist filled out all the paperwork to get our name put on the waiting list. Now we've done the consultation seminar and all the pre-screening tests.

They told us there is approx. a 3 month waiting list. I have to call each month on the first day of my period. If there is free space for us that month they will call me back on approximately CD10. I've made my April call so I'm presuming they'll return my call in June. We are going on holidays at the end of June so I will have to delay it until July. Once you get that "call" you are at the top of the list and if you have to postpone it a month or two, your name still stays at the top of the list.

It's a whole bunch of red tape and protocol. It is very frustrating considering we get no government or insurance help and have to pay for it all out of pocket. You'd think we'd get better service then? No such luck.

Happy Easter to everyone!!


shell4baby - April 13






Monica - April 13

Hi Shell4baby; Yes I experienced the same thing during my 2nd month on Ovulex. I was 7 days late. It appears that the Ovulex will tend to lengthen your cycle at first, because it is trying to balance your harmones.......and then after that timeframe.... it should completely regulate your cycle. I don't know though, because I didn't stay on Ovulex long enough to find out.
How do you know that you are not pregnant....Did you go ahead & take a pregnancy test? How late are you?

I think that Nancy had the same problem last cycle as well. I have been off of the Ovulex for 2 months now, and my cycles have still not gone back to normal. I used to be EXTREMELY regular (every 28 days); Now I am more like 34 days. The Ovulex definitely did something...........

Baby Dust!


Monica - April 13

Oh my gosh.......How do you spell hormones? Is it harmones or hormones? I think that I am going a little crazy right now......... ::)

It is hormones. Sorry folks for the mispelling above....

Monica :)


Monica - April 13

You Guys........Amanda Ivey has just posted her baby's ultrasound pictures on the "Amanda Ivey Success Story" blog above this one. She even has 3D/4D ultrasound pictures as well.
Amanda is one of the Ovulex success stories from back in December.

Check it out......... ;)



chica4jc - April 13

Hey Everyone!! Im new here and need help...
I have been reading a lot of your posts on here...
I am 41 yrs old [a very young 41 I must ad ;-)] and my husband is 25...I have two sons from a previous marriage but he has none. I am very healthy except for that I did experience endometriosis last year. My doc cleaned it all out and said I was as wide opened as a 25 yr old. I just got married in Oct and my husband does not have any children...Due t my age we are wanting to start right away. We have not used protection in 4 months and actually started trying in february. I started taking ovulex last month [bought it on EBAY, i hope that's ok]. I am cramping very very bad in my abdomen and lower back. I can't figure it out. I also have headaches but don't know if it's just the pollen.
I'm not sure what I'm experiencing...I dont even know if I ovulate. I had some ewcm last week but very lil. I've used the ovulite saliva test for 2 months and it doesnt even show i ovulate...as a matter of fact none of the days look like any of the pictures...i have normal regualr periods. Im so confused...i dont een know if i ovulate or not... HELP! Thanks so much! ;-)


Shann - April 13

Hey Chica I have been on ovulex for 30 days now and I think this is my month I am gonna test the 19th so we will see what happens...
About the headaches I had horrible headaches my first 2 weeks or so on ovulex,
I never ovulated before ovulex and now I am so that is a good thing...About the age thing I dont know much about I am 23 an having problems for 2 years or more now...I also bought my ovulex on ebay as long as it was a trusted seller an it was sealed I wouldnt worry. Well wish you lots of luck........Baby dust to allll
How do I get into that ovulex success story with the ultrasound pics???[url=http://www.TickerFactory.c
[/url] r>


mommy213 - April 13

Hey everyone,

I have just started reading your first forum today...a lot of info is on there and I haven't completely finished it yer. YOu ladies are truely amazing and I want to encourage all of you in your journey to having beautiful children. I first started reading this forum to find out about ovulex, but you ladies have encouraged me so much that I want to keep in touch with you guys for those days I need encouragement. I also recall reading the pledge that Mahogonyheart started...how is that going??? Is all lost with ovulex or is there anyone still using it???


Mahogany Heart - April 13


That was amazing, Right?



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