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Shann - April 9

:) Coconutt I am glad I helped lol maybe you will sleep now that you wont be overdosing on folic acid lol. talk to you soon.


Monica - April 9

Happy belated birthday WishingandHoping!!!

Happy Birthday Coconutt83!!.....Wow 23 years old; You still have a lifetime ahead of you......

About the Pre-seed Coconutt23: That is some excellent stuff. Not only is the lubrication awesome, LOL ;)....but it really assists the sperm's mobility as well. It actually helps the sperm to reach the egg easier, and it does not kill the sperm in the process. Alot of other lubrications...such as KY jelly, etc......kills the sperm because of the high acidic levels in the jelly. Pre-seed does not have any acid in it, and the PH in the lubrication creates an ideal environment for the sperm to live longer.
I used Pre-seed one time in the past; but I used it at the wrong time (I hadn't ovulated yet). I really liked it however, so if I don't get pregnant this month.....I will order some more & this time use it at the "right" time. For more information & details.....just go to www.preseed.com. That website will give you alot of testimonies as well.
I think that Amanda from this board got pregnant using the Pre-seed.

Baby Dust To All!
Monica :)


coconutt83 - April 9

yea i ordered it from ebay it was 17.50 for 6/8 packets and the bonous of 2 free pregnancy tests. n fee shipping... hope everyones weekend has been good


Mahogany Heart - April 10

Keep The Faith!!!


shell4baby - April 10

hello everyone....happy belated birthday to all the april ladies... anyone with good news yet? well i still did not get my AF yet. and gosh im having really bad headaches every single nite.. its so fustrating....good luck to all
keep the faith



coconutt83 - April 10

cute video i found on ehealthforum.com lol but if only pregnancy worked this way we would be up to our ears..

<a href="http://websrvr40nj.Audiov
How Does pregnancy happen?</a>


Monica - April 10


Shell4baby, I am praying for you...........Still no AF yet? hmmmmm. That sounds pretty good :)

Supernatural Baby Dust To You,


Tosha - April 10

Happy Belated Birthday Diamond-April ladies! What a great birthstone!

Nancy, my husband and I are currently on a waiting list for IVF. I am glad to hear you had success with it. The whole procedure seems very scary and I am quite anxious and nervous about it. Is it as bad as I read about or did you find it alright? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

WishingandHoping - 9 days until our show!


NANCY - April 10

Happy Birthday WishingandHoping!!!

Happy Birthday Coconutt83!!!

Tosha the unknowing makes you anxios and nervous. For not being able to conceive naturally it really is not that bad. To best describe IVF you take meds to supress you from ovulating(shots I did Lupron or the pill) so that all your eggs grow at the same time. Once you are supressed I beleive 10-14 days you take your meds(Gonal-F) and I continued on Lupron so that you don't ovulate. Meanwhile you go in the morning for blood tests and sonagrams(really interesting to watch your folicles grow) then they take you off the lupron and when you get to about 17-23(size of folicle) you take the shot to release your eggs. Very important to take your shot at the time they say because they schedule to take out the eggs about 36hrs later. They knocked me out I woke up and felt like I was getting my period and when they put them back in 3-5 days later it feels like when you get a paps and they do a sonagram. To me the worst was the 2ww you don't go to the dr for any thing for 2weeks. that was agony.

If you have any questions and I can answer them I will. It is really an amazing experience. That is why I call my daughter my little miracle.


jackie - April 11

Happy Birthday guys!! Also good Passover and Easter to those who are celebrating. I'm gonna be in and out of here cause i'm going to be offline during most of Passover. May the holiday bring you guys good things.


coconutt83 - April 11

yea happy holidays!!!

im kinda upset..this morning i woke up late and forgot to take my ovulex.... !!!! i don't get home until 730 pm,... wat will happen now? i guess ill take it at 7 and one at 10 when i try to go to bed..

any idea did anyone ever miss a dose?


shell4baby - April 11

happy holidays to all

Well coconut yes I did miss a dose but as soon as I got home I took it... I don't think it should be a problem! No AF yet.. I feel so bloated... I did not take any HPT since the day before AF was due and i got a BFN so i really don't know whats the story...baby dust to all



Jessica - April 11

Hey girls - Happy B-Day!!!

I am back, I went to the doctor and now he put me in Clomid - (Clomiphene Citrate) I hope this works.
I stop the Ovulex

Baby Dust to ALL!!!!


Tosha - April 12

Thank-you for all the help Nancy!

I had my HSG done today and it wasn't nearly as bad as I had it would be! Goes to show how everybody is so different. I was happy to find out that there is absolutely no female factors with our infertility. Today confirmed it. Our problems are stritcly male. We have completed everything and now have to sit and wait for the call that we've been selected for IVF. We are good at the waiting!

I believe you that the 2 weeks waiting is agony. I presumed the worst part of it would be the shots, but I'm sure the waiting is even worse.

Thanks again for everything and once I know when I've been selected (I'm presuming July) and I have more questions, I will know who to ask. Thanks again :)


NANCY - April 12


I had the HSG done and it was worse then all the shots and procedures put together. So if you had no problem with that then you will have no problem with everything else. If this ovulex doesn't work I can't wait to go back and do IVF again. I loved my doctor and the nurses(which they are more important to like becasue you see them more) I had a wonderful experience with IVF 1 time it worked and the other it didn't. So I am hoping that I am odd first time and third time

Talk to you soon


coconutt83 - April 12

nancy did ur insurance cover ur ivf? or does everyone have to save the 15k or so on their own? i don't think i would ever get there!! sigh



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