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Jessica - April 6

Monica - My youngest is 4 years old.
I was married to someone else.
I just got married with him. But for some reason sometimes I think its him that has the problem.
We got pg before last year in november, but had a tube pregnacy. (Ectopic) we have been trying since then.
What type of doctor would he need to see. His sperm is very diffrent like gummy it sticks all together.


coconutt83 - April 6

hey jessica i have just been reading up on viatmins vitamin C is suppost to ungroup the sperm,.. let me get the link for u about all the herbs a guy can take to advance ferility!!! very helpful here it is !!! it talks about all viatmins http://www.holistic-online.com/Remed
i noticed with my db ( dear boyfriend) lol that its less clumped ... here in case u didn't feel like clicking

One of the key improvements observed during the study was in the number of agglutinated (clumped-together) sperm. When more than twenty-five percent of the sperm are agglutinated, fertility is very unlikely. At the beginning of the study, all three groups had over twenty-five percent agglutinated sperm. After three weeks, the agglutinated sperm in the vitamin C groups dropped to eleven percent.

The most impressive result of the study was that at the end of sixty days, all of the vitamin C group had impregnated their wives, compared to none for the placebo group. It can be concluded from these results that vitamin C supplementation can be very effective in treating male infertility, particularly if the infertility is due to antibodies against sperm.

baby dust all!!!


coconutt83 - April 6

* Fact one: In 1941, researchers recognized that the concentration of vitamin C in a man's testicle was around 20 times higher than in the blood. This raised the question as to whether this tremendous amount might not be of some functional significance.

* Fact two: Six years later, research investigators noted that a majority of infertile males exhibited a low testicular vitamin C level.

* Fact three: Approximately seven years after that, the experts discovered that the stickiness of sperm was part of the cause of infertility.

* Fact four: Within the next four years, we learned that making sperm less sticky reduced infertility and that vitamin C aided this process.

* Fact five: We now know that ascorbate can increase sperm volume, count, and motility; it also reduces the number of abnormal sperm and their stickiness. Finally, improved sperm quality follows

link : http://www.findarticles.com/p/artic


Monica - April 6

Wow, Coconutt83.....That is excellent information. Very informative. I never knew that......

Jessica; There you go! That sounds like what your husband's issue is. Go out and buy him some Vitamin C tablets ASAP. That is very encouraging. If he takes them consistently within the next month or so.......you guys shouldn't have any more problems with conceiving.

Thanks Coconutt83 for the info.........Monica


Shann - April 6

Coconutt is so helpful.. I am just seeing if my ticker works lol


soon2bmommy - April 6

Monica again thank you for sending me the information, as you stated, it was pretty much stuff I knew and learned from you guys. But atleast the curiousity is gone that she builds up on the site. (smile)


soon2bmommy - April 6


Keep you head up girl, and when all else fails thank God for the 3 you have. I am hoping for my first baby at 35! Please continue to pray and believe, we are all on the frontline with you.

Much love


jackie - April 7

My husband said last night that he was thinking that we shouldn't try anymore. He doesn't want to push our luck, given that I'm soon to be 41. He thinks the fact that, this time, I didn't get pregnant right away plus the miscarriage is a sign. I reminded him that when we first got married I didn't get pg right away I had been on a pill so I wouldn't have my period on my wedding night. Took awhile to get out of my system. Then I had the 2 m/c then the kids. He says if I"m sick like I was when I was pg with the two kids it would be too much for him to take care of 2 kids. I get super nauseous and I am helpless, it's really really bad. That's why I was asking questions about nausea medications because before I tried, Zofran, and Reglan and it didn't work. He also thinks we might be overextending ourselves because we both work full time. Last night he was home late and I had the two kids. I must admit I was off the wall, taking care of the two of them, making dinner, hearing about Tova's day, doing exercises with Mervie. I do get tired and I also think I'm crazy for thinking of trying again. But then I think of my father (his one year anniversary of death just passed) and I feel like I should try again. You know, one life for his life. How else would I pay tribute to his life? I felt disappointed and at the same time I wonder if my husband is right. Sorry for the long post. Just alot on my mind. Jessica how do you manage with 3 other kids? Are you working outside the house?


NANCY - April 7

Happy Birthday Monica!!!
I hope that you had a great day and that you enjoy the rest of the evening!!!!!!!!!!!

Mine was Wednesday


NANCY - April 7


Try to keep the faith it is so frustrating. I had my daughter through IVF trying to save money to do it again in the mean time I am trying Ovulex. It extended my cycle about 7-8 days. It's so hard you get your hopes up only to have them crashing down.
I am praying that God Blesses you with your 4th child;-)

Baby dust to all!!!!!!


coconutt83 - April 8

sigh another sleepless night for me :'(


Monica - April 8

Nancy: Thank you for the Birthday Wish!!!!!!!!!! and Happy Birthday to you too!!!! April babies are the best!! LOL.
Anyways, I had a good birthday....it was very relaxing & laid back; but good.

Coconutt83; I apologize that you are not able to sleep :-\ Do you end up taking long naps during the day? Wow, that must be miserable. Maybe you should go to the doctor about that. Do you work during the day? If so, then I know that you have got to be miserable.........I really hope that things turn around for you soon.

Baby Dust!
Monica :)


WishingandHoping - April 8

Happy Birthday Nancy and Monica!! Amazing how that works. My birthday was on Tuesday. I am now 27 on the upswing to 30. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that I have been out of college for 5 years and high school almost 10. The years fly by.

Anyways, dh and I have been busily cleaning our condo and just enjoying a Saturday. We are going out with my family for a bday dinner tonight which should be fun.

Just enjoying the weekend. Hope everyone is doing well. :)


coconutt83 - April 8

awww happy birthday everyone!!! thats great im heading up there my bday is next week and im turning 23 lol i feel old although i know im not ... really .. yes i work during the day i get up at 9am i come home then can't sleep lol but today i woke up at 230/3 lol to make up for it... i have been thinking about ordering preseed... anyone tried it any idea how it works bc they only give u 4/7 applicators i guess u just use it on ur most fertile days? any ideas? and if i use ky just for myself while BD and it doesn't touch him can that still kill the sperm??

sorry if its TMi... just curious...

baby dust and again happy bdays!!!


coconutt83 - April 9

okay i think i might of found my answer... i was talkin to shann about how she recently just got her prenatals and she told me that folic acid is in it.. well i take both prenatals n 2 pills of folic acid... so i wander over to my cuppard n looking inside and my prenatals have folic acid too. i looked up information on folic acid and it says...:

Continue taking folic acid and talk to your doctor if you experience any of the following less serious side effects, which have occurred with large doses of folic acid:
· nausea,
· decreased appetite,
· abdominal distention,
· flatulence,
· bitter or bad taste,
· insomnia, or
· difficulty concentrating.

insomnia lol so im going to maybe try to take the right amount and see if that cures my problem!!! im such a dope


Shann - April 9

:) Coconutt I am glad I helped lol maybe you will sleep now that you wont be overdosing on folic acid lol. talk to you soon.



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