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shell4baby - April 3

yeah i know...but the suspence is killing me...lol
good luck to u to

[/url] >


coconutt83 - April 4

idk wat is wrong with me... 4:11 am n i still can't sleep... restless, can't get comfortable n my tummy is still hurting idk why... on the + side i ordered pregnancy tests in bulk from ebay n accidently had them sent to my mom's house lol... oh boy


Jessica - April 4

Coco what is wrong with you. Are you taking Green Tea? What time?

Today is my 2 day that I missed my period. I don't know if I should go and take one or just wait. I have been very emotional and sleeping. Ladies what should I do?


coconutt83 - April 4

if u want buy a 2 pack u can take one now and then later if its negative... but if u just started ovulex i would wait an extra week.. lol i know i have been sleepless n emotional n my stomache is still blahhh so my fiance wants me to take a test and im like noooo... we know what it will say i hope it says + but im not going to take one... sigh lol but if it will help easy your mind i say do it!! but if you'll get too upset maybe u should wait until someone is there with u.. which is what i want lol but on the other hand we are all here for u...

lots o luck let us know what u do

baby dust


Tosha - April 4

Hi Ladies,

Everyone is waiting on good news!

WishingandHoping - still there? We had our consultation for IVF last Thursday. We have been "accepted". Now it's just a waiting game for our names to get to the top of the list. We are presuming we should be selected in approx. July. It is a much more complex and scary procedure than I originally thought. I am a bundle of nerves.

The first step is an HSG. I have never had one. Are they as terrible as they sound ladies? Painful? Any advice?


coconutt83 - April 4

im sorry hun don't have any advice but to stay positive... i think i read on another board they don't hurt and u only feel discomfort and ur fine the next day... if we are thinkin of the same thing....


Tosha - April 4

Thank-you coconutt83. I get really, really bad periods so I am hoping this can't be all that much worse.

I go for one a week from today. They prescribed me pain killers to take beforehand and warned me of bleeding afterwards and not being able to drive.

I am just worried!


NANCY - April 4

Hi Monica Well AF came I was 8 days late. I am always tired with this stuff. The tired I feel was how I felt when I was pregnant with my daughter so I really thought that I was. Any way keep on trying and it will happen for all of us!!!!!



mama2youssef - April 4

Hello Ladies
I am new to the board. I am 45, I have 4 children..the youngest is 28 mo.. I have TTC for 21 months now. I started taking ovulex 1 month ago. So far no BFP, but my FSH has gone down. The last 6 months I have had irregular AF, so I just started prometruim 2 days ago to make AF come. My DH only has one child, our ds, so we really want one more child. LOL, ds is having a fit right now, he wants to go back out to he swings.
Have any of you ladies had any luck with ovulex yet? DH is from Morocco and they make awesome tea using green tea. If anyone wants to know the recipe email me.
Baby dust to all


coconutt83 - April 5

im sooo frustrated lol i have been having light blood for like a week or so... n i guess maybe i thought it was implantation blood because i was having indigestion n morning sickness so i took a test this evening n it was a BFN lol oh welll idk if i took it in the evening is why.. probably not... well let me go take my ovulex...

good luck ladies


Shann - April 5

Coconut the same thing is going on with me as a matter of fact thats why I am sitting at the computer at 4am I have horrible heart burn and light bleeding all week.


mstonie - April 5

ok.. I am so nervous I just took my first pill today (Ovulex), I don't know why I'm so nervous........ anyway I will keep you posted and if I have any questions hopefully someone can answer them........good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!


Jessica - April 5

Good Morning Ladies
This has been very weird for me. I have been taking Ovulex 27 day now. I always get regular periods. Now this month I am late 3 days now. I took a pg test and it was - What is going on? I think I need to stop the ovulex. I have been feeling like crying, depress, anger, breast hurt, sleeping and a weird taste in my mouth. If there is someon that knows something or can help in any way please let me know. Sould I just wait?


Monica - April 5

Jessica: When I used the Ovulex, my AF was also late for the very first time in my life. After reading all of the previous posts, it appears that Ovulex will have a tendency to cause your period to come on later than normal for some individuals. I believe that it takes a couple of months to regulate your cycle.....so try to be patient with it. I stopped using Ovulex because my problem was never with not having a regular period, but with blocked tubes instead. That problem has now been rectified, so I am just taking my pre-natal vitamins, along with the green tea for now. I am praying & confessing the best.
Try to keep your head up & give the Ovulex a little more time to get into your system..........

Baby Dust To You Jessica ;)


coconutt83 - April 5

[quote author=Shann link=board=4;threadid=2126;start=60#16840 date=1144227175]
Coconut the same thing is going on with me as a matter of fact thats why I am sitting at the computer at 4am I have horrible heart burn and light bleeding all week.

I was up the other night at 4 and the night before that at 530... i have always been a night owl but we are talking 130/2 lol i think i experienced heart burn at work... took a 2nd PT this morning BFN lol well i kinda knew it... but i wanted it to be true!! and i went to take my pill this morning i dropped it down the sink lol i still have 2 more bottles though


WishingandHoping - April 5

Tosha - Still here and nothing new to report. As for the HSG I did that 3 months ago. It wasn't that bad. Not what I expected either. If you have pretty bad periods then you will be fine and the fact that they prescribe you a painkiller is great. I just took 3 motrin beforehand. As for not driving. I drove myself there and drove myself home, but that might be different for everyone. Also I bled quite a bit afterwards, so don't be alarmed at that. It will stop in a couple of days. It is pretty cool though to see your tubes and how everything is supposed to work. You will do GREAT!! Hang in there. It is just nice getting more answers as you go along. ;) I am so happy that things are moving along for you.

We have been making decisions here. I was on clomid again this month and if it doesn't work we are going to stop actively trying and saving up money for IVF as that is our next option. So we will see. God is in control.

Hope everyone is doing well. Keep the faith and know that God DOES have a plan!! :)



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