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Monica - May 9

Nancy: Congratulations again! It DOES feel really good when the doctor tells you "congrats" again & when he/she confirms your due date ......it is very exciting.

That progesterone cream that you are taking........Do you think that that is something that I should ask my doctor about? I had 1 miscarriage before my very first child 11 years ago, but that is all. Is the progesterone cream something that they normally give to patients that have miscarried? If so, then I want some........Nancy, please give me more insight on that because I really might ask my doctor about that on next week....



NANCY - May 9

I'm not sure. My first pregnancy I had a miscarriage and then with Paige I was on progesterone shots for 12 weeks I think that my dr is being careful and trying to do the same thing that worked with the previous pregnancy.

I Love your ticker I am going to have to go and look to see if there is anything that I like

How are you feeling I know you said you were a little sick the other morning?


NANCY - May 9

Peaches how are you feeling? Did you notice any hiccups I use to love when Paige hiccuped. You must be getting really excited you have less than 1/2 your pregnancy to go


NANCY - May 9

I love the colors pink and green together so I figured why not. A cute little pea in the pod!!!!


Amanda Ivey - May 10

Monica and Nancy,
Already a month and a half? Wow congrats again, I heard one of you are starting to get sick. (try preggy pops from babies r us or target.) thry are really good for that, it's just lollipops with b12 in them really good and they worked for me or you can do the old fashion thing and just stay with saltines and oj (didn't work for me though) whew those were a rough 3 months.
:)Nancy, congrats on your appt, I'm glad you and your snookums are doing fine and everything is going so well for you. Did you already deliver the news to the world yet or are you going to wait?

I am glad you and baby are doing good and you are feeling her pouncing around in there. Did you start to see her from the outside yet? My husband loves to watch him do whatever he's doing in there when my whole tummy jumps up at once. Can you see parts yet? I can feel and see him move, but I can't see any elbows you foots, even when he's pushing out ahhhh well guess I'll have to wait. Have you decided on a name yet?

<a href="http://lilypie.com"><img src="http://bd.lilypie.com/zR1jm7.png" alt="Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker" border="0" width="400" height="80" /></a>


Amanda Ivey - May 10

oh yeah I wasn't trying to be rude by moving the board, I just thought that if I were still waiting I wouldn't want to read this everyday, so I was trying to be courteous of others. So if it seemed like I was trying to take over........I was :) jk. I wasn't really. Maybe I was wrong though I am sure someone would have said something if it did bother them. It's not that I'm saying I was jealous of other withchild or mad while ttc I was happy, but just didn't want to talk baby everyday. okay maybe I said that wrong. I'm not a bad person I promise I'm not.




Tosha - May 10

Amanda Ivey,

I think you are very courteous to be worried about all of us still TTC. It is difficult to read about all these pregnancies because somehow this board has changed from TTC to only discussing pregnancies. I have been avoiding the board for exactly that reason. I wish everyone a healthy, happy pregnancy and only wish we could all be so lucky.


Monica - May 10

Tosha: I do understand.. :-\
Ladies, maybe we should start another topic to discuss our pregnancies. I KNOW that it must be really hard for those that are TTC...to hear all of this on a daily basis. What do you all think?

Nancy & Amanda: I am feeling better today. I noticed that I was really sick on Monday morning because I took my pre-natal vitamin before I went to work. That is something that I normally do anyway, but for some reason......that vitamin made me REALLY sick that day. So on yesterday, I took it last night around 7pm & it wasn't as bad. I guess that I will be doing that from now on.........

Ladies; should we start a new board to talk about all of these kinds of things, because I REALLY want to be sensitive to everyone else that are TTC? I haven't heard anything about Ovulex in a long time.......

Baby Dust!


tam609 - May 10

Hi every one well last night i got really bad cramps in my belly and legs oh great my period again i give up i feel like crying i don't no but i will keep on trying to the day i die! and keep on asking god just one please! mabe its not for me i don't know


Hello06 - May 10

Hello everyone!! I"m new on this thing has anyone had any success with ovulex?


Amanda Ivey - May 10

Monica check out the site bfp stories.



Hello06 - May 10



Monica - May 10

Yes, you can take both at the same time.............


NANCY - May 10

I feel horrible I am so sorry if I hurt anyone in anyway. It was very insensitive of me.


Much baby dust to all!!!!


coconutt83 - May 11

last night i had a fight with my fiance.. and he told me he isn't as attracted to me as he used to me.. after i took off my ring and almost left. he cried.. today he apoligized and sed he didn't mean it... but i told him u can't take back words... i sed i would need time to heal... so i haven't been as affectionate as usual or acting sexy im like sorry i dont feel sexy right now and i don't want to descust u... last night i almost really did leave him.. i mean we both put on weight since we started over a year ago... last night i prayed i think i was so happy i wasn't pregnant at that moment lol isn't that funny...


Trina76 - May 11

Thank you ladies, so much, for all of the support and prayers. God has a special place for you guys in his heart. My hubby and I are slowly getting over our miscarriage. No D&C was need, so, my doctor says after a few cycles it's safe to try again...I'm sort of confused why do I have to wait a few cycles? It took me years to get this ovulating thing, good quality cervical mucus,and all that inline to actually conceive....So, aganist my doc's advice We're going to try right away. Not to be biblical.... ( but I am a Spritual person )God said ask in my name...And it shall be so.... I belive, I recieve, and the joy is mine!!!!!!!



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