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Monica - May 7

Trina76: You are certainly in my prayers...Please keep your head up. We are all here for you.....



Monica - May 7

For all of the mommies to be.......both new & old. Please be in agreement with this scripture in the Old Testament. It is the same scripture that I asked all of us to pray...when Peaches was threatening to miscarry a few months ago; so I thought that I would put it back on line now since a few of us are in our early stages of pregnancy. I pray these over my womb everyday, so if you are interested.....then here goes..

Exodus 23: 25-26
So you shall serve the Lord your God, and He will bless your bread and your water. And I will take sickness away from the midst of you. No one shall suffer miscarriage, or be barren in your land; and I will fulfill the number of your days.

If you ladies believe this, then please meditate on it & begin to confess that over your wombs. Trust me.....it will make ALL the difference in the world. I know this by my own personal experience......

God Bless!


Monica - May 7

Here is one more....

Isaiah 54:17
NO weapon that is formed against you (or your baby) shall prosper; and every tongue which rises against you in judgement, You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, And their righteousness is from Me; Says the Lord.



NANCY - May 8

Just a quick hello to see if everyone had a good weekend!!

What is with these advertisements????

Much baby dust to all!!!!!!!


pat - May 8

i was just wandering could you take geritol and clomid together please reply i desperately want to get pregnant would like more information on this please. thank you any imformation would be appreciated. my email address is [email protected]

Sinserely, Pat


Monica - May 8


Wow, I see that we have someone on this board that likes to post a bunch of advertisements........ :-\
I really hope that you are getting your thrill out of that my friend.......

God Bless You Anyway & Baby Dust To You; that is if you EVEN want to have a baby... ::)

Isaiah 54:17
NO WEAPON that is formed against us will EVER prosper; and EVERY tongue which rises against us in judgement; The LORD Himself shall condemn. And their righteousness is of Me,... Says the Lord..

1Samuel 17:47
The battle is not ours, BUT the Lords.....

Deal with HIM Ladies...............Goodday ;)


Monica - May 8

Ladies of Ovulex,

I am not trying to be super spiritual or anything by posting all of these scriptures...............but we just had someone on this board to have a miscarriage a few days ago, and now we have someone on the board that is playing games. That REALLY irritates me, because it is soooo very immature & VERY unnecessary at a time like this.

Here I am trying to minister to someone that probably needs some encouragement at this time, and we have someone on here that is playing games amongst our posts...

Like I said earlier........Just Deal with the Lord Himself!!!!


Monica - May 8

So Nancy....with all of that off of my chest...How was your first doctor's appointment today? Are you excited?

As for me, I am starting to get a little morning sickness now. I have been eating peanuts & drinking ginger ale all morning long....... :-\ Oh well, whatever I have to go through for my little one; I am certainly willing to do it.



tam609 - May 8

HI every body well like i said i was haveing alot of problems with Ovulex iam a 30 yr old woman trying to have a baby for over 6 years i should no the Lord prayers becaues my dad used to be a preacher ive asked and pleaded with him please! please! if i only have one i would be the most happyiest woman here people that have one or more kids on here and trying to have more thats great but i just want one i don't have the money to adopted or i whould have all ready! and playing games i think no one on this boad is playing games that upset me that you can say things like that if your so god like i don't have a lot of money but i have alot of love! God Bless all of you and you will be in my prayers tonight and Monica i love you like a sister and God Bless you


Monica - May 8

Tam609: You know that I was not talking about you girl. I am talking to the following guests: Online Poker, Online Casino, Celebrity Hairstyles, Dark Magician Girls, etc..........There is probably more.

Tam609, You know that no one is talking about you. I am trying to encourage & to uplift the people that are in your situation.......as I was just in that same situation myself (a few weeks ago). Please try to stay encouraged & keep your head up Tam609. We are here for you........and please stop taking things so personally. I would NEVER say anything negatively about you or anyone else on this board. I am just tired of people wasting our board space with their so-called advertisements....

Baby Dust To You!


Monica - May 8

THANK YOU "Shared Journey Moderator" for deleting all of those unnecessary posts!!.......
If you are just now reading this board today, you may be a little confused as to what I was talking about in my previous posts. It doesn't matter anymore because it appears that the Moderator has deleted all of the negative posts that I was referring too this morning.

Thanks Again...... :)


tam609 - May 8

hi ladies ,Monica i justed wanted to say iam very sorry but i still love ya Ha! Ha! anyways can some one tell me why they think i had problems with Ovulex and does any one know if Colmid does the same affects are they or are they worse? iam sorry iam so personal but my breast is haveing like red little vains and the color of them changed a little last night my belly was sick and so i took pepmobmo sorry can't spell very good anyways then this morning it was hurting again so i jumped up and tryed to thow up nothing was coming up just a little sour stuff i took a pg test like always it said NO YOUR NOT PG! but my period not due until 17th of this month but i no iam not pg its to good to be true !!!!!!! well ladies i hope you all Baby dust and your all ways in my heart


Peaches - May 8

Trina 76..i'm sorry for ur lost, god has a plan for all of us and eventhough sometimes we dont know why things happen, they all happen for a reason..just keep ur faith and trust in god..your in my prayers

Monica, how are you feeling..i'm doing great..just getting bigger and bigger..i swear I feel like i'm carrying twins..no twins though..this past weekend, I had to go buy some materinity clothes, nothing fits anymore...are you feeling sick? i started feeling sick when I was about 6-8 weeks..oh god, I remember I couldnt eat chicken, I still have trouble even smelling it...but i'm doing great..baby moves and kicks a lot and it's sooo amazing..keep me posted on how ur doing



Monica - May 8

Peaches....I am still sooo very happy for you!!
Well; I am doing fine right now, but I had a little morning sickness for about 3 hours this morning....It is amazing because the things that I use to eat & drink; I can longer stand the smell of them. So this morning my breakfast consisted of hot peanuts & ginger ale :-\. We will see what happens on tomorrow......

Blessings To You Peaches..


NANCY - May 9

I agree with you Monica
THANK YOU "Shared Journey Moderator" for deleting all of those unnecessary posts!!

How is everyone?

Pat I'm not sure but if geritol is a vitamin I don't see why not, but I would ask your dr before you take the clomid and the geritol together.

My apt went great today. I will be on the progestreone cream until 12 weeks. The dr's office that I go to there are about 6 or 7 drs that do deliveries and usually they make you see all drs. My dr told me that I was to only see him. I am a special or higher risk patient. I guess with the miscarriage and my IVF miracle baby he wants to be careful. I go to see the nurse on Thursday(I think that is to do my history) Then 5/16 for the ultrasound.

I am so excited. Even though I knew and took 3 tests to know it was so great when they tell you congrats.

So Monica you started to feel a little sick. I not to bad just smells. My cousin was over this weekend and she was making eggs. I had to leave the room. So did you decide how you are going to tell everyone! I can't wait! I would love to chat more but I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

a good night


Monica - May 9

Nancy: Congratulations again! It DOES feel really good when the doctor tells you "congrats" again & when he/she confirms your due date ......it is very exciting.

That progesterone cream that you are taking........Do you think that that is something that I should ask my doctor about? I had 1 miscarriage before my very first child 11 years ago, but that is all. Is the progesterone cream something that they normally give to patients that have miscarried? If so, then I want some........Nancy, please give me more insight on that because I really might ask my doctor about that on next week....




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