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soon2bmommy - May 2

Hey Monica:

Thanks for your continous prayers. I went to Walmart last night after I got my AF :o( and purchased 2 bottles of tonic I took my first dosage this morning after breakfast.

luv you much


Monica - May 2

Soon2bmommy: Make sure that you let your boyfriend/husband take the daily dose as well. You both need to take it (I believe) for it to be truly effective.............



NANCY - May 2

Progestrone will help prepare the lining of your uterus so that it is ready to receive and nourish a fertized egg. It mya be supplemented for 10-12 weeks untill production of progesterone by the placenta is adequate.

I took that out of the patient information from the medication.

Monica how was your appt. I can't wait to go on Monday!!!!


YJ - May 3

Hello Ladies,

I am new here and I hope that I can hopefully be a part of this wonderful group...
I am 28. DH and I have been ttc for almost 2 years now with no luck. Was on clomid for 3 cycles but doctor says I have to increase my hormones? Blood test on Day 21 shows that mine is presently at 11 and the norm is 30 (don't quite understand what he is saying tho :( Can anyone pls help to explain this?) To speed things along, I also started going for traditional pre-natal massage. The massage lady told me that I am ovulating and that the position of my womb indicates that I am gonna have a baby girl. But still, no BFP yet! Im desperate cos it seems that everyone around me is either getting preggy or is about to deliver anytime soon. And honestly, it sucks when someone comes up to you and asks "so when is your turn?" Anyway, started taking ovulex today and am fervently praying for the good news real soon.


NANCY - May 3

Not to sure about the hormone numbers. Maybe next time you go back you should ask in more detail. I would like to know what he is talking about.

As for the every where you turn someone is pregnant or just about to give birth I know how you feel. I remember at one point my best friend told me try not to think about it. I told her that she was crazy. To put herself in my shoes and think about it. I told her to pay attention to pregnancy. That it was every where you looked. 2-3 days later she called me back and said she was sorry that she did pay attention to it and she said I was right that it was every where. That is one of the hardest things that I think we have to go though here. I don't know what to say that is going to make it better for you. Just time I guess.

Time will make Ovulex work for you I took it for 2 months and I still can't believe it. In fact this morning I took my 3rd test just to make sure. I will be thinking AND praying for you

Must baby dust to you and everyone else here!!!!!


YJ - May 3

Hey Nancy!
Thanks so much for your prayers. Will ask the doc for more details on those hormone numbers. It sure makes me feel better to know that someone else totally understand my feelings.
I sure hope Ovulex works for me too! (Keeping my fingers crossed!)
Btw Nancy - congrats to you on your success! All the best from me!


Monica - May 3

Nancy: My doctor's appointment went really well on yesterday. That was actually my 3rd visit since I found out that I am pregnant. On yesterday, they did an early ultrasound for me (transvaginal ultrasound).....and they were able to see that the gestational sac & the yolk sac had impanted in my uterus. The baby was still too small to see at 5 weeks, 4 days.......but my doctor saw everything that she needed to see. I will be going back in exactly 2 weeks; when I am 7 weeks & 4 days, and at that time they said that I will definitely be able to see the tiny fetus AND possibly a heartbeat.

It is SOOO amazing to see how the Lord has designed our pregnant bodies to function & to create in the ways that it does; and after a person experiences the miracle of pregnancy for the first time.............There is NO WAY that they could ever deny the existence & the presence of God.



jackie - May 3

I remember that. With Tova I was too nervous about the whole thing so when I missed a period I didn't take a test till I started getting sick. That was six weeks in so of course by then you see the heartbeat. Ditto with Mervie. This last pregnancy my MD took the hormone levels. If the hormone levels are not above a certain amount he won't do an ultrasound cause you won't be able to see anything. I forget what the number is maybe you guys know it.


weazie - May 3

Hi first time posting here. I am 35 and was trying to conceive for a year when I got pregnant in Dec. First ultrasound didn't go well in Jan and it ended up in me having to have a D&C. At first they thought I had a molar pregnancy and put me on BC pills that day to insure I didn't get pregnant. We got the pathlogy report back saying it was just an abnormal placenta and I was safe to go off the pill and try to conceive. My hormones have been so messed up I have not ovulated since the D&C. I have been on Ovulex along with B6 for 3 weeks now and got a peak on my FM this morning. Not sure if it is the Ovulex or my system just needed time to get my hormones balanced out again....but I am ovulating again. My Af also became out of whack but it looks like I will be right back on schedule this month if I don't get pregnant. I also have a lack of CM and the past month I have been drinking lots of white tea (don't like the taste of green tea) and I also now have lots of CM as well. I don't know if the ovulex will help me get pregnant but I do feel it has helped in balancing out my hormones. I will keep you posted if I have any other success with the Ovulex.


Kath - May 3

I have been ttc since November of '97. I have PCOS and have done several cycles of Clomid. I've been on Glucophage since July 2000. After reading several boards about Ovulex I have not found any negative messages. Nor have I found anyone that has taken it more than 2 or 3 months. Does anyone out there know of these? I'm skeptical if it really works like everyone here says but will kick myself if I don't try it.


marie-claire - May 4

I have started taking ovulex a week ago, my period last on 4/26 but instead of the 5 days bleeding it only lasted 2 days. I am not sure if I am ovulating or not, but tonight I am having a lot of cramps and my back hurts as if I am going to have my period again. I am tempted to stop the ovulex and see what happens. My BF thinks that I could be pregnant, I told him I don't think so, because I had my period on 4/26, granted it was only for 2 days. I am a bit worried, I think I am going to stp the ovulex for now....Has anyone experienced these symptoms...


jackie - May 4

marie-claire I would think that's too short a time to see if anything works. As for the other lady...birth control pills?? I would never take em. Don't care if I do get pregnant I want nothing to do with birth control pills. Diaphragm works just fine. You can mess up with pills like you can mess up with a diaphragm and if you use either one right it will work. Just with a diagram (as DH calls it) it won't screw up your hormones. My AF is starting and it's only 24 days. Now I haven't been taking the ovulex at the same time each day etc etc. I've been so under the weather for the past month that anything could give me a coughing jag. Didn't take my vitamins, my Zoloft nothing. Should I try to get regular with the OVulex or just stop taking it? I can't afford a 24 day cycle because if we do decide to try again we can't BD on CD 10. It is forbidden at least until CD 12. I don't know what to do. I hope the ovulex isn't messing me up.


tinaxu - May 4

Hi everyone!
this is day 29 of my period, do not have any signs of period, usually i have some sign before my period, i think its Ovulex.
Even Ovulex makes my period late, its fine, hopefully it was a good sign. i will keep taking Ovulex.

TO nancy, as I knew you took 2 moths of Ovulex, did you ovulating on the first moth, i did not. thank you in advance.


tam609 - May 4

[quote author=Jessica link=board=4;threadid=2126;start=60#16854 date=1144245401]
Good Morning Ladies
This has been very weird for me. I have been taking Ovulex 27 day now. I always get regular periods. Now this month I am late 3 days now. I took a pg test and it was - What is going on? I think I need to stop the ovulex. I have been feeling like crying, depress, anger, breast hurt, sleeping and a weird taste in my mouth. If there is someon that knows something or can help in any way please let me know. Sould I just wait?
[/quote] Hi Jessica well iam new here but i was reading your letter i feel the same thing all of that ive been taking Ovulex for 10 days and the four day i started to feel the symtoms and my period not do until may 17th i took a pg test and nothing but i feel bloating all the time do you get that to? i would do another pg test if i was you but iam the type that can't wait


NANCY - May 4


I did ovulate.


sarah soveran - May 4

hi everyone hope all is well.. i have been sooo busy lately with app and all i never had a computer for a while but me and hubby bought a new one. today i went for a dye test to see if i was fine and i was im so happy im going to be going on some fertility pills soon. well just wanted to say hi



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