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NANCY - May 1

Yes I was taking Ovulex and my DH was taking Amberoz


Monica - May 1

Nancy: OH MY GOSH!!!!!! THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations my friend!!! Wow; and it looks like we are due on the exact same day!! Your ticker says that you are 5 weeks & 3 days; well so am I......WOW!! I cannot believe this. How did you know? Were you late for your AF? Did you feel sick & then decide to test? I didn't even realize that you were late for your period yet....based off of your last ticker.

This is absolutely amazing! Your due date should be 12/29/06. :D




tinaxu - May 1

congratulations NANCY. i am so happy to heard you EXPECTING.

hi everybody, i am still not ovulate, so no hope for this month, SAD SAD, not sure if AF will late or not, i have very regular AF, this month totally out of count. this is first month i take Ovulex.


Mahogany Heart - May 1

Congratulations to all the Mommies to Be!!!!

Supernatural Baby Dust for all the Babies on the way!!!


soon2bmommy - May 1

Congratulations to all the new mommies - My God I pray it's supernatural contagious! Okay new mommies spare no details tells us about morning sickness and any other symptoms. Monica - I am still overwhelmed by your great news - I think I wanted you to be mommy just as much I you did lol.

luv to you all

still praying and hoping


Peaches - May 1

Nancy, CONGRATS!!!! Wow the baby dust is spreading all over...This is an amazing year for all of us...it's so awesome how many of us are expecting, and I know that there will be some more on the way....I just found out one of my close friends is also expecting, shes 2 months along..

Ladies, i'm doing great..the baby is starting to kick, and wow, what a feeling...I can feel her move around and it's so neat..I'm craving a lot of oreo cheesecake..yummy i want some now!! hehehe...i love being pregnant, i'm loving every single second of it..i'm getting real big now, and feet are getting swollen, but i love it soooooooo much, and i'm anxious to see how my little girl is going to look like...

Congrats again to all the expecting mothers... :D


Monica - May 1

Hi Peaches; It is good to hear from you! Did you get all moved in & settled? Are you still in the valley? Remember, I just moved from L.A. on last year.......

Question: At what point did you get morning sickness? Was it around 7 or 8 weeks? Was it really bad for you? Please let me know because I am praying that I won't have it bad, but whatever I have to go through for my little Angelpop :D; I am willing to go through it.
Peaches, you sound SOOO happy! Congratulations to you again!

Nancy: Where are you?!! I really want to hear all of the details & celebrate with you.........

Baby Dust!


NANCY - May 1

I am sorry it's been so crazy at work. I am in a new position so in alot of training sessions and this spot they monitor the use of the internet so I have to be careful.

My DH asked me the same thing how did I know. I told him that my boobs were sore and he said your getting your period and they also tingled. I was at 38 days in my cycle and asked DH what he wanted to do. If we should test and when he picked Thursday and I thought no today. I went and bought a test and was so shocked!!!!! I am not sick and so far not as tired as I was the first time just the boobs!! Oh my GOD!!!!!!

I noticed that we are due the same day. I knew that our cycles were close based on your last ticker. I called my doctor's office today and made an appt for 5/8 to see the doctor and then and appt 5/11 to see the nurse. I also called and asked what the doctor thought I should do the last pregnancy I had I was on Progestrone when I did IVF. He is putting me on some cream that he called into the pharmacy for me. Until I see him.

I am glad that we can compare notes seeing that we are due on the same day!!!!!!! Do you know when we will get to hear our little one's heart beat????

Thank your for all the best wishes from everyone!!

I send you all much Babydust!!!!!



shell4baby - May 2

hey ladies....

OMG:) Congrats to all the ladies out there who's expecting...its really great to know that something out there is working for this unexplained infertility...Atleast I have the courage now seeing everyone this month is getting good news:?....I made an appointment with my doc! its 5/7 I can hardly wait to see whats my problem...Baby dust to all>>>share the sticky dust all the soon to be mommys..



Trina76 - May 2

Congrats.......Nancy I wish you all the luck and happiness a girl can have....And to the other ladies I started the Geritol at the begenning of the month before my cycle was supposed to start, I took it throught my cycle and for about 2wks. I started to feel sick I thought it was the geritol So I stopped taking one week later I still fetl sick so I took a home test and BAM! Now I was told by my friend to take it before my period, during and after, then have sex like crazy. Worked for me, and this is my first pregnancy ever........

Best wishes luv u guys!!!!


Amanda Ivey - May 2

Wow, this is amazing congratulations Nancy!!! Our newest Dec Mommy!!!



Monica - May 2

Hi Everyone!!!

Soon2bmommy: How are you? I haven't forgotten about you at all.....You are still in my prayers & I thank you SO MUCH for your well wishes......I am sending SUPERNATURAL babydust to you right now, so maybe next month will be the month for you. Try the Geritol Tonic before you ovulate next time & see what happens!! Much luv to you Soon2bmommy!!

Nancy: YEAH, CONGRATULATIONS again!! I am not sure when we will be able to hear the heartbeat for the first time, but I have a doctor's appointment on today....so I will definitely ask.
Question: How come you have to take the progesterone cream? What is that for?.....I am curious..

Well Congrats to all of the expecting mommies again, and I will talk to you all a little later...

God Bless You!
Monica :)


Amanda Ivey - May 2

I think you guys may be able to see it on u/s if it's the good equipment at around 6 weeks, but I think usually it's heard around the 10th week and even then the baby has to be ib the perfect position because it's still so tiny. So to save myself the worry of him being turned around or in the wrong spot I just waited until 13 weeks. Good luck at you alls appts. :)



jackie - May 2

Peaches, I had the same thing when I was pregnant with my little girl, with the swelling. A friend told me that there are things that have alot of natural sodium, like tomato products and bread. I got sodium free bread and ate less tomato stuff and it did help. Got less swollen. I also got a pair of SAS sandals had extra holes put in and wore only them. I put my feet way, way, way, up at night on several pillows. Also, take off your wedding rings NOW if you are wearing them. Take off any rings you wear because if your hands swell up you won't be able to get them off and you will feel uncomfortable. ditto for ankle bracelts or toe rings.

Monica, my OB/GYN told me to take 25mg of vitamin b6 along with unisom tablet (tablet not gel). He said take it every 6 hours and I would feel a little sleepy but not nauseous. His own wife took it and swore by it. If she forgot to take it the nausea came right back. I miscarried in February so of course I did not take it. If ya wanna be my guinea pig I'd like to know if it still works (-:.


Monica - May 2

Jackie: If I end up with morning sickness this time.....I will definitely be your guinea pig & try the vitamin B6 & the unisom tablets. During my last pregnancy, I had HORRIBLE morning sickness where I couldn't even work, so I am praying & confessing NOW that I won't have morning sickness this time......BUT if I do, I will definitely try that combination.


soon2bmommy - May 2

Hey Monica:

Thanks for your continous prayers. I went to Walmart last night after I got my AF :o( and purchased 2 bottles of tonic I took my first dosage this morning after breakfast.

luv you much



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