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Mahogany Heart - April 13


That was amazing, Right?


coconutt83 - April 14

amanda sonograms were amazing i can't wait till i have mine done lol once im expecting... anyone up?? sigh can't sleep i got a message from usps today saying i have a package i hope its the preseed i ordered from ebay. maybe its movies though mmm but i think this is my ovulation week bc i kinda feel my ovaries right now i feel kinda sick like naeusa... maybeeee maybeee this is it.... i have been trying to do good n not us ky and i have done bd almost every other day im on ovulex n prenatals and the fiance is on vitamin c 1000mg, zinc, e and hmm EFA... so hopefully SOMETHING happens lol all i have to say is one thing!!!! TGIF TGIF TGIF i wish i had a real easter break buttttt i only have off on the weekend which is normal since i only work m-f but at least i have a job n off on the weekends i guess... well all u sleepy heads have a good night if anyone is up u can im me.. maine4life414.....

baby dust ~~**~*~*~*~*~**~~


NANCY - April 14

Good Morning Everyone

Shell4baby Monica was right I had the same problem last month with my cycle I was usually 28-30 days I went to 37 days.

I think that I missed out this month I was using my monitor I am at cycle day 22 and it is saying that I didn't ovulate yet. I want to say that I ovulated on Monday I had ovulation pain on Monday night and didn't think anything of it so I guess we will try again next month.

mommy213 I did the same thing I was reading for information purposes at first. I thought that the women on here are wonderful. And if anyone knows how you feel it's going to be us becasue we are all going through the same thing. I think we are a great bunch of ladies here and try to help each other through our journey to get pregnant. I am on my 2nd month of using ovulex. I noticed that my period went from 28-30 to 37 and just tired. I think that is why I really thought that last month I was pregnant. I was putting my daughter to bed about 8:15-8:30 and I was out by 9:00.

If I don't get a chance to get back on this weekend I hope that everyone has a Great Easter!!!!!!!!


Monica - April 14

Happy GOOD FRIDAY Everyone!!!

Have a Great Easter!!
Monica :)


chica4jc - April 14

i've been feeling really nauseous lately. But I dont think I even ovulated this month... I dont' even know...Im so confused... how soon can i check. I guess AF should come around april 23rd. can I check before then to know...


NANCY - April 15

You can buy the tests that say 5 days before your missed period. Good luck!!!!


chica4jc - April 15

thanks Ill try that! Can Ovulex make feel nauseas? I've only been on it one month...


chica4jc - April 15

Someone sent me this link and now I don't know what to think of ovulex... I've been taking it for about a mont...somebody please help!! http://ripoffreport.com/repor
read this and let me know wha tyou think...it seems to have worked for so many women, why would their be such report??? please tell me what you think...thanks so much!


chica4jc - April 15

I just went and checked out the BBB site and it looked fine...it looked like they've resolved everything...almost...I think someone was trying to discourage me, but i feel like these pills will help me...
sorry to alarm you guys, it just scared me to death when i read that report...


coconutt83 - April 16

yea i saw that the other day i wouldn't worry about it it looks like they solved mostly all the issues and the complaints... happy easter everyone.. i wanted to test today lol sooo bad but i figured i wouldn't know until around the 25th if anything....

well talk to everyone later....

baby dust


shell4baby - April 17

Hello Everyone ,

Happy Easter to all....well I went to church this morning took my communion I felt so great, gave god a little thanks for dying on the cross for us, he is so wonderful...I prayed for all of us in here trying to concieve.. still no AF....im so scared to take a HPT...im afraid of a BFN :( I get really depress. my temp is 98.1 this morning but I feel a little warm right now, I think im getting sick but I guess its the weather ...Does anyone get headaches using ovulex? I get alot of it in the nite time. Well take care see yall tomorrow..
baby dust to all...

[/url] >


coconutt83 - April 17

hey shell... good luck i hope ur prayer comes true i took a test this morning because im an idiot lolol i sat there looking at the BFN and thought im never going to see a + sigh.. i had a headache all this weekend i think it was the weather . it was either that or my fiance's grandmom who stayed with us lol jk


shell4baby - April 17





Monica - April 17

AMEN!!!!! ;)

Baby Dust To All,


mommy213 - April 18

Hey everyone!!!
I was kinda having a bad day today...I'm never really sure how to tell when I will have a good day or not. It's stressful ttc, I've been trying for almost 8 mos. now, but I'm sure to most that's not that bad. But since both my brother and my lil sister are expecting now, and both by accident I sometimes feel like I'm doing something wrong. Well, I don't want to depress anyone, I was just online and felt like venting...anyone out there???


Nanci & Dessie - April 19

Hi Ladies... Been a long time since I've been here... Hardley recognize any of the names any more.... But Hey.. That's okay... How is everyone?
How many are still actually taking the Ovulex anymore? I got 3 months worth and when that didn't work I got 3 more cuz of thier garantee... theses bottles where different look'n and the herbs are different also... My cycle went crazy.. and messin' with me... After goin' to the Dr. We have decided for our own sanity, To put trying to have a baby on hold for a bit until Insurance starts and I can go see the fertility specialist... So until then We're going to enjoy sex...lol before we have to schedule it again... lol :)
Loads of BaBy DuSt and AnGeL WiShEs
Chins Up------ Keep The Faith....



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