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Monica - February 14

Jackie: I had something a little strange happen to me as well. I am only on CD21, and about 10 minutes about when I went to the restroom.....there was a tiny speck of blood there, and that was it. Also this morning when I took my temperature, it had gone down as well. So either I am getting ready to start my AF really early or it could be implantation. I don't even want to go there though because I am SOOOO tired of being disappointed every month ???. Who knows.........

Also Jackie, regarding nausea, there are some things in the book that the author speaks about in reference to that. I will have to go home & look at the book again. If there is anything pertinent for you, I will be sure to send it your way...
I hope that your little one gets better soon.



Les23 - February 15

I was on metformin it is the generic for glucophage. It is usually prescribed for diabetics. But in some research it has shown that it can cause pregnancy.

It was not bad but it did not work for me. Have you ever smelt someone who gets insulin shots? They have an almost sickly sweet smell to them when they sweat. Well the metformin kind makes you smell like that when you sweat. I mean it is not as over powering as the when you get an insulin shot but I could tell.

As far as it making my periods regular, it did not. I still did not know when they were coming even if they would.

Are you taking 3 pills a day? I had too.


jackie - February 15

Thanks Monica. I'm so scared of the nausea. It's crippling. It's not just food either. Cold air will trigger. A smell will trigger. If I wear something on my neck or waist it will trigger. I lose weight, can't eat, can't drink. My skin gets dry and I'm always cold. It's frightening. With the last one it lasted until I was 6 months pregnant.

Nisha they say you have to take the ovulex for longer to see if it will work. I'd ask your doc though because I don't know if it can be mixed with other meds.


soon2bmommy - February 15

Hello Ladies:

I haven't been around for a few days, so I spent some time catching up - Les23: Girl get the test already! I'm so anxious to know I'm about to pee (lol). Well I'm sure all of us can use some good news.

I had the weirdest thing happen to me, I BD on tues. Jan. 31st and Feb. 1st (expected ovulation date Feb. 6), and on Feb. 4th I had an episode of a little spotting very light pink. I am taking Ovulex. Does any of you have a clue as to what was going, I find it weird because I have never spotted in between AF's - I don't if it could be implantation because I wasn't expecting to ovulation until the 6th or 7th. Has anyone experienced this or have any clue what may be going on with me?

Please help, any advise or counsel is greatly appreciated..



jackie - February 15

Thanks again, Monica. I look at you as my inspiration. You still have two young ones and you are trying again (-:. There are times when I do feel as if I am crazy to try when I have the two. Or I think how will I manage with a third? It was like a judgement when it didn't happen at all. G-d was telling me not to take it for granted. It feels almost like I'm taking away from those here who are still waiting for number one. Like the biblical story of Leah and Rachel. Leah was expecting number 7 and she prayed for a girl "lest my sister will not even be equal to the maidservants". Apparently for the twelve tribes among four wives it was to be 6, 2, 2, 2. So Dina was born because Leah "passed judgement on herself" not to have another tribe member lest her sister be shamed. Sorry I'm rambling. I think it's winter blah's. You guys always cheer me up (-:.


Inika - February 15

Hi Everone!

My GYN told me that I have a retroverted uterus. He said that we should we should have sex from the back. It feels really weird that this could be the only reason we've never had a child. Our first shipment of Ovulex and Amberoz came in today. Lets pray that this is the only shipment we need. To keep my mind off of things, I purchased Spanish lessons on CD. So maybe it will help relax me. Buenos Noches! ???


Amanda Ivey - February 16

Hi Everyone,
Just checking in to let you all know you're still on my mind. Les keeping fingers crossed for your bfp.
Inica don't be sad, knowledge is power, have fun :) If you don't like that pos... you can always switch right b4, that's what me and hubby did.


Mahogany Heart - February 16


You know you are not alone I as well have a tilted uterus and so do Andrea. My DH and I bd from behind we make it fun and exciting. Don' t let it get you down just make it useful and exciting. Everything will be fine you just keep your head up and stay on yourside (smile). Be of good cheer and Supernatural Baby Dust!!!


beans - February 16

Inika - I also have a retroverted uterus and my drs told me the same thing. I hope this is the only order Ovulex you need.
Hope everyone is doing well.


soon2bmommy - February 16

I guess no one had any feedback :(

Thanks anyway


Monica - February 16

Soon2bmommy: Both Jackie & I had similar, strange situations that happened to us in regards to spotting in between AF cycles (read our previous posts)....but for me, that was after I had ovulated. I have never had an occurrence like that before ovulation...so that IS strange. I would say that it was implantation.....but since it happened before ovulation, I don't know what it could be soon2bmommy. I apologize that I couldn't be of any help to you. :-\



Monica - February 16

Jackie please check your e-mail......


soon2bmommy - February 16


Thanks so much for responding, I was beginning to feel alone. You are always helpful, I have been trying to keep up since December 2005, But I joined in January. I will go back & look for those entries. Thanx a million. and much baby dust to you. :o)


soon2bmommy - February 16

sorry about the weird face, i was sending you a happy face.


Monica - February 16

Soon2bmommy: The posts that I am talking about are reply #119 (on page 8) and reply #121 on this page. We were just discussing the fact that we had both started to spot in the middle of our cycles. That's all. Our stories sound very similar to yours. I hope that this helps.......... :)


Monica - February 16

O.K. I am sorry. I don't know HOW that happened. I was trying to type the number 8 & somehow the little smiley face man with the cool shades popped up...LOL. The reply from Jackie is Reply #119 on page 8, and my reply regarding the same issue is Reply #121 on page 9.




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