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Monica - January 31

Log into www.tickerfactory.com and pick a ticker design that you like. Then you will need to select the picture that you want on your ticker. Ex: babies, trees, bottles, etc. After you select your criteria, then you will need to cut & paste your ticker code at the bottom of your shared journey profile.
That is it....... ;)



hopeful2006 - January 31


thank you -- i just thought those were so cute :D

I did it - so lets see if mine works..



Monica - January 31

Soon2bmommy.......I LOVE your ticker. The message on it is powerful!



hopeful2006 - January 31


I did what you said - went into www.tickerfactor.com and configured my ticker and copied it and then went into my profile and put it under URL and also had to put www.tickerfactory.com under WEBSITE.. but i don't see it..

did i do something wrong?


hopeful2006 - January 31

OK I think I got it...

Aint it cute ??

uh oh ?? i see it is not at the bottom - do you know why?


jackie - January 31

Why did you stop taking ovulex, Monica? I only bought 7 ovulation sticks. Either way given our culture, if my cycle is longer that is better for us. A 26 day cycle is very disruptive.


Mahogany Heart - January 31

[center][move][size=6][glow=purple,2,300]SMILE EVERYONE!!![/glow][/size][/move][/center]

[move] :) ;) :D ;D 8) :P :-* :) ;) :D ;D 8) :P :-* [/move]


Monica - February 1

Good Morning Everyone!

Jackie, I stopped taking the Ovulex because when I missed my AF on that first day when it was due, I assumed that I might be pregnant so I did not want to continue with the pills. 7 days later when my AF surprisingly showed up, I did not want to start taking the Ovulex again because by then I had already missed 14 doses....so I just said "forget it". Besides my problem was never with my periods being irregular, or with ovulation.........but with my tubes instead. I just started taking the ovulex just to see what would happen. I really don't like the fact that the ovulex completely threw my cycle off (especially since I have ALWAYS been very regular), so I am just going to focus on making sure that my tubes remain opened & clear. I have another Dr.'s appt. on the 10th of this month just to verify that my tubes are O.K.

Hopeful2006, your ticker is very cute!



Les23 - February 1

I am from Illinois that is right.

I am at peace with myself now. That book reminded me that it does not matter what I do to get pregnant it is not going to happen unless I am doing it for the right reasons and at the right time. I am still taking the Ovulex but I think that it being natural it is really not against God's plan. He knows when the time is right I just may be trying to put my cart before my horse.

Did anyone watch President Bush last night? I did not but I wish I would have. He is a crack up. He is so funny the way he words things.


jackie - February 1

Okay Monica I gotcha. For what it's worth, the ovulex did throw me off at first. First month it came a day early. Second month I started getting PMS day 14 but AF came on day 27 which was a day later. This month I've been following with the ovulation sticks...guess what??? I hit my surge on day 14 exactly. So if that's the case the ovulex seems to be doing something. Before ovulex when I used strips (and it could have been the strips) there was no indication that I ovulated at all. Of course the rub in all this is that the surge came last night and dh was out on business. A funny thing also? I don't know how you sisters feel....but now that I seem to be back on track...I was tempted to try to wait to TTC until the summer. Why? Because my two miscarriages would have been winter babies and they were terrible pregnancies. I was so depressed during those short-lived pregnancies. I just had this horrible feeling that I could not handle a child at that time, that this was a mistake and I wanted to go back to being the newlywed I was at the time with no responsibilities. That was when I learned that even, when you want kids, when it actually happens there can be terrible fear and ambivalence because of the change. With my subsequent pregnancies that went to term I also felt ambivalent when I learned I was pregnant. There was also some depression in the postpartum period as well. With the first one I was hospitalized for it. I also had to face everybody's disapproval because you are supposed to feel overjoyed. Especially, given my age and the fact that I thought I never would get married. Now I keep thinking the same things..maybe wait until the smaller one is a little bigger and walking more etc. However, after some thought, I figured at my age (40) if G-d has allowed the ovulex to correct things for me then I'd better go with G-d's plan rather than mine. I hope that this does not sound terrible to you wonderful sisters who are still waiting. I keep trying not to beat up on myself for feeling this way but I feel guilty.

Enough on me...has anyone heard from Peaches today? I wonder how Andrea's doing.


Monica - February 1

Les23; the peace that you have is wonderful. You have been a REAL encouragement to me within the last day or so. I have kind of been feeling a little "blah" lately in regards to my faith.....because I was so disappointed this month when my AF showed up, but your posts seemed to have gotten me back on track because last night I pulled out the book again (Supernatural Childbirth) & the Bible, and started to confess the scriptures regarding conception again. So thank you Les23. I guess that this is what the sisterhood is all about.

Jackie, try not to feel guilty about your feelings of fear & ambivalence in regards to having more children....because I feel that if the Lord allowed the Ovulex to be presented to you; then maybe it was for a reason. So you are right in following God's plan & not yours. With God's plan you will ALWAYS come out better than you were before.


jackie - February 2

Good morning guys. DH got back from his trip last night. He's kinda sick. Has the same cold I was carrying around for the last week. I'm getting over and he's just starting. I uh...told him he was off the hook in terms of bd but he insisted that he was up to it. Thought I was gonna have to call the paramedics but he managed to be uh...up to it (-:. They say that when a person is leaving this earth that hearing is the last thing to go. I suspect it's not the hearing that's the last thing to go...it's something else. May be too late anyway. My surge wasn't last night it was the night before last when he was away. Hope you guys are doing well today (-:


Monica - February 2

That's funny Jackie!! :)


beans - February 2

Monica & Les23 - I wanted to thank you for recommending Supernatural Childbirth. I was having a difficult day, so I stopped by the bookstore and read Supernatural Childbirth. When I finished I just felt better, more at peace. Thank you for sharing. It's exactly what I needed.


jackie - February 2

Hey Pst23

I emailed you!! how are you? What's happening???


chynnadoll - February 3

Hey everyone, I'm back my computer has been down for over a week, my daughter got it working the other day and it froze back up, so she installed something on it and it is working wonderful.

Hope all is well with everyone, even when you all don't hear from me you all are in my prayers.

MH, did you get my e-mail? When I tryed to send one my computer froze up, but it's all good now :).

I might have some info for you all tomorrow morning, I' keepin my fingers and toes crossed, we'll see...Take Care all...Love China



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