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Monica - March 23

By the way, the website that I copied the BBT information from is:

That way you can look it up as well..........Ladies, I am gone for the day. Have a great evening!

Baby Dust!
Monica ;)


NANCY - March 23



Jessica - March 23

Monicaa and Tinaxu
Thanks alot for your info.
But with the LH it has been like that for 5 days. I know when the lines come out it means that I will ovulated within 12-24 hours but that was 5 days ago. The lines are still out. I don't think I am still ovulating right?
I have a BBT chart and it states that I ovulated on my 15CD. Today I am on my 18CD and the LH still show when I take the test. Is this normal?

Coconutt83 about the green tea from what I know is that you have to take it plain with out sugar. I think the AR tea is not good at all. I use to do that and I tool Sobi.
I just think it better when you take it warm and with out sugar.


coconutt83 - March 23

oh crap lol and my friend told me no caffine... idk sigh i think the 42 oz got to me of maybe the ovulex because i feel like i have been floating or high all day idk wat it is


NANCY - March 24

so far so good tomorrow will be the big test day(yeah!!) also meeting a realtor to look at a couple of houses. My husband told me this morning that I was talking in my sleep and told him ok I have to be careful becasue I'm having a baby

Maybe that's a good sign. I do have to say my hopes are up very very high up there. I pray that they don't come crashing down.


Monica Nicole - March 24

Hey ladies, it's me Monica. For some strange reason I am unable to log on using my password.......so I am signing in under Monica Nicole as a "Guest".

Nancy, I am soooo excited for you!! I will be out of town for the next week, and I am not sure how much computer access I will have, but as soon as I get back into town, I will log on & find out what happened. I will certainly keep you in my prayers this weekend.

I sort of forgot your infertility situation. What was the reason that you have been unable to conceive (UNTIL NOW ;)). Was it just unexplained infertility? I forgot. Can you fill me in once again. I like to know these stories, so that I can continue to marvel at the miracles that God has done. It is for testimonies sake.

Baby Dust!


Monica Nicole - March 24

Okay, that is weird. The system is showing that I am logged in, but I am really not because I am unable to post a reply under my log-in information. That is so strange ::) Oh well, if you see that I am logged in at anytime this weekend & are waiting for me to respond to a question or some other information, just know that I am really not on-line. I will be out of town.

By the way, I am still waiting for my AF to show up sometimes today. My temp. is back down to normal.....so it is only a matter of time.

Keeping the Faith,


Jessica - March 24

Good day everyone.

Well today I have feel great. I just wish this Ovulex work for me. My LH test is still with 2 lines. this is the 6th day. What does that mean I don't know but if any one know please let me know. Baby DUST TO ALL!!!
Have a great weekend. Take care and keep praying.


NANCY - March 24

Monica we tried for about 3 yrs I did everything All my test came back ok and so did DH. They had me on clomid I after a couple of time got preg with that then at about 8 weeks miscarried then I went last yr for ivf and conceived my daugeter. She was born 12/7/04, my miracle. I just had a failed ivf last month I found out on Feb 15 that my test was negative AF came on the 16 and started OVULEX and now here I am.

As for you being logged in but not really being looged in that heappen to me before you have to wait for it to log you off I think an hr. Then you will be fine. Hopefully you are going on a vacation and going to enjoy yourself.


coconutt83 - March 24

im sorry what does LH mean? good luck nancy you go get them... and have fun looking at houses!!! i know i love doing that!!!

baby dust


NANCY - March 24

LH Lutenizing Hormone

Luteinizing hormone (LH)

Luteinizing hormone (LH) is produced by the pituitary gland. In women, LH helps regulate the menstrual cycle and egg production (ovulation); in men, LH stimulates the production of testosterone, which plays a role in sperm production.

Women's LH levels normally vary with the phase of the menstrual cycle, rapidly increasing just before ovulation occurs. This "LH surge" is a dependable sign that a woman is in a fertile time of her cycle. Men's LH levels normally remain constant.

Abnormally high or low LH levels can be a sign of an inability to produce eggs or sperm.


coconutt83 - March 24

thanks! you could be a teacher!!!!


NANCY - March 24

thanks don't give me to much credit I looked it up on the internet


coconutt83 - March 24

i have a question i was thinking about gettin the clear blue fertility monitor but idk i don't want to waste money bc i might have pcos so idk if it will even work for me. also im kinda scaried to . when i got the ovulex i wasn't sure i wanted to take them i voiced my plans to TTC with my friends and they all were like you should wait you should wait till you get married you should wait another year or so. and it scaried me what if im not ready. but i started taking it anyway. why should i wait till when they think im ready?


Jessica - March 24

Coco83 - About getting pg. That is something you need to think about and have no doute about it. I think that is something very important that you need to put your mind. IF that is what you want a baby and you know you are ready then go for it. If you think your not than don't. If you are having doutes in my point of view (You shouldn't).


Mahogany Heart - March 24

[size=4]Time for a New Board see you there Ovulex VII!!![/size]



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